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What should I do about other
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medicines my child is taking?
For further help and advice contact one of our Remember that other tablets, herbal remedies Desmopressin
Bracknell Forest
Inform your GP or school nurse of any other Maidenhead
medicines or remedies your child is taking.
Indomethacin, Loperamide or Tricyclicantidepressants. Windsor and Ascot
T: 01753 636799
Always read the information leaflet
provided by the manufacturer.

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Length of treatment
To assess your child’s progress, Desmopressinwill be stopped every three months for aweek. If your child wets the bed during thistime, Desmopressin will be restarted and yourchild will continue to be assessed by theschool nurse. A structured, eight week The Community Health Services of Berkshire East and Berkshire withdrawal programme may be appropriate.
West are part of Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust as The school nurse will discuss this with you.
Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is committed to the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. We have basis for holidays, school camps, sleepovers implemented technology and security policies, rules and measures to protect the personal data that we have under ourcontrol from: unauthorised access, improper use, alteration,unlawful or accidental destruction. For further informationplease contact the Data Protection Officer, 2nd/3rd Floor,Fitzwilliam House, Skimped Hill Lane, Bracknell, RG12 1LD.
How is Desmopressin given?
If an alarm is not appropriate then the schoolnurse may refer your child to a community Desmopressin can be given as a tablet or melt Tablets can be swallowed whole, with a smalldrink. Your child will start on an initial dose of How to use Desmopressin safely
one 200 micrograms tablet at night for two correctly. Since it reduces urine production, it nocturnal enuresis clinic. Following this it may is very important that your child does not Desmopressin – a treatment for
drink large amounts of fluid after they have night-time wetting
Melts are wafers that dissolve immediately Before starting Desmopressin treatment it is Regular drinks (six to eight glasses) should be when placed under the tongue. They are ideal important that you and your child understand taken during the day, up to one hour before for children who have difficulty swallowing From one hour before Desmopressin is taken If after reading this leaflet you have any until eight hours after, allow only sips to drink. further questions please ask your General If your child is regularly requesting more sips, stop the Desmopressin immediately. Contactyour child’s GP or the school nurse at the What is Desmopressin – and what does
nocturnal enuresis clinic for further advice.
Do not use Desmopressin if your child has
Desmopressin is prescribed by your GP to help diarrhoea or vomiting. It can be restarted
with your child’s night-time wetting, known as nocturnal enuresis. Your child has beenassessed and found to produce more urine at Are there any side-effects?
night than is normal for their age. This is Side effects include headaches, feeling sick Your child will be started on an initial dose of (nausea), tummy aches and skin rashes. If your produced by the kidneys, which will help your should stop the Desmopressin immediately. child to be dry at night. It can achieve one of nocturnal enuresis clinic. Following this it may be necessary to increase the dose to two melts It is important to remember that side-effects from Desmopressin are rare. Once Desmopressin It is important that Desmopressin is taken as • The number of wet nights significantly possible for your child and to reduce the risk • The amount of urine passed into the bed If Desmopressin does not produce the positive Desmopressin reduces urine production for outcomes for your child, they will be assessed eight to 10 hours a night. Your child may wet the to see if a nocturnal enuresis alarm would be bed if they remain asleep for longer than this.

Source: http://www.berkshirehealthcare.nhs.uk/_store/documents/bedwettingtreatment.pdf

Depression and insomnia

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