USA 500-0908
Market Value Adjustments (MVA)
Liberty USA 500 is an individual Single Premium Deferred The Market Value Adjustment is an amount by which we adjust
Annuity (Policy Form: USA 500-0908-*) designed to accumulate the Accumulated Value. An MVA will apply to a full surrender money for retirement. It is suitable for use as an IRA or other or to a partial withdrawal subject to a surrender charge made qualified account, as well as an attractive alternative to CDs before the ninth policy anniversary. The MVA may increase and other taxable vehicles. At the later of your age 70 or 20 or decrease your Accumulated Value, depending on whether years from the date of issue, this annuity will provide you with a interest rates* have fallen or risen from the time of purchase. If monthly income for the remainder of your life. You may start with interest rates have declined, your Accumulated Value could be as little as $10,000 single premium. The maximum annuitant higher. If interest rates have increased, your Accumulated Value and owner issue age for Liberty USA 500 is 79.
could be lower. The MVA is not assessed after the ninth policy anniversary or upon the death of the Annuitant.
How Interest is Credited
* The Treasury Constant Maturity Series, published by the Federal Reserve, is used to Interest is credited at the initial interest rate guaranteed for the first contract year. At the end of each contract year, a new rate will be declared for the next contract year which can never earn Payout Options
There is a wide range of annuity settlement options from which less than the contract’s minimum guaranteed rate. There are no you may choose, including: life only, life with 10 years certain, front–end sales charges or annual administrative fees. 100% of and fixed period payments. A customized payout option may be tailored to meet your specific needs. If you elect to annuitize non-qualified money, generally only a portion of each payment is taxable because a part of each payment is a return of your premium.
Liberty USA  Advantages
Tax Deferred – Your annuity grows much faster than alternative • You earn interest on your principal.
Until the policy is issued, rates are subject to change without notice. • You earn interest on your interest.
• You earn interest on the money you would otherwise pay in Policy Values
Your Accumulated Value is 100% of your premium and earned • You don’t pay tax on interest until you take it out.
interest. The Cash Surrender Value is the Accumulated Value • You decide on the best time to withdraw your money.
less any cash withdrawals and applicable surrender charges and Market Value Adjustment (MVA). Surrender charges and MVA are waived in the event of the Annuitant’s death. Prior cash Other Important Features
On non-qualified policies, the following benefits are added to withdrawals are deducted from the Accumulated Value, Cash certain plans (check with your agent): Surrender Value and Death Benefit. Liberty USA 500 contains • Nursing Home Benefit. After the first policy year, you
no permanent withdrawal charge features.
may withdraw 50% of your Accumulated Value if you are confined to a nursing home for 90 consecutive days.
• Disability Benefit. After the first policy year, you may
You may have access to your annuity at any time permitted by withdraw 50% of your Accumulated Value if you are law. Your interest earnings are available when you need them. Without surrender charges or MVA, you may withdraw 100% of • Terminal Illness Benefit. After the first policy year, you
your accumulated interest two times per year or receive monthly may withdraw 50% of your Accumulated Value if you are interest checks. The minimum monthly interest check is $100. diagnosed with a medical condition that is expected to Withdrawals in excess of these amounts are subject to a Market Value Adjustment and the following surrender charges: Your money is never subject to stock market risk. You pay no front-end sales charges or annual maintenance fees. 100% of your money is always earning interest for you.
Surr. Charges 16% 15% 14% 13% 12% 11% 10% 9% 8% 0% __________________________ __________________________
Surr. Charges 13% 12% 11% 10½% 9½% 8½% 7½% 6½% 5½% 0% __________________________ __________________________
Penalty–free withdrawals do not apply to full surrenders. A 10% Owner’s Name IRS penalty may apply on amounts withdrawn before the owner _____________________________________________________
Agent’s Signature
Agent’s Name (please print)
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