Technical specifications
Electrical characteristics
● Output: 1 changeover volt free contacts Compensated fluorescent tubes // (max. 45 µF) Non compensated fluorescent tubes, compensated in series Major characteristics
● Galvanic insulation between power supply and ● Product delivered with current time and date set. ● Automatic change of winter / summer time Functional characteristics
● Minimum time between 2 steps: 1 minute ● Programming for day or group of days.
● Operating reserve: lithium battery provides ● 56 program steps On, Off or impulses ● Permanent overrides On or Off ( permanent light on). ● The product is set into standby state ● Temporary overrides On or Off ( flashing).
(display switched-off) after 1 minute withpower off. : overrides On or Off between two dates.
It switches back into auto mode as soon as
power is back or when pressing any key.
● Keyboard locking possible . ● Programmable with power off. Environment
auto : mode of running according to the pro-
prog : new for programming mode.
prog : modif to modify an existing
Connection diagram
selection of the winter / summer timechange mode ➁+and- : navigation or setting of values.
- : in auto, mode, selection of overrides,
ok : to validate flashing information
You may return into auto mode at any moment
using menu.
If no action is taken for 1 min, the switch
returns into auto mode.
Program reset:
the program may be completely cleared by simultaneously pressing the 3 following keys:
menu, ok,
. The time and the date will be kept.
pressing simultaneously the -, +, ok, menu, keys lets you clear the entire contents of the
Following a total reset it is necessary to reset the time and day of the device.
Hager Electro S.A.S. - 132, bld d’Europe - BP3 - 67 215 Obernai cedex - Tél. - www.hager.com Programming: prog new
As soon as the key appears on the switch Allows you to override the output, On or Off for a group of days. In this case instructions are Once done, this override will be removed Days: 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday. and will not be carried over to the following A. Permanent override:
using menu then ok.
With + or -, select the state of override: On or
After 10 seconds the program contained in the Off, ok to validate.
key will be executed without clearing the program Enter the day then the month of the starting period (date 1) using + or - then ok.
As soon as the key is removed the program of Enter in the same way the day and the month B. Copy (load) / Save (save):
a period of holidays was programmed.
The key makes it possible to save a program becomes permanent during the period.
contained in the time switch. It is also possible to copy the contents of The override will be effective at 0:00 of the 1. Select the prog mode using menu, then ok.
1. Insert the key and wait for 2 sec.
2. Select the day(s) using + ou -. Validate with ok.
3. ok flashes. Use ok to validate the group.
save to save a program contained in the time
4. Using + or -, select the state of the instruction:
To clear a period of holidays return to the . Press ok to validate the state.
load to load the program of the key into the
mode, press simultaneously the + and -keys.
5. Enter the time of switch-on using + or -.
Clear appears. Confirm with ok.
Validate with ok.
to check the program contained in the key.
6. Enter minutes with + ou -. Validate with ok.
3. Validate the selection with ok.
4. For save and load reconfirm with ok.
Override -
minutes) in the same way as for the switch-on Random operation
no prog: the key is empty, it does not contain any
Program the other instructions of the group of If the state of the output is On:
Error: the key is that of a one-channel switch.
1st pressure: temporary waiver. Off and
The day or the group of days may be modified at the during step 3 by pressing the +, - ou .
● Only the save save is possible.
At the end of programming return to auto mode
● The error message remains on display as long as using the menu button.
2nd pressure: permanent override. On and
the key is present, but in this case the program of In this mode it is also possible to add an instruction to 3rd pressure: permanent override. Off and
are permanent. This override mustbe cancelled manually.
Setting time and day
4th pressure: random operation. Simulation of Winter / summer time change
with menu then ok.
To check the daily profile set up without the risk of Modify the day, month, year, the hour and the minutes using + or - and ok.
using menu and press ok.
The first step of Monday is displayed as well as The time switch next suggests the winter / summer 5th pressure: return to the automatic mode.
Select the type of change desired using + or - .
Validate with ok.
1. Pressing repeatedly + ou - : lets you shift days.
In this case only the first daily step is displayed Entry of override
The type of change depends on the geographical (EG 103E only)
2. Pressing ok: all steps of each day appear one
Makes it possible to remotely set temporary Waivers.
Type Start of time
Start of time
When a 230V voltage is applied using a non change Summer change Winter
of application
lighted push-button on connector 7, the state of Euro Last Sunday
the time switch is reversed until the next pro- Modification or clearing of a program step:
prog modif
Select the prog mode with menu and press ok.
Select the modif mode with + or -.
Validate with ok.
The number of remaining program steps appears keyboard of the time switch may be locked USER Date freely
The first step of the first day or group of days Repeatedly pressing the ok key displays all
Any flashing field (state, hour, minutes) may be * type according defect
modified using + ou -, then validated with ok.
The change always takes place between 2:00 and3:00 a.m. When the cursor is positioned on ok located
behind the group of days, you may display
successively the days or the groups of days and 1. Enter the day then the month of the date of change switch directly to the one that has to be modified of the summer time (+ 1hour) with + or - and ok.
A warranty period of 24 months is offered on hager products, using + or -.
2. Enter the day then the month of the date of change from date of manufacture, relating to any material or manufac- turing defect. If any product is found to be defective it must of the winter time (- 1hour) with + or - and ok.
be returned via the installer and supplier (wholesaler). select the state of the channel (One, Off or press simultaneously + and -.
The time switch will check which days of which - after inspection by hager quality control dept the device is Clear appears on the screen. Validate with ok.
weeks correspond to these dates and will apply found to have been installed in a manner which is contrary to changes to the same periods for the following years IEE wiring regulations and accepted practice within the indus-try at the time of installation.
- the procedure for the return of goods has not been followed.
Explanation of defect must be included when returning goods.

Source: http://www.hagergroup.ae/files_download/user_instructions/EG/resource_app%3DCatDownload_name%3DXP1_EG103E_V_6E6311B_GB.pdf


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