The Society of Mediterranean Archaeology SoMA, C/- AAIA, Madsen Building (F09), University of Sydney NSW 2006; THE OLWEN TUDOR JONES SCHOLARSHIP FOR

Scholarship Goals
The Olwen Tudor Jones Scholarship aims to provide the opportunity for a
University of Sydney archaeology student to gain experience in the practical
application of archaeology through participation in a Mediterranean based
archaeology field project with a focus on the broad Hellenic world.
Value of Scholarship
AUD $1500 (for Year 2013)
Eligibility for Scholarship
* The applicant must be a University of Sydney undergraduate student of
archaeology or related discipline.
* Only individual students may apply. The scholarship cannot be divided
amongst students.
Conditions of the Scholarship
* The money awarded for the scholarship is only to be used to fund, or partly
fund, the travel costs of the recipient.
* The scholarship is to be utilised within twelve months of receiving the award.
Should extraordinary situations arise regarding the violation of this rule, or the
possible misuse of scholarship money, a meeting of the SOMA committee will
be called to assess the situation and their decision will be binding.
* The awardee will be required to write a report for publication in the AAIA
Bulletin upon his or her return. The awardee may also be required to give a
presentation. This may take the form of a lecture as part of a SOMA
fundraiser, or a talk given to other students.
Guidelines for Assessment of Applicants
* Preference will be given to a University of Sydney archaeological project.
* Preference will be given to students who have not previously participated in
archaeological projects in the Mediterranean region.
The Selection Process
The process is comprised of three stages:

Stage 1 - The Application
Applications must include:
a) Covering letter, stating the project the applicant wishes to attend, the extent
of previous archaeological experience, and the reasons why the applicant is
applying for this scholarship
b) Provisional letter of acceptance from the director of the project the applicant
wishes to attend
c) One-page CV
d) Academic record
e) Two letters of reference
Stage 2 - Initial Vetting of Applications by SoMA Council
The SoMA Council will attempt to reduce the number of applicants to three.
These will then be passed on the Selection Committee. If a total of less than
three applicants are received, this stage may be omitted.

Stage 3 - Final Selection
a) The successful applicant will be chosen by the Selection Committee
b) This committee will be composed of one representative from each of the
following bodies at the University of Sydney:
The Department of Classical Archaeology
The Department of Near Eastern Archaeology
The Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens
c) The decision of the Selection Committee is final. No appeals will be
Conditions for Offering Scholarship
* If, after offering the scholarship, no suitable applicants are received, SOMA
reserves the right to make no award of the scholarship for that year.
* If the original recipient of the scholarship is for some reason unable to take it
up, the SOMA committee will, if the candidate is of sufficient standing, award
the scholarship to the Selection Committeeʼs second choice.
Applications for the 2012 OTJ scholarship are to be received in triplicate on
or before May 31 and are to be delivered to the AAIA, CCANESA Madsen
Building (F09), The University of Sydney, NSW 2006, in person or by post.
For further information contact craig.barker@sydney.edu.au
Or phone the AAIA on 9351 4759

Source: http://www.aaia.chass.usyd.edu.au/Olwen_Tudor_Jones_Scholarship_files/OTJ13.pdf


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