The smallest bird in India is Tickell's Flowerpecker is just a little bigger than a normal human thumb. Smallest in the world is the Humming bird.
The Greater Racquet Tailed Drongo is known to mimic about 22 different types Bird Migration
of birds and is known to scare other birds by mimicking the calls of predators.
Birds migrate due to various reasons like better The Tallest Bird in India is Sarus Crane standing at over 6 feet tall and having a feeding grounds, to breed, to find a suitable place to raise their young ones and to escape The fastest bird is the peregrine falcon reaching up to the speed of 320 Migration occurs in thousands as birds feel safein huge numbers and fly in a V shaped formation.
The population of white backed vultures in India has declined by over 90% due This helps reduce the drag of the air currents.
to a cattle medicine called as Diclofenac- It is found in Voveran injections.
Birds are known to migrate long distances in search for better habitats and for food. Arctic terns make a round trip between the poles covering over 38,000 kms.
The Bar headed Geese is the highest flying bird in the world. It can fly over the Himalayas at an height of over 30,000 ft.
Suggested activities
1) Birds need water. You can fill up a shallow tray Nests - Breeding
Birds don't use nests to sleep. But only to lay eggs and bring up WIN PRIZES
their babies. The baya weaver nest is unique in design as it is built You can keep this at home or in the school over water bodies to protect its young ones from predators. It This bird is: ____________
approval, the pair moves into the nest.
Name: ______________
Amol Pendharkar on School: _____________
Email: ______________
grass, leaves to build its nest and it actually



เอกสารอางอิง ประยงค ระดมยศ, อัญชลี ตั้งตรงจิตร, พลรัตน วิไลรัตน, ศรชัย หลูอารียสุวรรณ และ แทน จงศุภชัยสิทธิ์. 2544. Atlas of medical parasitology. พิมพครั้งที่ 5. ก


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