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[ Tel: +47 45002431 ]
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01. June 2013:
- UK Tour May-June 2013 (9 shows in Blackpool, Singles “GION” and “BEAUTY” (from the album
- Awarded and featured on the ClickitTicket Music
Blog Awards (USA) for electronica music: October
15. August 2013:

- London club tour (UK): February 2012 / May 2011
- Italian tour as a headliner September 2011 (3 shows
- Featured artist on (USA): April 2011
- No.1 on Sonic Universe/Soma FM's Top 30 by
Sienná (DJ, key. & vo.)
- Monthly featured artist on
Hallvard Gaardløs (bass)
Alf Hullbækmo (key.)
- Invited to perform at If Summer Ends Festival in
Chorzów (Poland): March 2009
- Frequent appearances in Norway & Japan: 2007- 2012 Japanese‐Norwegian SIENNÁ is a live electronics trio,
More tour dates to be announced soon
- Featured “pre-loaded” artist on Philips Electronics´
awake‐walking daydreamers, traditional contemporalists,
diverse MP3 players, audio-devices and Philips MP3
a blurry contrast of multiple styles, and a reflection of
product Go Gear on worldwide campaign in 2006
the modern crossover cultures.
Friday 13th
- Featured artist on as the best &
GÖRLITZ (Germany) - Fokus festival preparty
SIENNÁ is one of the very first artists in the world who let the jazzy electronic and Japanese traditional sounds and Norwegian grooves flow in a surprisingly intelligent way. Friday 5th
“Uniqueness” is the keyword they´ve received from 90% of all PETERBOROUGH (U.K.) – Curious Yellow Weekend
BBC6 Music Introducing (UK), BBC Radio Warwick
music reviewers! If you like to listen to Björk, Bill Laswell, (UK), MTM Radio (UK), Chord Blossom Podcast (UK),
Underworld, Yellow Magic Orchestra (Y.M.O.) & Ryuichi Night Worker Podcast (UK), BBC Radio Derby (UK),
Sakamoto, for instance, you will love SIENNÁ.
Tuesday 4th LONDON (U.K.) - Dublin Castle
BBC Radio York (UK), BBC London (UK), BBC Three
Sunday 2nd LONDON (U.K.) - The Islington
SIENNÁ is known to have collaborated with the living jazz Counties (UK), 96.3 Radio Aire Leeds (UK), High
Saturday 1st BRIGHTON (U.K.) - The Chequers
legend from Norway Nils Petter Molvaer and the British
Peak Radio (UK), Shorditch Radio (UK), Resonance
deceased legend Mick Karn, just to name a few.
104.4FM (UK), WCVF- FM (USA), CRMK 89.8FM (UK),
Friday 31st WORTHING (U.K.) - Bar 42
NRK P1, P2 & P3 (Norway) , XStream East Radio
This “magical 3” has traveled together from Oslo to Tokyo, Thursday 29th LONDON (U.K.) - Grind Bar
(UK), UK Jazzradio (UK) , BlackChannel (Germany),
London, Torino to Krakow and performed for anybody, but Tuesday 28th LONDON (U.K.) - Undersolo
Sonic Universe (USA), NRK P1, P2 & P3 (Norway),
probably more for those who are deadly tired of standardized Monday 27th MANCHESTER (U.K.) - Thirsty Scholar
XStream East Radio (UK), UK Jazzradio (UK),
mass‐produced music. Their set list can be adapted to suit Sunday 26th STOCKPORT (U.K.) - Blue Cat Cafe
BlackChannel (Germany), WomensRadio (USA),
any occasion, from a heart-washing downtempo set to a Saturday 25th BLACKPOOL (U.K.) - Bluerooms
Radio Bogart (Italy), Radio Sonar (UK), Citybeat
Saturday 18th OSLO (Norway) – Sound of Mu
96.7/102.5 FM (IreLand), NHK (Japan) …and more
- “Amazing crossover features, from a Jazz infusion
- “A richly-textured bed of melodic layers, freeform
- “It gets its grooves on with an insistent thumping
to a cute sort of Electro wizardry. There are also some electronic & jazzy flourishes which becomes the beat. There is an interesting artist operating tasty dream-sequence excerts that could lend the set deepest house in the galaxy when the groove kicks in” somewhere in this electronic maze: it would be nice to to a decent film producer with a vivid imagination hear her emerge more” (Kevin Renick: Playback (Someone like Tarantino). The quirky strange tracks - “Sleek, atmospheric & hectic like Underworld”
that lie within the covers add to a cult mysticism that - “A stunning electro-ambient sounds of oriental
makes you want to play it again” (Pro Mobile -“Japanese born, continent drifting Sienna is a
atmosphere with mellow melodies on efficient bass modern day Yoko Ono, Bjork with a hint of - “The veteran sweeping synth pads & reverberating
Underworld” (Nick Burman: Tasty Magazine, UK) - “Her music has the influence of Abòn in the
blips all set a specific mood the instant it begins” - “There are similarly neat flourishes on display
experimental section but due to the female identity, (Adam Irving: Blues & Soul Magazine, UK) peppered throughout the album, perhaps most striking creates a more sensational atmosphere” - “It ´s definitely worth a try for people who like house
on “Dance Of The White Rhythms‟, in which nu-jazz music who are a little more intelligent than the meets a chanting priest” (Polis Louzou: Last - “It grabbed my attention with beautiful experimental-
ambient electronic pieces featuring a warm keyboard - “Dreamy, atmospheric, & laced with synthy
wash, echoing female vocals & light tinkling - “The best music can lift you out of your everyday life
basslines, beats & interesting vocal samples” & transport you somewhere else. If I close my eyes - “Even though it absolutely has its doses with
while listening to Sienna, I can almost imagine I'm in a - “It is interesting how the music highlights various
backward-leaned & relaxing sequences, rock-ish trendy wine bar. ” (Andy Glynn: Tasty Fanzine, UK) meeting points between electronica, club-music & elements often appear & break the patterns. The -“This sophomore album showcases an artist who is
jazz-inspired elements” (Erik Steinskog: Bergens blend of those elements makes the music interesting” at ease with a mix of genres & textures. Drawing upon (Øyvind Lien: OppLand Arbeiderblad, Norway) her cross-cultural background, the ten tracks glide - “The music itself is clearly of European electronic
along smoothly ranging from dance grooves to jazzy influence, with minimal beats supported by e-organs, rhythms to newage chill” (Martin Raybould: Whisperin synths as well as jazz-influences. This is certainly a


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