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Charissa M. Urbano
Science Division, Delta College
University Center, MI 48710

Doctor of Education from Ball State University
Major in Biology with emphasis in human biology and genetics, research concentration in developmental toxicology and genetics. Physiology and Educational Psychology minor.
Masters of Arts in Education from Ball State University
Major in Biology with research concentration in science education, genetics and bioethics.
Bachelor of Science cum laude from Bowling Green State
Major in Health and Physical Education. Minor in

Dissertation. The Potentiating Effects of Caffeine on the
Teratogenicity of Acetazolamide in Two Strains of Mice.
indicated that the coadministration of caffeine and acetazolamide significantly increased the frequency of fetal malformations in C57BL mice providing evidence that caffeine can act as a co- teratogen and that agents at subteratogenic levels can interact to
Masters Project. Ways and Means of Implimenting Bioethical
Decision Making in a Secondary School Setting.


Director Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence 2008 – present
Encourage and support professional development of faculty and the
development of teaching initiatives for the purpose of improved student
learning. Work closely with newly-hired full time faculty, full-time and
adjunct faculty. Coordinate EDU 300 course series for professional
development. Collaborate on development, marketing and assessment of
programs, workshops, seminars. Manage budget for the FCTE.
Professor Delta College Science Division 1988 - present
Courses Taught: Human Heredity and Sexuality for honors (BIO
199H), Integrated General Biology (BIO 171), Principles of Biology
(BIO 111). Human Genetics (BIO 145), Introduction to Biotechnology (BIO 274), Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BIO 130), Exploring Diversity (ED 388.389, and SSI 288), Exploring Diversity (IHU 280) Curriculum Development: Exploring Diversity-social science
and humanities interdisciplinary, blended delivery for faculty/staff (ED 388/389 and students (SSI 288/289 and IHU 280/281), Human Heredity and Sexuality for honors students, Introduction to Biotechnology-online, Human Genetics and Integrated General Biology for majors with an emphasis on cell and molecular biology. Instructor of Biology at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
Courses Taught: Human Genetics and Bioethics (BIO 199H) and

Doctoral Fellow at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana

Courses Taught: Principles of Biology for majors and Biological Concepts for Teachers. Assisted Dr. Sidney L. Beck with the coordination of a research laboratory in develop -mental toxicology including care of animals, ordering of supplies, and training of undergraduate and graduate assistants.
Teacher Yorktown High School, Yorktown, Indiana

Courses Taught: Biology and General Science. Served as science
Teacher Bay High School, Bay Village, Ohio

Courses Taught: Biology and assisted with curriculum development, textbook adoption, and yearly inventory.
Exon Education Foundation Innovation Award for incorporating
the scientific, technical and public policy dimensions of genetic research into community college education presented in Dallas, Texas, 1996. Barstow and Frevel Award for Scholarly Achievement presented
at Delta College 1995.
Who’s Who Among Teachers in American Universities and
Colleges, 1995 and 1993.

Don and Betty Carlyon Endowed Teaching Chair, first recipient
of this award at Delta College in 1994.
NISOD Excellence Award, International Conference on
Teaching Excellence presented in Austin, Texas 1994.

Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence presented by Delta
College 1992.

Teratology Society Young Investigator Travel Award 1987.

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and
Colleges, 1985.
Southwestern Conference Coach of the Year, 1984.

Omicron Delta Kappa, Leadership Honorary, BGSU, 1979.

Division I Athletic Scholarship – BGSU, 1976-1979
Genetics Advisory Committee, State of Michigan Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society, Member American Association for the Advancement of Science National Association of Biology Teachers member since 1980 Michigan Community College Biologists, President 1993-95 Saginaw West-Shields Kiwanis, Board of Directors 1994-96 March of Dimes, Greater Michigan Chapter Board of

