Compact and stylish, the cool black EP range of 2 and 4 inch portable thermal printers is the ultimate in wireless functionality and reliability on the move. Ultra-compact and contemporary rugged design Operator keypad with a backlit LCD information display Superior print speed, with 'peel and present' labelling Largest media capacity with quick and simple media loading Flexible connectivity including USB, Bluetooth and wireless LAN Features
Rugged endurance on the move
We have put our big printer technology into the smallest possible Perfect for labelling on the shop floor, printing prescriptions on hospital wards, issuing tickets in the street or Durable and robust
In the real world, accidents can happen, so we developed rugged rubber corners, easily passing a 1.8 m drop test on to concrete (1.5 m for B-EP4). We didn't stop there with the rubber, we used it on the external ports to protect them from any spills. Even strict IP54 enclosure standards against dust and water ingress are surpassed with the optional carry case. So simple to use
For user friendliness and very fast operator training times, there's nothing like the clear backlit LCD read-out on the larger Toshiba thermal printers. So we put it into the mobile range as well, displaying a label counter, battery level, wireless signal strength and error messages. There's audible alerts too, just in case. Less media changes
Papers or labels dropped in with one hand? No problem. The large capacity we've designed means changing media much less often. Plus there's no cores required on And there's a linerless kit to issue labels without backing paper, for waste-free labelling.* Power options
The high endurance lithium ion battery ensures many hours of operation. Swap it out for external recharging or simply charge in situ using an optional adaptor. For applications on the road there is a cigarette lighter charging adapter (12 V input) for the B-EP2 and in the warehouse, there's a DC adapter (48 V input) to charge either model in a forklift. Easy networking
The EP range is WiFi certified, making networking to all wireless or USB 2.0 and IrDA (infrared) are standard across the EP models. Simply choose between Bluetooth, wireless The serial model can be upgraded to wireless and Bluetooth. Swift integration
The EP series speaks many programming languages and is designed to simply plug and play without any software changes, whether it's a Toshiba printer using TPCL or any make Both models will handle inputs from other peripherals such as scales and scanners. Uniquely, they support Applications
Price mark-down and shelf-edge labelling, queue busting, promotions Warehouse and logistics
Shipping labels, invoices, parcel tracking, delivery notes Hospitality
Mobile pharmacy, patient IDs, document and lab sample tracking Public services
Traffic wardens, police, facilities operatives and public transport (tickets, fines, utility billing, metre Field support
PAT testing, receipts for field sales and support charges. Specifications
projecting parts)
IP Rating
User interface
Max. print speed
Printer type
Paper width
Media roll size (OD)
Max. label length
Coreless media
Drop-in media
USB + IrDA +
USB + IrDA +
USB + IrDA +
wireless LAN
Spare battery - shoulder strap - 1 & 6 slot battery chargers - upgrade interface kit (Bluetooth, wireless LAN) for GH20 model - IP54 rated carry case - linerless label kit - AC & DC adapters SOFTWARE
Language mode
TPCL, LABEL, RECEIPT, ESC/POS, BCI (function) Windows(R) CE

Source: https://ctonline.mx/misc/ft/IMPTOS090.pdf


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