The following was prepared to help ease the challenge of preparing for Pesach. Product
information can be found on pages 5 through 10. If you have any questions, please contact me by
phone ((516) 486-7571), or email ( Chag kasher v’sameach!!!
Shabbos HagadolOn the Shabbos before Pesach we read a special haftorah (Malachi 3:2-
24), and a special derasha is given. This year’s Shabbos HaGadol Derasha will be delivered onShabbos afternoon, March 31 at 6:55pm (preceded by Mincha at 6:30pm). Please note that there willbe no Shalosh Seudos in shul on that Shabbos.
Fast of the Firstborn – The fast takes place on Erev Pesach (April 2nd, this year). It begins
at 5:14am. We will be making a siyum after the Monday 6:35am minyan, which will allow firstborn
(and fathers of firstborn under the age of 13) to be relieved of their obligation to fast.
Bedikas Chometz (the search for chometz) – is performed the night before Pesach after
nightfall (i.e., Sunday, April 1st, immediately after tzeis hakochavim, 8:01pm). Recite the beracha
ol biur chometz” prior to the search, and search for chometz using a single wicked candle (and if
necessary a flashlight to supplement the candle), a feather and wooden spoon throughout the house
except in places where you’re storing chometz that will be sold. After the search is over say kol
for all unknown chometz, and repeat in English if you did not understand that you are
nullifying and declaring hefker (ownerless) all chometz in your possession. All chometz that you will
be eating the next morning (the chometz of which you are aware) should be put aside in a safe place.
Places which need to be searched – Places where chometz is not brought during the
year need not be searched. Of course, if you have little children, chometz can be anywhere. One neednot clean behind the fridge and oven, unless that area is used during the year. Those who are strict andclean everywhere, harei zeh meshubach. Dispose vacuum cleaner and garbage bags, and clean yourcars and offices at work. The custom is not to use bentchers from the year on Pesach. If you are going away for all of Pesach, there are two options:
1. clean your entire house, and do the bedika the night before you leave without reciting
the beracha (unless you are still home the night before Pesach, in which case a beracha is recited); or 2. you may sell your chometz and rent your entire house to the non-Jew, in which case, you need not clean your home for Pesach. In that event, it is recommended that one room not berented so that a search can be made in that room the night before you leave without a beracha. In anyevent, you should do a bedika on the night before Pesach with a bracha wherever you are, assumingyou’ve rented the room where you are staying. Mechiras Chometz (Selling Chometz) – I am generally available to sell chometz after all
minyanim, and by appointment. Don’t forget to sell chometz in your children’s dormitories. Even if
you believe that you do not have any chometz in your possession, it is recommended that you sell your
chometz because there are many items which contain chometz of which we may not be aware. Place
all chometz in designated cabinets and seal them. During the entire Pesach, the designated cabinets
should not be opened, and no items in the designated areas should be used.
If you are going away
for Pesach, you must indicate where a key is available so that the gentile can pick up their chometz
should they so desire on Pesach. See point III above for further details concerning mechiras chometz
for those going away for the entire Pesach. Please let me know if you are traveling to a different time
zone for Pesach. Please allow 45 minutes after Pesach so that chometz can be repurchased. I strongly
encourage you to see me personally for the sale of your chometz. For those who find it impossible to
do so, I have enclosed a contract that can be used to make me your agent.
Biur and Bittul ChometzBurning and Nullifying your Chometz
Before Pesach, we both nullify and burn the chometz that may be in our possession.
BiurWe leave over an olive size of chometz to be burned by the end of the fifth hour
on the morning of erev Pesach. This year, all chometz should be burnt on Monday morning, April
2nd, by 11:44am (Magen Avrohom).

BitulWe recite the morning kol chamira after we burn our last piece of chometz that
we are not selling to the gentile. The morning bitul nullifies all chometz, both known and unknown.
The last time to eat chometz in West Hempstead is 10:28am (Magen Avrohom)
on Monday, April 2nd.
Finding chometz on Pesach -- If you find chometz in your home on Pesach, you should
place it in the cabinet where your sold chometz is located (unless it is found on Yom Tov or Shabbos,in which case it should be covered and then placed in the cabinet upon the conclusion of Shabbos orYom Tov.) Kashering for Pesach – These laws have been compiled based on the opinions of poskim for
the various kashrus organizations, and attempt to incorporate Rabbi Kelemer’s recommendations.