Delta College Foundation Grant for Technology Enhanced Model NSF Mentoring Through Cross-Age Research Teams Grant. Collaborator and mentor in effort to foster interest of young women in science, engineering, math and technology. NSF GenEthics Grant. Mentor teacher in nationwide effort to upgrade skills and knowledge in human genetics and bioethics among high school biology teachers. Indiana Academy of Science Grant for Human Genetics for Michigan Educators Sharing Conference, Project Director. Phi Delta Kappa Grant for Human Genetics for Michigan Educators. Indiana Academy of Science Research Grant, Dose- Response Analysis of the Teratogenic Interaction of Caffeine and Acetazolamide in C57BL/6J Mice. Ball State University Graduate Research Grant.
Urbano, C.M. 1997. Field of Dreams: Build It and They Will Come or How to Develop an Undergraduate Program in Genetics, League of Innovation Monograph 1998. Urbano, C.M. and D. Bailey. 1997. Integrated Biology: a Cell and Molecular Focus, 2nd Edition. W.C. Brown Publishers. Beck, S.L. and C.M. Urbano. 1993. Acetazolamide with Caffeine Causes Exencephaly in "Resistant" SWV Mice. Reproductive Toxicology, Volume 7, pp. 123-129. Urbano, C.M. 1993. Integrated Biology: a Cell and Molecular Focus. Kendall-Hunt Publishing. Urbano, C.M. and S.L. Beck. 1991. Potentiating Effect of Caffeine on the Teratogenicity of Acetazolamide in C57BL Mice. Teratology,44(3):241-250. Urbano, C.M. and S.L. Beck. 1988. Effect of Caffeine on the Teratogenicity of Acetazolamide in SWV Mice. Teratology, 37(5):499A. Urbano, Charissa M. 1988. Science as a Way of Knowing. The Hoosier Science Teacher, Vol XIV, No. 1, September 1988, pp. 19-23. Urbano, Charissa M. and M. Nordenbrock. 1987. Skeletal Ossification as an Indicator of Teratogenic Exposure. Indiana Academy of Science, Abstracts. Urbano, Charissa M. and S.L. Beck. 1987. Low Dose of Caffeine Potentiates Acetazolamide Induced Ectrodactyly in Mice. Presentations and Seminars
Exploring Diversity: A Student Centered Approach, LAND Conference, 2006 Lansing, MI Exploring Diversity: A Student Centered Approach, LAND Conference, 2005 Delta College, MI Exploring Diversity, 2005 LAND Conference, Bay City, MI Biology, Genes and Homosexuality, 1998 – 2006 Multiple programs around the state of Michigan Reflective Leadership Seminar, Fall and Winter, 2003 Emerging and Reemerging Human Plagues – Delta College Global Awareness, World Wide Wellness, 2004 Stories from the Quilt – Delta Honors Conference 2003 Biology of AIDS – Delta Global Awareness 2002 Forensic DNA Analysis, Delta Criminal Justice Program, 2000 The Story is in Our Genes, Delta College Fall Conference, 1999 The Genetics of Human Disease, National Association of Biology Teachers, Dallas, TX October, 1998 The Biology of Human Plagues, National Association of Biology New Research in Understanding Sexuality, Wayne State University, May, 1997 Healthy Babies Teacher In-service Workshop, Frankenmuth, MI, April 1996 Teen Pregnancy: When Alcohol is Involved, Peers in Prevention Field of Dreams: Build It and They Will Come, Genetics Revolution Conference, Dallas, Texas, March 1996 Sex Kills: The Biology of Aging II, National Association of Biology Teachers, Phoenix, AZ, October 1995 Genetics/Fetal Growth and Development, Teacher In-service Sex Kills: The Biology of Aging I, National Association of Biology Teachers, St. Louis, MO November, 1994 The Challenge of Gene Therapy, Sigma Xi Lecture, Midland, MI, Medical Genetics and Birth Defects, Bay Arenac Human Sexuality Institute, Bay-Arenac ISD, July 1994 Teaching About Oncogenes and Cancer, National Association of Biology Teachers, Boston, MA , November 1993 NSF-funded Genethics Workshop, Rollins College, Orlando, Florida, June 14-26, 1993. The New Clinical Genetics: DNA-based Diagnosis and Treatment, Genetic Conditions: Impact on Children and their Families, Saginaw MI, 1993 Genetic Disorders and Genetic Services, Michigan Academy of Physicians Assistants Annual Conference, Traverse City, October 1992. Human Genetics Sharing Conference for Michigan Educators, Genetics and Fetology Education, Human Sexuality Institute, Bay- Arenac ISD, 1990, 1991, 1992. Genetics Education and the Michigan Model, Bay-Arenac ISD, Tuscola ISD, Saginaw ISD, Huron Skill Center, 1991, 1992. Biotechnology in the 21st Century, 1991 Saginaw Public Schools Staff Development. Prenatal Genetic Screening: A Focus on MSAFP, Michigan Community College Biologists Spring Conference, 1990 The Potentiating Effect of Caffeine on the Teratogenicity of Acetazolamide in Mice, Ball State University Departmental Skeletal Ossification as an Indicator of Teratogenic Exposure, presented at 1987 meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science. Rationale for Teaching Bioethical Decision-making paper presented to NSF Honors Workshop in Human Genetics and


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