Sadly, suspected adverse reports to energy drinks have
increased with the popularity of these drinks over the years.
November 1999 - Ross Cooney 18, from Limerick Ireland, died of sudden adult death syndrome hours after drinking Red Bull. He collapsed and died during a basketball match in Dublin. Cause of death could not be ascertained. November 2004 -“Energy drinks-Ingredients and Dangers” See comment section for many possible reactions described ranging from seizures, addiction, panic attacks and including death. See commenter’s named: Victim, Tony G, Bryan Callahan, Sam, Saber27, Deon, Lisa, Big Al, Candy, and Lev September 2008 - Medical Journal of Australia, “We postulate that a combination of excessive ingestion of caffeine- and taurine-containing energy drinks and strenuous physical activity can produce myocardial ischaemia by inducing coronary vasospasm.” Review of 27-year-old cardiac arrest patient. March 2008 - German Health Authority-BfR, public information website discussing the case studies of three deaths, one acute kidney failure and one seizure victim. Discusses need for research. August 2009 - USA, “The Lexington County Coroner's office says they think Gilpatrick had two or three energy drinks before he collapsed.” A 17-year-old high school senior collapsed during a marching band performance. August 2010 - USA, “The 17-year-old junior -- a defensive end and tackle for the Carl Junction High School football team -- Doctors concluded that a seizure led to a loss of vital signs and suspected the energy drinks to be the cause.” March 2010 - USA, “I probably drank two or three Red Bulls throughout the day -- not one right after the other." No vital signs, rushed to hospital, revived. March 2010 – Mattawa, Ontario, 12-year-old and his friend shared a four-pack of Red Bull, after he drank it he was wired, with a racing heart. He was awake until 5:30a.m. Serious Adverse Reactions
March 2010 - American Journal of Psychiatry, “Caffeine can induce psychosis in healthy people and
worsen psychotic symptoms in individuals with psychotic disorders. We describe a patient with
schizophrenia who experienced psychotic decompensation while using energy drinks.”

March 2010 - USA, Call for ban in Louisiana to <16, “her 15-year-old child consumed an energy drink
and was fine for an hour but later "passed out cold and then woke up vomiting."

April 2010 - USA, “Her son died shortly after drinking half of a Monster Nitrous.” -According to
mothers impact statement no cause of the arrhythmia was found

July 2010 - Canada, (see 2nd comment below story) 23-year-old who lives in Canada suffered a
massive stroke after taking some energy drinks for a while. He was playing basket ball for his school
when this occurred.

August 2010 - USA, “Hassell's physicians said the energy drinks caused his heart attack that
eventually led to his death from acute respiratory failure and pneumonia.” He consumed energy
drinks regularly, collapsed while playing basketball.

August 2010 - England, 21-year-old collapsed and died after energy drink/alcohol, was unusually
upset beforehand. Alcohol level in blood 76mg/100ml of blood, caffeine level was not enough to be

October 2010 - Energy drink suspected in 18-year-old’s death, boy died after drinking two bottles of
energy drink, Trabzon, Turkey.

December 2010 - Boy (10) rushed to A&E after collapsing from energy drink. The Food Safety
Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is now warning that energy drinks could contribute to arrhythmia.

February 2011 - 10-year-old Jacob exhibited all the signs of acute stimulant intoxication. His older
brother had just took an energy drink out of the fridge, and gone to the bathroom. By the time he got
back, Jacob had downed the whole thing.

February 2011 - A new study that has appeared in the latest publication of the Medical Journal of
Australia has shown that the mentally ill should avoid energy drinks as they may result in a trigger of
psychosis. Case study
Serious Adverse Reactions

June 2011 – Germany, the 17-year-old boy suffered acute kidney failure and was hospitalized for 10
days following the incident, when he drank one litre of vodka combined with three litres of energy
drinks. He told authorities he was trying to improve the outcome of two 100-meter races he ran at

June 2011 - U.S.A. A teenage girl had a bad cold, only had five hours of sleep the night before, and a
big school game was looming. She consumed about 1 ½ cans of energy drinks before and during her
game. She thought the energy drinks were a sports drink formulation. About 20 minutes after the
game the right side of her body started seizing. Doctor suspects it was brought on by what was in the
energy drink.

June 2011 - Acute hepatitis in a woman following excessive ingestion of an energy drink: a case
report from the Journal of Medical Case Reports.

October 2011 – Kentucky, A 10-year-old child was hospitalized after drinking an energy drink.
Another child had given her a green Monster energy drink. Her daughter ended up in the emergency
room with a racing heart and her “blood pressure skyrocketed to dangerous levels.”

December 2011 - Maryland, Caffeine toxicity from energy drinks cited in Anais Fournier's death.
Teen's family wants regulation of energy drinks.

January 2012 - Australia, A prominent Sydney cardiologist has called for greater caution with the
purchase of energy drinks, warning they can trigger heart-attacks and other life-threatening conditions
in young people. Last year alone Prof Semsarian treated about five patients with medical problems
triggered by these beverages, including a 17-year-old girl.

February 2012, Texas, Dr. Sudip Bose with Medical Center Hospital, said he's now seeing
somewhere between five and 10 patients each month, of all different ages in the ER, who've had a
bad reaction to energy drinks.

June 2012, Australia, The 16-year-old girl had been drinking a pre-mixed blend of soda, vodka and
guarana. She later died, the cause was undetermined following an autopsy, after her heart stopped.

Serious Adverse Reactions


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