Although kasherable kitchen items, dishes and silverware (see below) that one plans to use on Pesach
may be kashered anytime until 11:44am on April 2nd, it is highly recommended that everything be
finished by Sunday night.

Types of kashering – 1) leebun (burning out), 2) hagala (dropping in boiling water), and 3)
eerui mayim rotchin (after 2 and 3 always pour some cold water on the object kashered).
Kasherable materials – metal, stone and wood. Generally, Ashkenazim do not kasher
any other materials on Pesach, even though they can be kashered during the year. Glass Utensils that
come into contact with heat (including Arcolac, Pyrex, Duralex & Corelle)
and Plastic cannot be
kashered for Pesach.
Unkasherable Utensils – any utensil which was used for chometz and cannot be cleaned
properly is not kasherable for Pesach. (e.g., sieve, strainer, grater, mixers, some silverware).
Ovens – Self cleaning ovens are automatically kashered for Pesach by putting them
through the self cleaning cycle (check to see that the door gets cleaned; if it does not, clean it as you
would a regular oven and then run the oven through the self cleaning cycle). Rabbi Kelemer requires
that the oven be put through the self cleaning cycle twice, once with the racks and once without, and
that the oven be inspected for a white or grey ash which develops when the self cleaning mechanism
is working properly. Continuous cleaning and regular electric and gas ovens are not automatically
kashered. Before kashering, every part of ranges and ovens must be thoroughly scraped and cleaned
(use Easy Off). Because the racks and grates usually cannot be thoroughly cleaned, one can either
blowtorch them, or line the racks and grates on both sides with heavy duty aluminum foil (with
perforations for air circulation). Rabbi Kelemer requires that before kashering, the oven be free of all
stains above the surface of the oven, and that one run a fingernail over the oven’s surface to make sure
that there are no surface stains. Some are of the opinion that if spots remain after two applications of
Easy-Off, the spots can be disregarded. If your oven does not allow cleaning with a caustic cleaner,
please contact me. After the oven is cleaned, it should be burned at maximum temperature for at least
two hours. The broiler cannot be kashered by just turning on the gas or electricity to the broil setting,
therefore, it is preferable not to use it on Pesach (but it should be cleaned).
Stove Top -- According to some authorities, the cast iron or metal grates on which
pots sit may be inserted into the oven for kashering after they have been cleaned (if you have a self-
cleaning oven, you can place the grate in the oven without cleaning it) [Some people still have a custom
to cover the prongs]. Other authorities recommend that to kasher grates on a gas range, a bubble of
heavy duty aluminum foil should be formed over the range top and the range should be turned to the
high setting for 20 minutes. In an electric range, one need only turn the burners to high until they
come to a red glow (20 minutes) to kasher them. The rest of the range top should be covered with
heavy duty aluminum foil to prevent contact with food. The drip pans need not be kashered, but they
should be thoroughly cleaned and covered with aluminum foil. Kashering a Glass, Corning, Halogen
or Ceran
electric range top for Pesach is complex. The elements of the stove can be turned on until
they come to a glow. The burner areas are now Kosher for Pesach. However, because the unheated
area of glasstop ranges may not be able to be covered with foil like conventional tops because of a risk
that the glass cooktop will shatter, kashering the stove top presents a serious problem. Rabbi Kelemer
believes that the remaining area of the glass top can be kashered by pouring boiling water on every area
of the top. To avoid cracking the glass top, before pouring the boiling water, place a small amount of
cold water on the glass top, and turn the burners on for 5 minutes (then pour boiling water onto the
entire surface of the range top). Please call me if you have questions. Microwave ovens, that are
made from stainless steel can be kashered by thoroughly cleaning the oven, filling up a large paper
container of water and bringing it to a boil in the oven. The glass tray cannot be kashered (it should
be covered with saran rap or removed), nor can a microwave with plastic walls (however a plastic
microwave can be used by utilizing a special insert for Pesach).
Refrigerator and Freezers should be thoroughly cleaned. Some authorities do not
require one to line the shelves after they have been cleaned. Others maintain the custom to line them,and if one does so harei zeh meshubach.
