Energy GoStix
Energy GoStix will help you power through your busy day, with zip to spare!
Infused with 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF™ and a clever blend of energy-boosting ingredients,
simply mix one citrus-orange pack with eight ounces of water and you’re good to go… and
go… and go!
Ingredient List…

Vitamin A
Eyesight, adapt to darkness, dry eyes. Antioxidant, immune stimulant. Excellent for skin, healing wounds,
ageing skin+bone strength.
Vitamin B2
Good for stress, fatigue, cracks in corner of mouth, gritty eyes. Transports blood sugar to muscles for
energy. Also promotes good vision.
Helps process sugar. Manufactures good cholesterol+insulin. Gets sugar into the cells so the body can
use it
L Glutamine
Used as brain fuel as passes throught the ‘blood brain barriers’. Decreases sugar craving, carb+alcohol
craving. Diminishes fatigue. Aids in the healing of ulcers.
Enhances fat metabolism, good for weight loss as releases energy. Increases immunity as stimulates
Thymus activity. Used by body builders. Increases male fertility. Helps with wound healing+lowers
Enhances brain+heart function i.e. electrically active tissue. Stabilises cell membranes helping movement
of potassium, sodium, calcium+magnesium in+out of the cells generating nerve impulses. Helps
immunity, eye disease, liver+depression.
Muscle bulker, provides energy to muscle cells, then metabolised to creatinine.
Improves heart function. Increases breakdown of fat, producing energy in the cells.
Can be made from arginine. Helps metabolise nitrogen(ammonia). Builds immunity promotes healing and
liver regeneration.
Eleuthero root extract-Siberian Ginseng
Protects immune system, increases stamina+increases resistance to stress. Adrenal gland tonic+general
American Ginseng
Yin tonic. Increases tolerance to general stress, similar but milder to Korean ginseng. Supports adrenal
glands. Cooling. T.M.C.
Korean Ginseng
Increases vitality+stamina. Helps body adapt to stress, fatigue+cold. Increases immune function, and
resistance to infection
Green tea leaf extract
Antioxidant neutralising free radicals. Increases energy, helps with weight loss.
Yerba Mate
Stimulant+source of trace minerals. Produces natural energy withoutinterferring with sleep. Promotes
balanced immune function. Cleanses the blood, tomes the nervous system+curbs appetite.
Increases energy, supports weak immune systems. Is an adaptogen. Regulates+supports the adrenal
glands. Increases energy+endurance
Increases resistance to chemical, biological+physical stressors. Benefits includes antidepressant,
anticancer+protects the heart+nervous system. Enhances energy
Improves memory,mood+alertness.increases physical endurance,maintain stamina+enhances energy.
Fights fatigue, rejuvenates+relaxes the body. Helps release stored fat. Suppresses appetite.


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