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A New Service Coming Soon From Pacific Law Center Pacific Law Center attorney Don Bokovoy has created a new Earlier last month, Pacific Law Center received a phone call service for PLC clients and non-clients: offering credit repair to from Pat Boyle, the father of 27 year-old Cameron Boyle. Cameron was six months through a one year sentence in a “She had been sick for a while, so it was hard to not be “In its never-ending quest to provide perfect service to our there for her,” Boyle said. “We had a close family and I clients, Pacific Law Center is researching our ability to offer used to see her every week, plus the usual get-togethers for credit repair to bankruptcy clients. Many times, the credit reporting bureaus will list a bankruptcy -- they’ll show an account that was in bankruptcy and then they’ll show the Pat also hoped Cameron could be permanently released account as a charged-off account. So, the person ends up with a bankruptcy and two negative accounts. This will cause a credit Attorneys at Pacific Law Center immediately went to work. PLC paralegal Craig Nunnally and attorney Terry Allen How will Pacific Law Center attorneys fix this problem? pushed for Boyle's sentence to allow for an early release. “What our services will be offering is the ability to go into the Nunnally contacted the facility where Boyle was detained, credit bureaus and make certain they delete incorrect or spoke to his corrections counselor, and found a legal outdated information and stop duplicity of negative information. The result that we would be working toward is Another Pacific Law Center attorney, Tom Booth, increasing the actual credit score of our clients. This is part of appeared in court the same day. Within 24 hours, Cameron maintaining a service and a connection with our clients so they realize we are a full service firm. We’re going to be doing all we “It was a really sad reason to get a reprieve, but my attorneys did their job,” Boyle said. “Obviously, I was very There are currently no known firms offering this service, and Bokovoy hopes Pacific Law Center will help at least 1,000 When will Pacific Law Center’s credit repair be available to “If you were at Disneyland, this would be the new ride with the curtain around it. We’re working on a May 1 start date as we develop the program. This is a unique service because of what it will do for our clients. It continues the healing process that bankruptcy should be. We’ve already had interest from one client and from one non-client who came into our office to talk Mr. Bokovoy serves as Pacific Law Center’s Supervising Bankruptcy Attorney. With over 28 years of experience, How much will the service cost?
Bokovoy is one of only seven San Diego attorneys who have been recognized by the State Bar of California as a Certified “We will allow a client to pay a small portion upfront and Specialist in Personal and Small Business Bankruptcy Law. make a reasonable monthly payment toward the fee so it does Bokovoy was born in Pasadena, California and grew up in El not create a financial hardship.” ◘ Cajon in the 1950s, where he worked his way through college as a pancake cook at an International House of Pancakes. Here, he met his wife, Teddi. The couple will celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary in June with their four children and six All ended well for Melvina N., an 80-year old woman who Bokovoy's pre-law resume includes a stint as Travel Lodge called Pacific Law Center to help her claim bankruptcy. Hotel's "Sleepy Bear." He entertained at the Del Mar Fair, The Mother Goose Parade and Toyland Parade in San Diego. He “I kind of got in a mess when my husband passed away,” also performed at The Hollywood Parade of Stars in 1963 and Melvina said. “He left me with some bills and I tried to keep my 1964, when Jack LaLanne and Jayne Mansfield were the finances in check, but I couldn’t. The credit card bills kept getting worse, up to about $50,000.00.” Don and his family lived in Ramona for 18 years, Tehachapi, Pacific Law Center’s Jeffrey Curtis stepped in to help. Indio and are currently moving back to San Diego. “We basically helped Melvina re-do her budget,” Curtis said. Bokovoy worked his way through law school as a Finance “After doing the budget, she has piece of mind because that Manager for ITT Aetna Finance and began representing the financial burden is gone and she has money for everything she company in 1978. Specializing in bankruptcy since then, needs. She would have basically been buried in debt the way Bokovoy was approached by Pacific Law Center while conducting one of his “Bokovoy on Bankruptcy” seminars. He Curtis said clients like Melvina can waste thousands of dollars. now offers his wealth of knowledge and experience in our San “They come in to see us and they’ve already been paying these creditors for many, many years—usually just the minimum Robert Arentz, Supervising Attorney of Pacific Law &#



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