Countertops – If made of smooth wood or pure granite, they can be kashered by
cleaning them thoroughly and then pouring boiling pots of water on the entire surface of the counter,
after not placing anything hot on the counter for 24 hours. Rabbi Kelemer’s opinion is that a kashered
counter should still be covered based on binding custom. Formica and plastic cannot be kashered and,
therefore, should be covered with material that will not rip over Pesach. Some advise to use a thicker
material on places where hot food is placed. Rabbi Kelemer recommends that non-kashered counters
be covered with thick cardboard.
Sinks – Stainless steel sinks can be kashered by cleaning them out thoroughly, not
using the sink for 24 hours, and then pouring boiling hot water on the entire surface of the sink,
including the drain, handles and spout. China and porcelain sinks cannot be kashered. They should
be completely lined with appropriate material, and dishes should be washed in a Pesach dish pan, and
placed in a Pesach dish rack.
Tables – should be covered and/or lined with two coverings. Rabbi Kelemer
recommends that non-kashered tables be covered with thick cardboard.
Utensils – To kasher them, place utensils, which were thoroughly cleaned of all rust and
unused for the previous 24 hours, in a boiling pot of water, which was not used for the previous 24
hours. When the water reaches a rolling boil, drop in utensils one at a time. Utensils should not be
dropped in until the water has returned to a rolling boil. The kashered utensils should subsequently be
rinsed with cold water. A non-Kosher for Pesach pot may be used for kashering, provided that it is
thoroughly clean and has not been used for twenty-four (24) hours.
Warming drawers and electric hot plates can be used by removing all stains, turning
the warming drawer to its highest temperature for two hours, and covering completely with heavy dutyaluminum foil.
Instant hot devices and the hot spigot on a water cooler should be kashered by
thoroughly cleaning, not using for 24 hours and then running the hot water from the spigot for oneminute. Some pour boiling water over the spigot. Schedule of some things to remember

Sunday April 1st

Perform bedikos chometz. Once this time arrives, one must desist from
any work unrelated to Pesach cleaning. [See Point III above.]
Monday April 2nd

Shacharis, followed by siyum for bechorim Latest time to burn and handle chometz C hecklist for seder Please note that one is prohibited from eating matzah products on erev
Pesach. Snacking is permitted. Roast shankbone and egg, chophorseradish and charoses, potatoes for karpas, check lettuce for bugs,prepare red wine, and make salt water. Chatzos (Afikomin and hallel should be completed by this time.) VIII. Some Basic Seder Laws
Start as early after nightfall as possible -- On the first night, all preparations should
be completed before Yom Tov so that the seder can start as soon as everyone is back from shul.
On the second night, all seder preparations must wait until after 8:11pm.
Four cups of wine -- One must drink at least “rov kos” (more than half of the cup of
wine) for each of the 4 cups. There is a difference of opinion as to whether grape juice can be
used to fulfill this obligation. Therefore, wine should be used if possible (the wine may be
diluted by grape juice). Most have the custom to use wine that is colored red. If one enjoys
white wine, red wine can be added to it, but this should be done before Yom Tov.
Retelling the exodus story -- Men and women are obligated to retell the story of the
Exodus. Minimally, besides fulfilling the special mitzvos of the evening, one must recite the
section beginning “Rabban Gamliel said . . . Three things must be mentioned…”
MarorThere are different customs concerning the vegetable to be used for Maror.
If you use romaine lettuce without a hashgacha, check leaf by leaf for bugs.
Shiurim of the Mitzvos HaPesach (based on Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l)

Four Cups of Wine -- 2.9 oz. cup (drink more than half while reclining left).
Matza – For Matza and Afikomin 7' x 6 and a 1/4 (approx. ½ hand shmura, b
machine shmura) [those who have trouble eating this much can eat a, ½ respectively; for
Koreich – 7' x 4' (approx. ¼ hand shmura, a machine) Eat while reclining left.
Maror – horseradish (1.1 ounces for maror; .7 for koreich); romaine lettuce (8'
x 10' with the leaf, 3' x 5' with stalk) [many assume that this is a large estimate of the
shiur of a k’zayis] [This piece of paper is 8½’ by 11']
Charoses – represents both mortar and blood. It should therefore be brought to the table
in its traditional thick form, and then be loosened with the addition of red wine (so that it reminds
us of the blood) right before the Maror is dipped into it.
