Epoxy resin primer as a moisture barrier on very damp substrates Description:
2-component epoxy resin as a barrier- and primer- coat onabsorbent and non-absorbent substrates with very highresidual moisture prior to floor covering, wood flooring andtiling work. For interior and exterior use.
3 as a barrier primer on cement-based, moisture-resis-
tant substrates, e. g. roughened, very compacted orsmooth cement screeds, concrete, etc. without limita- Product Properties/Benefits:
tion to a maximum residual moisture value 3 as a case-hardening primer on mineral, absorbent sub-
A pure, high-quality, 2-component epoxy resin produced strates, e. g. cement-, calcium sulphate-, magnesia- and by mixing Resin A with Hardener B. Medium viscosity, applied with the UZIN Nylon Fibre Roller and rapid setting.
3 thinned with UZIN VE 124, as an impregnation treat-
Especially developed for floor covering work and substrates ment with especially good penetration and strengthen-
where normal drying to permissible residual moisture levels ing effect on porous or soft mineral substrates (see is not possible, and where they must be quickly brought to a condition ready for covering installation. Special resin 3 as a bonding agent on abraded ceramics, stone and
that, in contrast with many other EP resins, cures even on terrazzo surfaces, on existing floor finishes with well damp surfaces. An otherwise expensive moisture test using bonded residues of adhesives, smoothing compounds, the Darr method can, as a general rule, be avoided.
paints or coatings, even on water-soluble adhesive Binder: Polyamine-hardened epoxy resin.
residues, e. g. fixatives or sulphite adhesives, etc.
3 as a resin binder mixed with Special Coarse Fillers
3 Excellent covering and filling capacity UZIN XS (ratio 1 : 10 parts by weight) for producing a reaction resin mortar for subfloor repairs 3 warm water underfloor heating and for exposure to castor 3 Very rapid setting, even on wet surfaces 3 Shortened waiting time with ”new subfloors”3 Solvent-free UZIN PE 480 can be used as a moisture barrier in all situa-tions where UZIN PE 460, suitable for inadequately dry, Technical Data:
cement-based subfloors up to 6 % by weight, is no longer Note: Excessive moisture in moisture-sensitive subfloors,
e. g. calcium sulphate- or magnesia- screeds, wood, etc.
see ”Protection of the Workplaceand the Environment” Caution: In all cases where the barrier-coat will be covered
with a levelling compound or mortar product, the UZIN
PE 480 must be properly gritted with UZIN Fine Quartz * At 20 °C / 68 °F and 65 % relative humidity.
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Subfloor Preparation:
7. To accelerate the setting process and, therefore, allow
faster continuation of work, the epoxy resin primer can The subfloor must be sound, surface dry (no pooling, have up to 0.4 kg of UZIN Epoxy Accelerator added remove standing water), free from cracks, clean and free (2 bottles). With a relatively short working time of from materials that would impair adhesion.
approx. 10 minutes*, a covering of the epoxy primer Test the subfloor in accordance with applicable standards after approx. 5 – 6 hours* can be assumed.
and notices and report any deficiencies. Depending on sub-floor condition, the upper surface must have a good key Attention: Limited working time must be observed.
provided in all cases. Brush, abrade, grind or shot-blast to * At 20 °C / 68 °F and 65 % relative humidity.
remove any weak or soft surface layers, e. g. soft screededges, hard sinter, separating agents, loose residues ofadhesives, smoothing compounds, coverings or coatings.
Depending on surface absorbency and condition, con-sumption with roller application is: 250 – 500 g / m2 percoat.
1. Before use, allow the combi-can to come to room tem-
perature. Punch several times through the plastic plug Important Notes:
and floor of the upper container (hardener B), e. g. with 3 Shelf-life minimum 12 months in original packaging when a long screwdriver. Allow all of the hardener to drain stored in relatively cool, dry conditions. In cold conditions, into lower container (resin A). Remove the empty upper the material can thicken and be difficult to apply.
container and blend thoroughly using suitable mixing 3 Optimum working conditions are 15 – 25 °C / 59 – 77 °F. Low equipment (e. g. UZIN Spiral Mixer or UZIN Basket temperatures make application more difficult, increase con- Mixer). Decant the mixed material into an oval bucket sumption and strongly influence setting. High temperatures and briefly mix again. When mixing, ensure that the shorten the pot-life and setting time. The material and floor material around the floor and walls of the container is temperatures must be min. 15 °C / 59 °F.
3 Concrete subfloors should be at least 3 days old.
2. Immediately apply the material evenly onto the surface
3 Before applying the primer, always ensure the surface has a with the UZIN Nylon Fibre Roller. On surfaces that are good key and is clean so as to guarantee a strong mechanical not too rough, the material can be spread with trowel notch B1 and can then be evenly rolled out. Ensure a 3 On highly absorbent or very porous surfaces, allow for appli- completely sealed coat. Observe the limited pot-life.
3. When used as a moisture barrier, a minimum of two
3 When applying as a moisture barrier, always apply two coats coats is required. Apply the second coat as soon as the with approx. 350 – 500 g / m2 in the first coat and 250 – first will accept foot traffic, not later than 24 – 36 hours.
350 g / m2 in the second coat. This is not a substitute for a To visually distinguish the second coat, add approx. 1 % damp-proof membrane in accordance with DIN 18 195, Part 4.
of colour concentrate UZIN Epoxy-Colourant. For very thin consistency and increased penetration as a case- 3 Depending on type of installation, the following standards are hardening primer, the first coat can be diluted with up applicable or especially recommended: DIN 18 365 ”Working to 10 % EP Thinners, UZIN VE 124. Then, there is no with floor coverings” / DIN 18 356 ”Working with wood floor- longer given the full moisture barrier.
ing” / DIN 18 352 ”Working with large and small format tiles” 4. For subsequent application of cement-based smoothing
compounds or adhesive mortars, immediately broad- Protection of the Workplace and the Environment:
cast, to form a dry excess, UZIN Fine Quartz Sand 0.8 Solvent-free. Non flammable. Comp. A: Irritant. Contains epoxy resin. Comp. B: Corro-sive. Contains amine hardener. Both components: May cause irritations to eyes, skin (approx. 3 kg /m2) into the final coat whilst it is still wet or respiratory system. May cause sensitisation by skin contact. Use barrier cream, (see ”Important Notes”). After setting, brush and vacuum protective gloves and safety-goggles. Provide good ventilation. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and soap. In case of contact with eyes,rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. In liquid form, 5. Clean tools immediately after use with UZIN VE 124.
”hazardous to the environment”, therefore do not allow into drains, water courses orlandfill. Observe safety information on product label as well as safety data sheet.
Hardened material can only be removed by mechanical Once cured, has neutral odour and presents no physiological or ecological risk.
6. Setting times: Accepts foot traffic, and second coat can
Do not allow into drains, water courses or land-fill. Empty, scraped-out and drip-free be applied, after 12 – 24 hours. 12 – 24 hours after grit- metal containers are recyclable. Containers with unhardened residues and collected, ting, the final coat can be brushed and vacuumed and unhardened product residues are Special Waste. Mixed and hardened productresidues, as well as containers with mixed and hardened residues are Construction The above information is based on our experience and careful investigations. The variety of associated materials and different construction and working conditions cannot be indi-vidually checked or influenced by us. The quality of your work depends, therefore, on your own professional judgement and product usage. If in doubt, conduct a small test or obtaintechnical advice. Observe the installation recommendations of the covering manufacturer. The publication of this Product Data Sheet invalidates all previous Product Information.


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