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The Official Regulation of the Design Contest
Burn Night Experiences within ADfel 2008

S.C. BLUE IDEA PROMOTIONS S.R.L., Romanian legal entity
, having the registered
office in Bucharest, 11 Sold. Tina M. Petre Street, block L39, entrance B, 5th floor, ap. 65, sector 3, registered at the Trade Register under number J40/19144/2006, Fiscal Code RO19233120, legally represented by Dragos Stanca, in his capacity of Administrator, hereinafter referred to as "Organizer". The contest is sponsored by Burn. Participants to the contest are obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of the regulation according to those mentioned below (hereinafter called "Regulation"). The regulation is elaborated and shall be published by visiting the website The organizer reserves his right to stop the contest at any time, to modify this regulation, and these changes will enter into force only after the prior notice that presents them on the website The organizer also reserves his right to change the deadline for registration of the papers, provided this is announced as a preliminary on
Details regarding the development of the contest:
The contest takes place on the ADfel blog ( starting from 18 August
2008. The contest shall take place according to the provisions of this regulation
which is binding to all the participants.
Registration mechanism, rules and conditions:
The contest assumes the realization of graphic visual proposal on a given theme
(announced at the beginning of the contest on the ADfel blog, then
sent in electronic format (JPG or TIFF, 300 dpi resolution, CMYK, A3 size -
297×420 mm) to the e-mail address by participants (The registration in the contest obligatorily assumes the sending of this mail to the e-mail address mentioned in the established technical conditions, specifying the name and surname of the participants according to the identity card and contact data). The graphic proposals presented in the competition can be brought by the Organizer during the period of the ADfel Festival (August 25th – August 31st) in electronic and/or printed format, on the “La Motoare” open air bar in Bucharest. A representative of the Organizer (which will be nominated until August 31st) will judge the entries and will nominate the winner of the contest. The winner will be announced by the Organizer no later than September, the 5th 2008. The papers must be sent at the e-mail address until 26 August 2008, 24:00 hours. Every participant can have an unlimited number of registrations.
The organizer will not take into consideration the papers he considers obscene,
provocative or that breach, in any way, the Copyright Law or other Romanian laws
in force on the date of the contest.
In order for the participation to be deemed as valid, the papers sent must be on the
theme of the contest, must be exclusively sent at the e-mail address reserved for the contest and within the sending deadline, respectively 26 August 2008, 24:00 hours, as well as to comply with the technical conditions (electronic format, JPEG or TIFF, 300 dpi resolution, CMYK, A3 size - 297×420 mm). The organizer reserves his right not to approve the papers that do not comply with the imposed theme or do not comply with the registration rules and conditions. The
organizer reserves his right to exclude from the contest, anytime during its
development period, the papers that were initially accepted, by own initiative or
provided there are written requests showing that the initially accepted paper did
not comply with the contest criteria.
Obligations undertaken by participants:
- to register in the contest using a valid e-mail address and correct contact data, so
that they can be contacted by the organizers in case of wining;
- to agree on receiving informative messages related to the contest from the
- to agree that their papers, registered in the contest, are publicly exposed (for a
voting process to designate the winner), within the non-conventional advertising festival ADfel, which takes place during the period 25-31 August 2008 at “La Motoare” open air bar in Bucharest; - once registered in the contest, the participants whose papers are not awarded prizes keep the copyright on the papers, but declare that they acknowledged the fact that neither the organizer nor the sponsoring brand, Burn, take the responsibility for using the ideas made public within ADfel in other not authorized contexts, by third parties (others than the Organizer and his partner Burn), taking into account that the Festival takes place in a public place, where the papers are accessible to any participant. - the organizer and Burn partner undertake not to use the papers registered in the contest, others than the successful ones and for which their authors were remunerated according to this regulation, in other contexts than those specified in this regulation; - in case of winning the prize in amount of 1000 EUR, the winner who obtains the prize by himself or, as the case may be, the winners dividing it agree to assign exclusively in favor of the sponsoring brand, Burn, all the copyrights on the prized paper, for a time period not less than 2 and a half years following the acceptance of the prize amd in accordance with Law no. 8/1996 on copyright and related rights subsequently modified and completed; the assignment is unlimited from the territory point of view, meaning that it produces effects on any territory in the world.
- to agree that, in case of winning, their name and image are displayed on the site
of the contest, of Burn partner or used for promotional purposes by the organizer or
by Burn partner;
The prize for the best paper is amount of 1000 EUR.
Awarding the prizes:
The winner of the prize shall be publicly announced by publishing his name on the site on 05.09.2008 the latest and will be designated after an evaluation process established by the Organizer.
Notification of the winner:
The winner/winners shall be contacted by e-mail or by phone on 05.09.2008 the
latest and he will have to confirm that he accepts the prize until 10.09.2008, 14.00
hours. The winner that cannot be contacted until 10.09.2008, 14.00 hours, will loose
the prize.
After confirming the acceptation of the prize, the winner will have to give the
organizer the wining paper and send the organizer a copy of his identity card.
The validation of the winner shall be made in maxim 30 calendar days from the date
when the name of the successful participant is known, based on his identity card
and after signing a delivery-acceptance report. The modality by which the winner
receives his prize shall be established by mutual agreement, between the winner
and the organizer.
The designation of the winners can be a public event. By participating to this
contest, participants agree that, in case they win, their name and surname, the
locality where they have their domicile and their photo can be made public and
used by the organizer and in connection with the sponsoring brand for advertising
purposes in different press, audio, video materials, without any corresponding
payment. The winners of the prizes shall sign a statement in this respect, according
to what the organizer requests.
The organizer of the contest is not liable to pay the duties, taxes or other financial
obligations related to the prize, except for the tax on the income obtained by the
winners from the advertising campaign, which the organizer is obliged to withhold,
according to the law. So, the organizer of the contest undertakes to withhold and pay the tax on the income obtained by the winner, according to the provisions of the Romanian Fiscal Code, any other fiscal or other type obligations, related to
them, being the exclusive responsibility of the winner.