The Meal -- is part of the seder and part of our praise of Hashem. This should be
reflected in the conversation at the meal. Afikomin should be eaten by 12:59am (Chatzos).

After the seder, we do not eat to allow the taste of the Matzah to remain in our mouths.
Product Information – call me with any questions you might have. The general rule is that only
food, and non-food items that are liquid or chewable, are a real chometz problem, but those who are strictand desire to learn further information, harei zeh meshubach. Air Freshener:
Does not require Pesach Supervision.
Any isopropyl or synthetic alcohol can be used without supervision.
Aluminum Foil/ Pans:
Does not require Pesach Supervision.
Artificial Sweeteners:
The following brands may be used: Pure Aspartame (not Equal), Kojel
Kosher L’ Pesach Sweet N’ Good, Leiber’s Kosher L’Pesach Sugar
Substitute, Sweet N’ Low with OUP, Gefen OUP, Kojel OUP, V.I.P.
Master OUP. Splenda contains chometz and may not be used.
Baby Foods: Formula -
Materna (made in Israel) is Kosher L’Pesach.
Enfamil, Prosobee, Carnation, Isomil, and Similac may be used without
special Pesach supervision. However, they must be used in separate
utensils and may not be washed in a Kosher for Pesach sink.
It is
preferable to buy all formulas before Pesach as they contain traces of
ascorbic acid (which may be chometz
Jars -
Require Pesach Supervision. Many Beech-Nut varieties are available withOUP.
Cereals -
Even rice cereals must be considered chometz without Pesach supervision.
Soy/Rice Milk Frequently use chometz ingredients in their flavorings. Vitasoy Original
Natural flavor (OU certified) does not contain chometz. Those who
must use milk substitutes should preferably use the Vitasoy product.
It must be used in separate utensils and may not be washed in a
Kosher for Pesach sink. Because the product does not contain any
sweetener, it is recommended that sugar/chocolate syrup be added.

Baby oil, lotions, ointments: Do not require Pesach Supervision.
Baby Wipes:
Do not require Pesach Supervision as long as ingredients lack alcohol. Baking Powder:
Baking Soda:
Does not require Pesach Supervision.
Bamba Snacks
May have unauthorized OUP. They are not kosher for Pesach.
Does not require Pesach Supervision.
Bottled Water:
Any fresh, unflavored spring water does not require Pesach Supervision.
Requires Pesach Supervision. Elite products must have an OUP. Chapstick:
May be used on Chol HaMoed only if unflavored. Blistex may be used aswell.
Any 100% pure cocoa (no additives or lecithin), including Hershey’s PureCocoa Powder, Nestle’s Pure Cocoa. Cocoa made in Europe needs ahashgacha. Coffee:
Requires Pesach supervision, except Folgers & Taster’s Choice.
All regular ground coffees with the OU may be used on Pesach withoutspecial Pesach Supervision, with the exception of Nescafe Instant Coffee.
Coffee filters do not need special supervision. Chickory Coffee requiresspecial Pesach supervision, except for Ellis, Hena and White House. Decafin.:
Requires Pesach Supervision. Brim, Maxwell House, Sanka, Maxim and Yuban have special Pesach Supervision. Starbucks Flavorlock bags andRegular coffee have an OUP, but one may not buy fresh coffee from aStarbucks store on Pesach. Flavored:
Requires Pesach Supervision. Most brands are not kosher for Pesach.
Coffee “singles” require Pesach supervision.
Postum (Coffee Substitute) - Contains chometz.
Calavo, Dole, Sunglow, and Sunworld are OK without special Pesachsupervision.
Dental floss:
Dishwashing Detergent:
All are OK. However, brands that have been checked to have no chometzare Dawn, Dove, Ivory, Joy, and Palmolive liquids.
Elite Candies:
Must have an OUP. Not all Elite products are certified by the OU, suchas those that contain gelatin. Elite products sold in Eretz Yisrael are notOU certified.
Do not require Pesach Supervision, but should be purchased beforePesach.
