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Q…‚qˆp‡ÃDs‚…€h‡v‚Q…‚qˆp‡ÃhqÃQ…‚ƒr…‡vr†ÃP‰r…‰vr Basic Description
class molding and extrusion materials created from DuPont proprietary acid copolymers.
Starting with selected molecular weight grades of • direct adhesion of epoxy and polyurethane copolymers such as ethylene/methacrylic acid, DuPont adds zinc, sodium, lithium or other metal • direct adhesion to metal, glass, and natural salts. Acid neutralization results in the formation of ion clusters (hence the general term,"ionomer") within the resulting polymer matrix.
Product Range
Surlyn  resins are designed and manufactured byDuPont to deliver premium end-use performance DuPont offers a wide selection of Surlyn resins, or processing characteristics in a variety of starting with base resins of varying molecular specialized industrial applications.
weight. Proprietary manufacturing technologiesallow precise control of acid levels and the Performance Features
degree of acid neutralization occurring with eachmetal ion type in each resin grade. This precision Surlyn  resins incorporate many of the control enables DuPont to manufacture each performance features of the original ethylene- grade of its Surlyn  product line with high lot-to- based copolymers, such as chemical resistance, lot consistency and end-use reliability.
melting range, density, and basic processing More than 30 grades of Surlyn  currently are characteristics. However, Surlyn  resin performance is significantly enhanced in such industrial applications. The range of properties for these resins are shown in Table 1.
• low temperature impact toughness;• abrasion/scuff resistant Uhiyrà ÃÃTryrp‡rqÃQ…‚ƒr…‡vr†Ã‚sÃ6XUO\QÃ Ayr‘ÃH‚qˆyˆ†Ã…‚‚€Ã‡r€ƒÃxƒ†v Pƒ‡vphyÃCh“rÃ!$Ãv%#À€ *As determined by differential scanning calorimetry
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The technical data contained herein are guides to the use of DuPont resins. The advice contained herein is based upon tests
and information believed to be reliable, but users should not rely upon it absolutely for specific applications because
performance properties will vary with processing conditions. It is given and accepted at user’s risk and confirmation of its
validity and suitability in particular cases should be obtained independently. The DuPont Company makes no guarantees of
results and assumes no obligations or liability in connection with its advice. This publication is not to be taken as a license to
operate under, or recommendation to infringe any patents.
CAUTION: Do not use in medical applications involving permanent implantation in the human body. For other medical
applications, see DuPont Medical Caution Statement, H-50102.

The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™, The miracles of science and Surlyn® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du
Pont de Nemours and Company.

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Carcinogenicity of Lipid-lowering Drugs Journal of the American Medical Association January 3, 1996;275(1):55-60 Newman TB, Hulley SB. Department of Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine, University of California,San Francisco, USA. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Fibrates: Bezafibrate (e.g. Bezalip) Ciprofibrate (e.g. Modalim) Gemfibrozil (e.g. Lopid) Fenofibrate (e.g. TriCor) Statin Bran

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