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ShuJie, Taiwan
I used it on my abdomen and my back for an hour and it felt like I was having a super relaxing and
soothing sunbath. The very day I started using this belt, I could sleep soundly at night. I would find
time every day to use it (while I am in my car, I will use it on my thighs with the help of the car
adapter) and after a week, I was surprised to find myself feeling extremely thirsty which forced me to
drink more water - to me, this is a good sign that my metabolism has significantly improved.
Spouse of Dr. Zhang from Team 642, Taiwan
Mrs Zhang made a brave attempt by using the belt on only one side of her face. After a week, her
complexion looks like it could be of two different persons! The skin appears different on both
sides of her face - on the side that was exposed to the LED belt, the skin became smooth and
glowed with an apple-like shine; and on the other side that she did not use the belt on, scars from
the past were still visible.
Xu Yiling, Taiwan
I used the LED belt an hour a day to treat my underarm bulges. I felt a comfortable, warm sensation
while using it. Comparing my condition before and after use, I found that the bulges on my left arm
have decreased by 1cm. That was awesome! I will continue to use it so that I could say goodbye to my
underarm bulges as soon as possible!
Tsai Jiajing, 27, Taiwan
Al said that this product is fantastic, so I bought and tested it out for myself. Before using it, I
measured my thighs. After using it for only 20 minutes, I was surprised that my thigh’s
measurement has decreased by 1cm. Then I used it on my tummy. After using it for 30 minutes,
even though I just had my supper, my full tummy started to “rumble” and I felt as if my stomach
was empty! Even my waistline has reduced by 4cm - it was unbelievable! Besides that, I used it on
my neck for about 30 minutes. When I woke up on the next day, I felt totally refreshed and didn’t
even need to laze on the bed like I usually did. Apart from that, my mind felt clearer and sharper
Liu Liaoping, Taiwan
Due to excessive pressure at work, I have been suffering from pretty severe migraine. Then the store
owner recommended this LED belt to me. After using it continuously for a week, my migraine problem
has improved, and my mind became clearer as well.
Gao Peojing, Taiwan
I went to the seminar on the 9th of September to listen to Al’s presentation on the LED belt. After
hearing about his interesting sharing about the after-use results of this product by his wife, I
decided to buy 4 sets, one for each of my family members. After using this belt, my backache
problem has improved. I believe in what Al said: “It also helps for those who had endometriosis”,
so, I use it on my abdomen and my waist every day. Now that I am preparing for the Manager
Qualification Exam, use it on my head as well to activate my brain cells to help me stay focused
and study better, and pass my exam successfully. When I started to have leg cramps, I used it for 1
hour and it improved immediately. To date, I managed to convince 12 other people to buy his
product and I will continue to share this product because we are living in such a fortunate
generation. With Cosway, there will be health, prosperity and financial freedom.
Li Yiqian, Taiwan
I had suffered from migraine problem since high school, but the condition has improved after
using the LED Belt. Besides that, it has also relieved my stiff neck and shoulder. I’m very grateful
to the company for introducing such a wonderful product.
Ye Jiaqi, Taiwan
Sometimes, boils will appear on my skin. Every time, these bumpy, red, pus-filled lumps would
take 10 days or more to subside. Lately, a boil appeared, and suddenly I had this idea to use this
LED belt that I just bought on it. After an hour, the bumpy, red and pus-filled area has become
softer, and to my surprise the pus has diminished as well. I have only used it once, but I think this
product is really awesome!
Emiko Tajima, Japan
I used LED belt on both sides of my shoulders for 30 minutes and the stiffness reduced! I am so
happy that I gave this belt a try!
Eiko Sakuraba, Japan
The second joint in my ring finger hurt for some reason and it was hard to bend it. After using
LED belt twice for about 15 minutes each time, the pain decreased and I can finally bend my
finger again!

Koji Soma, 39, Japan
I used the LED belt on my shoulder, and it seems to warm my body from within! I felt relief from
the stiffness. There should definitely be one of this belt in every household!
Hiroshi Sato, Japan
I used to not be able to put my arms over my head and my left wrist became so “overloaded” from
all the golfing I did that I needed to use a wrist support. But when I used LED belt 30 minutes a day,
the pain went away after just 2 days!

Masako Tsuchiya, 70’s, Japan
I have a serious problem on my left knee, but when I used LED belt to warm it, I felt relief. I think
it might take some time but I’ll keep using it! And although I have gastroptosis (downward
displacement of the stomach) that causes my tummy to bulge, my tummy “flattens” after using
the belt. It feels really good and gets me in a euphoric mood too!
Shigeya Takeoka, 59, Japan
I started suffering from pain on my right upper arm and shoulder 2 months ago. I could not put
my right arm over my head and it was extremely painful to reach my right hand over my back.
During the 3rd week of August, I went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with frozen shoulder, so I
made an appointment to do physiotherapy at the hospital. On 6th of September, I went to an
eCosway store and tried LED belt for 15 minutes. After only 15 minutes of use, I could put my right
arm over my head and I hardly felt the pain! The next day, the pain and stiffness came back, so I
went to the store again to try the belt. I tried it for about 15 minutes again and almost all the pain
went away! I am now thinking whether I should cancel my appointment for the physiotherapy. This
is not just a healthcare equipment, but it is a real clinical instrument! That was an amazing
Alex Sim, Male, late 30’s, Saga, Japan
I suffered from joint pain on my right thumb due to injuries sustained when I was in high school 20
years ago. It really hurts especially when it’s rainy and cold during winter. When I tried on the
LED belt for 1 hour, I didn’t really see or feel any difference. On the 2nd day, I brought it to Tokyo
with me and used the belt for 1 hour again. This time, the pain went away! On the 3rd day, the pain
was 99% gone. It works really well for both shoulder stiffness and sprained neck. I used LED belt on
my neck the next morning because I twisted it while sleeping and again, the pain went away after
about 30 minutes and I felt much better. It usually takes me about 1 week to get over similar
afflictions, so this is like a dream! Furthermore, although my wife had suffered from tendonitis
(inflammation of the tendon) on both hands and could not even grip a pen to write, she is able to
write after using LED belt for 1 week!
Lee Jung Rye, 50, Korea
Since I had surgery on my wrist due to desmorrhexis (rupture of a ligament) I usually feel an
uncomfortable throbbing pain in the area. I felt as if something was circulating in and around my
wrist 3 days after I started using the LED belt and surprisingly, now I don’t feel any discomfort on
my wrist any more.
Kim Keum Ja, 52, Korea
I had always been afraid of contracting a fatal disease since I had lots of fat on my belly. But
surprisingly, I could see fat decreasing after I used the LED belt on my belly and chest 30 minutes
daily for 10 days. The difference was visible. My husband was also surprised. I think each family
should have one LED belt considering there’s no side effects associated with it and that it costs
less than the treatment you get in the hospital.
Kam, Malaysia
Used LED Belt on bruises for 10 minutes
Before After
Customer from Stephan’s group, Malaysia
Used on varicose vein for 1 hour

Stephan Tai, Malaysia
I have been suffering from arthritis in my right elbow for the past 3 weeks. Despite taking
medication, I still feel the pain and using the computer mouse hurts. Three days ago, I received
my 1st shipment of 2 units. Without delay, I used the belt on my hand and elbow, and by the
second day, I am able to move my hands freely and the pain has diminished greatly.
Two years ago, I underwent a CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) for a heart birth defect - the
surgery was not that successful and I am now having constant angina. Two nights ago when I had
the angina, I placed the LED belt over my heart and to my surprise, within minutes, the angina
slowly diminished!


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