Veterinary Usage of Neways Products
James W. Ratliff, III, DVM, BS and Senior Diamond Ambassador, Neways Mineral Solution/Maximol: All dogs and cats need one or the other of these – the decision factor being age and health
challenges as applied in humans. The best way to obtain intake is to add to the water supply. A general rule of thumb is
to add one capful to two liters of water–automatic gravity-fill bowls work great! A $2.1 million dollar Thoroughbred
shipped to the Middle East who did not return to proper condition over several months responded within 30 days to
Mineral Solutions-1 and ½ bottles daily!
Revenol: As in us, our four-legged friends are also affected by the daily ravages on their systems. Antioxidants have
been used for years in veterinary medicine with wonderful results especially in cases of joint pain. Start with ½ per day
for toy dogs and cats and work up to two to three for the large breeds (Labs, Goldens, etc). Giant breeds may need more,
so go by response.
Life Enhancer: Just as in humans, this is underused in our pets. All older pets and especially diabetic patients will
benefit greatly. Start with 1 or 2 daily for cats and smaller dogs, and work up to three or four twice daily for all breeds.
This may not follow size as does Revenol; but rather, go by the response and work back to the holding amount. Already
showing powerful results with “snappy” pets, we expect great results in dogs who are afraid of storms, gunshots and
Renu: Fantastic for osteoarthritis, especially hip dysplasia. As this is a capsule, you will likely need to “pill” the patient.
One daily for small dogs; for large breeds, give up to four to six daily, probably in divided doses. (Not yet tried on cats).
Emperor’s Formula: For any disease process involving the internal organs, give 1 to 3, once or twice daily. Should be
beneficial following heartworm treatment.
VMM: For any chronic condition, especially those involving the immune system. Daily, from ½ to 3 tablets each time
based on response in divided doses.
Purge: Wonderful for skin parasites, such as scabies, especially when incognito. Small dogs, 1 twice daily for three to
four weeks. Larger dogs, go up to four twice daily. At this time I cannot recommend Purge rather than the normal
approach for parasitic elimination under veterinary supervision as many of these infestations are life threatening and the
drugs used now are basically innocuous.
Eliminator: As this is antibacterial, it has proven to be versatile in numerous instances from minor skin irritations to deep
abscesses to carpet accidents and kennels. Both dogs and cats tolerate the topical application with no resistance and even
seem to relish the soothing after-effects. Non-responsive chronic ear problems in dogs have been maintained with twice
daily irrigation following gentle cleansing of the debris in the ear canals.
Silken Shampoo: Gentle yet so cleansing that it can be used both pre and post-op on both dogs and cats. No site irritation
and no need for conditioner yet can be used if needed–and we know which one is the best (Exuberance)! Coat will dry
quickly. Use Indulge for odor!
Replenishing Mist: For dry coats, spray on liberally and rub into entire coat.
Anatomix: Currently being used for recovery from chronic illnesses and parasitic diseases as well as back and disc
problems. No report as of yet.
Extramin: This could be used in place of Life Enhancer, but as yet has not proven to be of greater assistance. If pet is
already on Prozac, this is the proper choice at ½ to 1 twice daily. This should preclude the need for the new dog
calmative drug.
Note: For distributor information only, not to replace necessary veterinary care.


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