Frozen, Unprocessed - Does not require special Pesach Supervision if there are no other
ingredients. However, if even water and salt are added, Pesachsupervision is required.
Frozen, Processed (including gefilte fish) - many brands have an OUP. Please be sure
that the fish you purchase has special Kosher for Pesach supervision!
Does not require special Pesach Supervision.
Requires Pesach Supervision. Bumble Bee, America’s Choice, Shoprite,Pathmark, Season, Rokeach, Gefen, Finast, Stop & Shop, and Festive areall being sold with reliable Pesach supervision.
whole or sliced, without additives with no syrup - does not require PesachSupervision.
Requires Pesach Supervision even if packed in its own juice.
Wax on whole, unpeeled produce may contain kitniyos, but is batel andnot a problem. Cut-up or peeled produce requires Pesach Supervision ascitric acid may be used to prevent browning.
Requires Pesach Supervision (kitniyos oils and chometz flour may be usedto prevent sticking). Del Monte and Dole Raisins are OK.
Most are chometz or kitniyos and should be disposed of or sold even ifthey have not been converted into flour. Flax, hemp and quinoa are notchometz. Please note that quinoa pasta is not under any supervision andshould not be used. Trader Joe and Ancient Harvest’s (from Gardena,Ca.) “whole grain” quinoa are OK. Halvah:
May appear with a Kosher for Passover seal, but is not KP for Askenazimas it contains corn syrup Honey:
Must have Pesach Supervision, as corn syrup is added to many brands.
Rokeach, Festive, Season, Haddar, Gefen, Streits are OK with KP Ice:
Bags from plain water do not require Pesach Supervision.
100% pure orange or grapefruit concentrate without sweeteners,additives, enrichments (e.g. Calcium) or Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Citric Acid or preservatives does not need Pesach Supervision. All otherjuices require supervision as enzymes are used in processing.
Lemon/Lime: ReaLemon brand is OK without special Pesach Supervision. (Liquid only
Requires Pesach Supervision. Please note that Kedem grape juice sold inthe 1.5 liter glass bottles may not be mevushal. Kitniyos:
Due to the stringency of not eating chometz on Pesach, Ashkenazic Jewscustomarily do not eat Kitniyos (legumes) on Pesach. Kitniyos includesbeans, rice, green beans, peas, millet, corn, mustard, lentils, and lecithinand derivatives of those products (according to many authorities). Otherproducts that may be classified as kitniyos include: Anise, Ascorbic Acid(may be chometz), Asparatame (Nutrasweet), Buckwheat, Canola Oil,Caraway, Citric Acid (may be chometz), Chickpeas, Coriander, CornSyrup, Dextrose, Fennel, Fenugreek, Flax seeds, Hemp, HydrolyzedVegetable Oil, Kasha, Kimmel, Licorice, Lucerne, Lupine, Maltodextrins(chometz or kitniyos derived), MSG, Peanuts, Polysorbates (may bechometz), Poppy Seeds, Saffron, Sesame Seeds, Sodium Citrate (may bechometz), Sodium Erythorbate (may be chometz), Sorbitol (may bechometz if outside the U.S.), Sunflower Seeds, Vetch, Vetching, andXanthan gum (may be chometz). Many kitniyos products certified asKosher, especially from France and other European countries, are on themarket. These kitniyos products are often in candy form. Many of theseproducts will say “LeOchlay Kitniyos.” Joyva products may say Kosherfor Pesach, but are unacceptable for Ashkenazim because of kitniyos.
Laundry Detergent:
Does not require Pesach Supervision.
Egg Matzah: Matzot made with fruit juice or eggs, which include “Kosher for Pesach”
Egg Matzot, egg Matzoh crackers, may not be eaten on Pesach by healthyAshkenazim. Even the sick and elderly cannot fulfill their obligation at theseder with these matzot.
GrapeMatzah sold by Manischewitz, follows the same halachot as egg matzah.
Manischewitz sells Passover Tam Tam crackers that are also made fromegg flour dough and must be treated accordingly. Matzah sticks andmatzah crackers by Kedem are ordinary matzah and can be eaten by all.
If needed, hand spelt shemurah can be purchased by calling 845-352-7331. Manishewitz has spelt matzah this year.
