Ginseng (“man-root” in Chinese) is a green, perennial Ontario Ginseng
herb that is grown primarily for its root. While many Growers Association
products may be referred to as ginseng, in botanical terms, there are only two authentic types: Ontario Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and Asian Ginseng (Panax ginseng). These ginsengs differ from each other in their chemical composition and each has distinct biological properties.
Rooted in Nature
Benefits Rooted in Science
Vuksan’s team used an acute study design similar to Hundreds of scientific studies have been published in Recently, Canadian Pharmacist of the Year 2006, that used in the evaluation of new blood pressure medical journals over the past four decades, examining Farid Wassef, RPH, BSc Pharm, CCN, developed a timely medications. None of the Ontario ginsengs studied or the health benefits of Ontario Ginseng, including: lesson on Ontario Ginseng as an over-the-counter herbal their mean differed from the placebo in their effect on category; and how pharmacists can counsel patients overal mean blood pressure change. Vuksan effectively. Recent surveys show that over six mil ion concluded the findings suggest that Ontario Ginseng North Americans consume ginseng on a regular basis.
exerts a neutral acute effect on blood pressure in hypertensive individuals.
As a result of Wassef’s research, he concludes that Ontario ginseng, Panax quinquefolius, is likely to be effective in Overall, hypertensive individuals who choose to preventing and improving recovery for individuals who are consume Ontario Ginseng should be aware of its under mental and/or physical stress. Moreover, it may neutral effect on blood pressure, its overall safety and enhance the capacity for mental work and physical activity its potential to interact with warfarin (a blood thinner). and improve the overal sense of wel -being.
Dr. Vuksan and his team plan to look at the effect of chronic consumption of Ontario Ginseng on long term There is a growing body of evidence to show that Ontario changes in blood pressure before they form Ginseng has a profound pharmacological effect on both recommendations for its use with hypertensive patients. the cardiovascular and immune systems. However, Wassef concludes that, as of yet, there is insufficient data As wel , a specific patented extract derived from from trials to recommend it in the treatment of Panax quinquefolius, known as CVT E002, has cardiovascular disease or for the prevention and survival emerged as a clinical y useful adjuvant (a drug that modifies the effect of another drug) in the management of viral respiratory-tract infections.
The most studied effects of Ontario Ginseng are on the endocrine and nervous systems. While it is clear it can The unique quality, taste and medicinal properties Future Benefits Rooted in Research
increase the body’s ability to deal with stress, it has yet of Ontario’s ginseng have made Canada the world’s The ginseng growers of Ontario are investing more to be established in large, wel -control ed studies that largest grower of Panax quinquefolius in recent years. and more in scientific research into the medical and regular use may prevent or halt the progression of any More than two-thirds of the root is grown in Ontario. health uses for ginseng. While people have taken it for With about 220 growers and more than 6,000 acres years—intuiting its benefits—without having its effects under cultivation, Ontario harvested approximately four substantiated by medical studies, the Ontario Ginseng Ginseng and Adult-Onset Diabetes
mil ion pounds of ginseng in 2005. Growing ginseng Growers Association felt it was time to explore further Wassef establishes that the best evidence for Ontario involves very precise farming practices. Ontario’s and document the benefits of Ontario Ginseng. As Ginseng use is in the management of adult-onset diabetes. producers have set production standards that are being mentioned, initial studies have been completed with Recent medical research by Toronto’s Dr. Vladimir Vuksan copied global y, but have yet to be matched.
Dr. Vladimir Vuksan of St. Michael’s Hospital and the and his team, published in the August 2005 issue of University of Toronto, with additional studies to fol ow Ginseng has been a traded commodity in Ontario since Hypertension, disputes earlier findings of the effect of in the beneficial influence of Ontario Ginseng on Type 1716. For centuries, it has been used to support health ginseng on high blood pressure, or hypertension. Their 2 diabetes. Additional research into diabetes mel itus and vitality. Ontario ginseng is available in a number of study showed that Ontario Ginseng has a neutral effect and other diseases is being funded by the Ontario forms: dried root, powdered extracts (capsules), on blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. Hypertension, tinctures, powdered root (loose or capsules), and teas which afflicts over 20 percent of Canadians and almost one bil ion individuals worldwide, is a serious risk factor for For a complete bibliography of recent scientific cardiovascular disease, which accounts for the majority research, visit
of deaths in Canada. In 2002 (the latest year for which Statistics Canada has data), cardiovascular disease accounted for almost 75,000 Canadian deaths.


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