Joachim Hartung
Dortmund University of Technology
Guido Knapp
Dortmund University of Technology
Bimal K. Sinha
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Various Measures of Effect Size
Effect Size Based on ϕ Coefficient and Odds Ratio Combining Independent Tests
Methods of Combining Effect Sizes
Inference about a Common Mean of Several Univariate Normal
Asymptotic Comparison of Some Estimates of Common Mean Confidence Intervals for the Common Mean Tests of Homogeneity in Meta-Analysis
One-Way Random Effects Model
Approximate Tests for H0 : σ2a = δ > 0 andConfidence Intervals for σ2a Exact Test and Confidence Interval for σ2a Based on aGeneralized P -value Approach Nonnegative Estimation of σ2a and Confidence Intervals Combining Controlled Trials with Normal Outcomes
Approximate Confidence Intervals for the Common Exact Confidence Intervals for the Common Mean Combining Controlled Trials with Discrete Outcomes
Binomial-Normal Hierarchical Models in Meta- An Example for Combining Results from Controlled An Example for Combining Results from Observational An Example of Combining Results from Controlled Meta-Regression
Multivariate Meta-Analysis
Combining Multiple Dependent Variables from a Single Study Bayesian Meta-Analysis
A General Bayesian Model for Meta-Analysis under Normality A Unified Bayesian Approach to Meta-Analysis Further Results on Bayesian Meta-Analysis Publication Bias
Recovery of Interblock Information
Combination of Polls
Vote Counting Procedures
Computational Aspects
Data Sets
Effects of Teacher Expectance on Pupil IQ Effectiveness of Amlodipine on Work Capacity Effectiveness of Cisapride on the Treatment of Nonulcer Effectiveness of Misoprostol in Preventing Gastrointestinal References


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Part 2: Life-Threatening Allergy Management Plan (LAMP) To Be Completed By Health Care Provider Valid for Current School Year ________________ Name: ___________________________________ DOB: ___________________ Allergy to: __________________________________________________________________ Asthma: No *High risk for severe reaction □yes □ no □ Asthma Action Plan It is

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Lastname Firstname Poster Session Postertitle II, Sunday, June 3, 2012 Beneficial Effects of Endothelial & Oxidative Stress’ on Coronary Vascular Functions II, Sunday, June 3, 2012 The RhoG-DOCK4-Rac1 signalling axis controls angiogenesis III, Monday, June 4, 2012 ARP2/3 complex controls endothelial junction integrity II, Sunday, June 3, 2012 Synaptojanin-2 bi

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