If needed, hand oat shemurah can be purchased by calling 718-633-0633or 410-358-9580. Poskim question whether such matzot can be used tofulfill the mitzvah of matzah on the first two nights of Pesach. Margarine:
Does not require special Pesach Supervision (unless processed or coated).
Note that Empire Turkey Burgers are not kosher for Pesach.
Does not require special Pesach Supervision.
Medicines in pill or capsule form are permitted even if they contain
derivatives because the chometz content is completely
Claritin RediTabs, Tums, Rolaids, Clarinex RediTabs and
Lactaid Tablets contain chometz, but may be used if no substitute is
available. The major area of concern is flavored liquid medications. Call
me if you have any questions about specific medications. All major pain
killers and non-liquid cold medications are OK. Flavored cold and
cough syrups and elixirs must be checked.
Triaminic Cold Syrup and
expectorant and Benadryl Liquid are OK. Comtrex liquid, Orabase B
Gel and Kaopectate
products definitely contain chometz and should not
be used. Laxatives should be checked as many are unacceptable.
Powdered Metamucil contains kitniyos, but can be taken if kept separate
from Pesach utensils and sinks. Pediaflor/Pediasure contain kitniyos and
should be treated like formula.
Fresh -
Many assume that milk purchased before Pesach does not require Pesach
supervision. However, the following is a list of milks that you can find in
local supermarkets with Pesach supervision: Farmland (with a Kof-KP);
New Square (with an OUP); Tuscan (with an OUP); Pathmark (with an
OUP); Derle (with an OUP).
Lactaid -
Can be purchased before Pesach for those with Lactose intolerance.
Lactaid pills (according to some authorities) and drops may not be usedon Pesach. Lactaid pills may be used if no substitute is available.
Powdered -
Powdered milk with an OU-D may be purchased prior to Passover andused on Passover. Mouthwash:
All major brands, except Flourigard and Prevident Mouthrinse.
Actual mustard is not used because its seed grows like kitniyos. Rokeachproduces a substitute mustard with an OUP.
Nutritional supplements:
Ensure Liquid Protein may contain actual chometz and should be avoided.
Many Ensure and Glucerna products contain kitniyos. Please speak to meif you use the products. The elderly or ill, who must take these products,may do so on Pesach.
Must be free of added preservatives and other additives. Note: productscoated or sprayed with BHT or BHA should not be used on Pesach. RawWhole, Chopped or Ground Nuts (e.g. Walnuts, Almonds, etc.) withoutadded preservatives or other additives such as BHT or BHA, areapproved for Passover. Note: Midget Pecans & Pecan Pieces require areliable KFP certification. Oils:
Cottonseed oil, grapeseed, peanut and safflower oil may be used withPesach supervision.
Olive Oil:
Any brand of Extra Virgin Olive Oil may be used without special Pesachsupervision.
Oven cleaner:
Paper Goods: Plastic:
Does not require Pesach Supervision.
Many assume that all are OK. For those who want to be stringent,Chinet, Georgia Pacific, Dixie, Foodtown, Krasdale, and Vanity Fairbrand plates may be used for hot or cold foods. Paper Towels:
Pet Food:
Pets may be fed kitniyos, but not chometz, and many pet foods containchometz. Almost all dry pet foods, list wheat or oats as their first ingredient. Also be aware that during the year, one is not permitted to
feed pets foods that contain mixtures of meat (not chicken) and milk.
Please check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.
Updated pet-food information can be found on and
Bird foods
Millet, sorghum, wild bird food (check for chometz ingredients). Peanuts,sunflower seeds and safflower seeds can also be given. Larger birds, suchas parrots, can also eat pure alfalfa pellets or certain dry dog foods.
Oyster shells can be provided for minerals.
Cat food:
various flavors of Friskies, Prescription Diet & Science Diet are OK.
Call me to check out specifics.
Dog food:
various flavors of Mighty Dog, Prescription Diet, and Science Diet are
OK. IAMS has been reformulated and should not be used. Call me
to check out specifics.
Fish Food (fresh water) - additive free freeze dried worms, Krill (frozen without
Fish Food (salt water) - frozen brine shrimp, Krill (w/o additives), Tetra bloodworms
Hampsters - pure alfalfa pellets, dried alfala. Fruits and vegetables may be possible.