Participation right:

The campaign is opened to all individuals having the domicile / residence in
Romania, excepting the employees of Realitatea – Catavencu Press Group, their
spouses and first removes relatives, as well as the authorized press distributors and
partner companies in the organization of this contest.


Possible disputes arising between Organizer and participants to this contest shall be
amiably solved or, in case this is not possible, the disputes shall be solved by the
Romanian competent law courts.
Any complaints related to the development of the contest shall be made to at
organizer’s address: S.C. BLUE IDEA PROMOTIONS S.R.L., 20 General Dimitrie Salmen
Street, attic, sector 2, Bucharest, until 30 August 2008. Ulterior complaints shall not
be taken into consideration.

Other provisions
By participating to this contest, the participants agree for their identity data (name,
surname, address, phone number) to enter the organizer’s database, and they can
be used to designate the winner as well as for the marketing activities of the
organizer. The organizer will process the personal data of the participants to this
contest, for the purpose of this contest, according to the provisions of Law no.
677/2001 for the protection of persons concerning the processing of personal data
and free circulation of such data. The winner also has the option, by his express
consent, to agree that his image - name, photo – is made public and used by the
organizer in different printed, audio, video materials for promoting the contest.
Personal data cannot be sent abroad. The personal data of the participant shall be
processed according to the provisions of Law no. 677/2001, based on which they
a) To obtain, at request and free of charge, only once per year, the confirmation of the fact that the data regarding them are processed by S.C. BLUE IDEA PROMOTIONS S.R.L.; b) The right to request for the rectification, update, blocking, deletion of the personal data or transforming them in anonymous data in case that the processing is not in accordance with Law no. 677/2001; c) The right to oppose at any time, for justified and legitimate reasons related to his special situation, that data regarding him to be the object of processing, except for the cases when there are contrary legal provisions. In case of justified opposition the processing will not aim the data in question. d) The right to refer to the law court in case he suffered a prejudice after e) The right to submit a complaint to the surveillance authority in case he considers that his data were not processed according to the law. For the situations provided at letters a), b), c) and d) the participant shall submit a written request, dated and signed by S.C. BLUE IDEA PROMOTIONS S.R.L. (including e-mail). The request will specify if he wants the information / measures taken to be communicated to a certain address (even e-mail) or by a mail service that ensures the delivery only in person. S.C. BLUE IDEA PROMOTIONS S.R.L. will communicate the information / measures taken within 15 days from the date the request was received. Participation to the contest implies the implicit acceptation of the provisions of this Contest Regulation. The regulation of the contest is available for free to any applicant at the company’s mailing address: S.C. BLUE IDEA PROMOTIONS S.R.L., 20 General Dimitrie Salmen Street, attic, sector 2, Bucharest, on every working day from 10 to 18 o’clock, until the end of the contest. Details can be obtained at the phone number 0744 582 736 from 10 to 18, Monday – Friday, as well as at the email address, until the end of the contest.
Final dispositions:
The organizer does not take any responsibility for the content of the papers
registered in the competition.


by Administrator,
Dragos Stanca



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