The argyle surgery summer newsletter

The Argyle Surgery Patient Newsletter
Summer 2011
Travel advice leaflets are available at the surgery or Welcome to our summer newsletter. It has been can be downloaded from our website. Not all a busy few months at the surgery and we are immunisations are free on the NHS and so a list of keen to keep our patients up to date and prices is also on our website under Services | Travel You will have noticed some building work at the Measles,
immunisation (MMR)
consulting room downstairs. We apologise for any inconvenience and aim to be delivering Ninety per cent of two-year-old children in the UK have received their first dose of the MMR vaccine - the highest level for 13 years, says the Health Protection Staff changes
But this is still short of the 95% uptake rate which The Team at The Argyle Surgery is always striving to would stop the spread of the disease in the community. help and we have a few new additions We are The first MMR vaccination is given to children at delighted that Beth Moyse has joined our reception around 13 months of age, when the immunity the baby team. Mina Patil has joined us as a Health Care got from its mother fades. Children are given a booster Assistant and Cornelia Harte is a welcomed new dose before they start school (usually between three Practice Nurse. Sarla Shah has sadly left our reception Between 5 and 10% of children are not fully immune after the first dose. The booster gives increased Travel Vaccinations
protection, and less than 1% of children remain at risk after it. We have a special clinic for childhood As summer arrives you may be thinking of holidays to immunisations that runs every Thursday afternoon exotic places so please remember to check if you need NHS Choices ( has lots of advice as Surgery Pod
well as which will tell you what you may need depending on where you are We have an exciting new addition to the Surgery in the travelling. We run a Travel Health clinic once a month. shape of our Surgery Pod. This is a computer which is Appointments can be booked by contacting reception. currently found at the bottom of the stairs and can help you in a large number of ways. The Pod can help you It is essential that you complete our short with taking your blood pressure, measuring your height questionnaire before booking an appointment. This and weight as well as guiding you through some of our allows us to ensure we have your required immunisations in stock. Travel health questionnaires are available for download on our website at If you are permanently registered with us please touch the screen to choose a language and follow the We are a designated Yellow Fever centre and our prompts to enter your name. Please enter your full
nurses are fully trained in all aspects of travel health name that you are registered under and your full
advice. Please make an appointment to see one of the date of birth.
nurses at least 6 weeks before you travel - this is important as vaccination against some diseases If you are doing a New Patient check you will need a requires a course of injections and can take up to 2 weeks to give you full protection once you have finished the course. Each member of your family will There are a number of other options which you may Travelling abroad always has some risks to your health but by ensuring you have the correct vaccinations and All the details that you input will be submitted directly you take certain precautions you can minimise your into your medical record. If you encounter any problems please ask reception for assistance. New Telephone System
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new 24hr telephone appointment booking system. This is The Healthpoint is a helpful machine that can be available as option 1 from the main menu when you located in the waiting room. This touchscreen can call us. This system allows you to check, make and answer many questions you may have on various cancel appointments with our doctors or nurses. illnesses and drugs. It is also full of useful advice so please feel free to have a look whilst waiting for your This system does have a few requirements. We have published a full ‘Frequently asked questions’ on our Patient Participation Group
To be able to use this service you will need: a We are very eager for volunteers to join our Patient touchtone phone, to be permanently registered patient. Participation Group. This is a group of patients and We also need to have your correct date of birth and practice staff who meet at regular intervals to decide ways of making a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by the practice to the patients. If You can book 10 minute routine appointments with the you are interested in becoming involved then please doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse or phlebotomist (blood leave your name with Reception or email us at If you are booking a blood test please remember Family Medicine Chest
to bring your blood test form with you on the day. If you do not have this it may significantly delay or We have made a list of over-the-counter medications lead to the cancellation of your appointment. and medical supplies which everybody should have Please note all blood tests are processed at Ealing available in their house. Next time you're out shopping, it might be worth popping in to your local pharmacist to If you are unsure or having a problem being recognised please contact our reception and they will be able to help. Reception is available as on option
3 during opening hours.
The Surgery offers a wide range of specialist appointments and at the moment these cannot all be catered for by this system. Please see our website for a full list of services offered at the surgery and for Menthol (Vicks / Olbas oil) (for steam inhalations) more information at Antihistamines – for allergies (eg cetirizine or loratidine) Online Appointments
As many of you are aware we have been piloting our Paracetamol for children preferably sugar-free (e.g. own online appointment system through our website. We have been working with Vision - the clinical Antihistamines for children (e.g. piriton) software used in our practice to overcome some of the Local Services
We are pleased to now launch our new and improved online appointment system which will enable you to We have updated our website with local programs run book, check and cancel a larger amount of routine by the council , Ealing PCT and some voluntary appointments on the internet. We hope within a year to extend the facilities available online including repeat opportunities, active Ealing leisure pass, Disability prescription requests and online access to your swim sessions, Cycle training, and SMOKEFREE Ealing. Please see our website for more details and will be available as a link from our website . This newsletter was written by the clinical team at the If you are already signed up to our online appointment If you have any questions or concerns regarding the system we will be contacting you shortly to explain newsletter, please email how we will be changing you onto the new system. If you are interested in signing up to this please give your email address to reception and make sure that we have your up to date contact details.



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