Play Doh: Contains
Quinoa Pasta:
May be manufactured on the same machines as regular pasta and thereforeshould not be used. Raisins:
Require Pesach Supervision because they may be sprayed with kitniyos.
Del Monte, Dole, California Raisins’ Flame Raisins and Zante Currentsare OK even without special Pesach label. Rice:
May only be eaten by Sephardim. Carolina, Giant, Emperor, Mahatma,
Riviana and Success are acceptable brands (without additives) but they
should be checked for other grains before using.
Roach Traps:
Combat Roach Killing System, d-Con Rat and Mouse baits and BlackFlag Roach Ender contain chometz. Raid ant and roach baits are kitniyosand do not have to be put away. All insecticide sprays are OK. Rubber Bands:
Orthodontic rubber bands may be coated with powder. If so, they shouldbe rinsed before Pesach. Wax used for braces is OK. Rubbing Alcohol:
Any isopropyl or synthetic (acetyl, lanolin, benzyl and methyl) are OK.
May be coated with citric acid and therefore require KP supervision. OUcertified peeled carrots do not require an OUP (but other peeled carrotsrequire Pesach supervision) Salt:
Non-iodized, without dextrose or polysorbates, does not require PesachSupervision. No salt substitutes are available.
Scouring pads:
Seltzer: Flavored:
Unflavored: Does not require Pesach Supervision
Silver Polish:
Requires Pesach supervision, e.g., Coca-Cola, Sprite, Seagram’s GingerAle (with OUP); Pepsi (with OKP); Dr. Brown’s (with KP); RC Cola(with OUP). CRC Passover products are OK.
All pure, granulated corn sugar without dextrose - does not requirePesach Supervision.
Domino Regular (even without OKP) and Brownulated with OKP, andJack Frost are OK.
Confectioner: Requires Pesach supervision
Although some have recommended that vinyl tablecloths not be used onPesach because they are coated with powder, I am informed that all vinyltablecloths are OK.
Unflavored, regular - Does not require Pesach Supervision.
Requires Pesach Supervision. Most brands are not acceptable. Swee-Touch-Nee (97% decaffeinated) and Lipton Decaffeinated are OK evenwithout special Pesach supervision.
Nestea regular and decaffeinated without sweetener may be used withoutPesach symbol.
Cosmetics and toiletries which are inedible and not put in the mouth donot need Passover Supervision. According to many authorities, thisincludes deodorants, shampoos and most cosmetics. With respect toperfumes, there is a split in authority and therefore I recommend thatperfumes with grain alcohol not be used on Pesach. Some say thatflavored lipsticks and lipsticks with wheat products in the ingredientsshould not be used, while others disagree. Toothpaste:
All major brands, with the exception of Crest, are acceptable.
Requires Pesach Supervision as the same equipment may be used duringthe year to make pasta products.
Fresh-uncut: Does not require Pesach Supervision, but should be rinsed before use.
Should be checked with Rabbi Schwalb. Freeda and Hoffman-Laroucheproduce vitamins with Pesach Supervision.
Any unflavored fresh, bottled, spring or distilled is OK. Wine:
Requires Pesach Supervision (some contain corn syrup (kitniyos).
Requires Pesach Supervision. Be careful of Israeli products which containkitniyos.
I hereby fully empower and permit Rabbi Efrem Schwalb to act in my place, and in my behalf, to sell all chometz possessed by me (whether knowingly or unknowingly) as defined by the Torahand Rabbinic Law (e.g., chometz, doubt of chometz, and all kinds of chometz mixtures). I also empowerand permit Rabbi Schwalb to lease all places wherein the chometz owned by me may be found, includingthe premises located below.
Rabbi Schwalb has the full right to sell and to lease by any transaction as he deems fit and proper and for such time which he believes necessary. I also do hereby give Rabbi Schwalb the full powerand authority to appoint a substitute in his stead with full power to sell and to lease as provided herein.
If you will be away the entire Pesach, the gentile will need access to the chometz you are selling, so
please complete the following:
The key to my house/apartment/business/car described above is located with
Name ______________________________________
Address ___________________________________
Phone number _______________________________


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