Beauchamp Design Offers Zesty solution for New Juice Bar Beauchamp Design has recently designed and supplied an innovative shop in shop kiosk for ZEST a new juice bar situated in The Nicholson Centre – Maidenheads largest shopping mall, situated in the heart of the busy city centre.
Offering a healthy alternative the ZEST Juice Bar was inspired by Managing Director, Sarah Carter. It is a new brand making its debut in the UK, which based on its initial success will be franchised nationwide. Occupying a compact four sq metres of previously “dead” empty space in the main walkthrough, ZEST adds value to the centre – financially, aesthetically and as a healthy feature for all shoppers to enjoy. Working with Carter from the outset, Beauchamp Design created a unique shop in shop concept that realised her objectives with exceptional attention to detail. It was imperative that their design offered a functional and stylish retail solution, which is versatile and practical. Complying with all heath & safety regulations, it also promotes a strong brand identity, which fuses with Carter’s launch marketing campaign literature and website.
The innovative shop in shop concept evokes a distinctively zesty feeling. Combining vivid lime greens and tangy orange pantones, it conveys a bright and cheerful image and complements Zest’s product offering – an extensive range of citrus and fruity drinks, all served to perfection in a ZEST branded cup.
Beauchamp Design integrated their solution into the existing structure offered by the mall – maximising the potential of the compact space, closed on three sides, with one open shop front. The stunning back-lit angled facia cleverly creates more than a branding opportunity, offering additional promotional space by virtue of its angled interchangeable panels. Designed to simply clip in and out of their aluminium frames, they allow maximum versatility for special promotions and marketing opportunities. This design augments the practical aspect, enabling easy access to the fluorescent back illuminated panels.
For versatility and practicality a stylish stainless steel counter creates an open shop window by day. At night it is designed to pull back and fit securely into the open space. A discretely hidden shutter pulls down from under the facia and locks in front of the counter- securing the Kiosk out of hours. Complementing the facia, it is also back-lit and boasts interchangeable panels as well as ample secure storage. Either side of the counter another two clip frame panels augment the available branding opportunities. The two apertures of the Kiosk’s exterior have been filled with interchangeable panels utilizing the same clip frame technology. The interior is similarly designed with exceptional attention to detail. Completely clad in a vivid lime green laminate, which is highlighted by recessed down lighting. Additional suspended down lighters illuminate the menu panels and further augment the brilliant zesty colour scheme. Compact storage units for fresh fruit are stylishly integrated into the layout as well as ample counter workspace.
“ Beauchamp Design’s team have been fantastic from start to finish. They have real knowledge about maximising space in a shopping centre environment. Their service is second to none – they’ve created the perfect unit, which I hope to replicate in other malls across the country very soon – of course I will work with Beauchamp Design again!” Jane Wright, the Centre’s Manager added: “Together Sarah Carter and Beauchamp Design have transformed this corner of The Nicholsons Centre. Along side a mall entrance and with a difficult shape this small kiosk unit had proven too challenging for those who had been interested in renting it before.
Sarah’s own zest for life and enthusiasm for her business have shone through and Beauchamp Design have skilfully maximised every square inch on her behalf. The result is eye-catching and has certainly made the town talk!! From the Centre’s point of view Beauchamp were a pleasure to work with. They provided all information required in a timely and professional manner and showed all due consideration for the Centre and our other tenants.

Source: http://www.beauchampdesign.co.uk/images/news/Bcp_ZestBar-Oct04.pdf

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