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• ” A recent report by the Acting Chair of the Coroners Council has shown that natural medicines have the lowest fatality rate Consultant Medical Herbalist,
of all medical treatments in this country. Herbal Dispensary & Health Shop
• ” A Swiss study has suggested that Chaste tree (Vitex agnus, castus) may be useful against prostate cancer. Other studies have shown Chaste tree have some effect against other cancers as well. • ” A group of nutritionists in Canada, UK and USA have compared cholesterol levels in patients taking cholesterol lowering drugs to people using cholesterol lowering foods (such as soy, fibre, nuts and plant sterols) and have found the foods are as good as the drugs in lowering cholesterol. • ” Researchers in Hong Kong have found that Metformin (taken for type 2 diabetes) can cause vitamin B12 deficiency. They concluded that people taking high or prolonged doses NEW YEARS
should have their B12 status regularly monitored. RESOLUTIONS
Dental Health
There is increasing evidence that tooth and gum health is linked to general health and poor dental health is associated with digestive problems and even heart Daily brushing with a good toothbrush (electric if possible), flossing and using a mouthwash all help to Propolis has a well-established reputation for improving
dental health. Queen Street Herbalist stocks Comvita
Propolis toothpaste and tooth gel. You can also get
Propolis tincture to use as a mouthwash – dilute half a
teaspoon in 30ml water and rinse your mouth thoroughly. Also useful are Myrrh, Sage and
Aromatherapy oils, or essentials oils have been used for thousands of years for Although there are no magic pills to guarantee easy weight loss, there perfumery and medicine. They are not oils in the same sense as olive, sunflower are a number of herbal products that can help. or other oils. Rather, they are the volatile components of aromatic plants. When Hoodia is a South African succulent that has been shown to have
extracted, they are very concentrated. As such, they are usually used diluted with appetite-suppressing properties. It has been used for centuries by the oils or alcohol, or added to creams, bath gels or soaps. San people of South Africa to avert hunger on long journeys. There are To choose the right ones for you, look at the medicinal properties and then smell various species of Hoodia, Hoodia gordonii is the main one that has them. Smell is a very powerful sense and there is no benefit to using an essential oil you don’t like the smell of, even if it seems like the right one by its actions. Real Hoodia is rare and expensive. Although there are many You can combine essential oils to create your own perfume to add to creams, oils companies that supply Hoodia products, many are adulterated or and so on. In general, aromatic oils are classified into “top”, “middle” or “base” substituted with other plants, or are made from Hoodia gathered from notes, depending on how fast the scent dissipates. Combine all three for a full, the wild, which is putting South African native stocks at risk of Always dilute essential oils before use. Seek medical advice before using if you
Gymnema is an Indian herb that can paralyse your sweet receptors for
are pregnant, breastfeeding, epileptic or are taking prescribed medications.
two or more hours. It also helps regulate blood sugar, so can be very The Queen Street Herbalist has a range of high quality essential oils. helpful in managing eating patterns. Basil (top) Stimulating, uplifting and refreshing, can ease headaches, insect
Chilli and Gingerthere is some evidence that spices such as Chilli
and Ginger can help metabolism and aid fat burning. At the very least, Citronella (top) Insect repellent, refreshing
eating your food hot and spicy means you eat slower, so you may eat Clove (base to middle) Antiseptic, warming, pain-relieving
Cypress (middle to base) Relaxing, good for mature skin, broken capillaries
Ginseng – this improves tolerance to stress and can improve the
Eucalyptus (top) Decongestive, antiseptic, relieves headaches
efficiency of exercise. If you have more energy to exercise, you will be Geranium (middle) Decongestive, good for oily skin, antispasmodic
Juniper (middle) Stimulating, urinary antiseptic, anti-rheumatic
Lavender (middle) Relaxing, sedative, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory
Herbal laxatives and diuretics – avoid these as weight loss aids.
Lemon (top) Refreshing, insect repellent, decongestive
Burning fat is a metabolic, chemical process and body fat cannot be Patchouli (base) anti-fungal, relaxing
excreted via the kidneys or bowel with this type of product. Laxatives and diuretics make you lose water, not fat. If you suffer fluid retention Peppermint (middle to top) Cooling, relieves headaches, relieves nausea,
or constipation, talk to your herbalist or doctor. Pine (middle to base) Decongestant, antiseptic, refreshing
Rosemary (middle) Refreshing, stimulating, improves memory, cleansing
Sweet Orange (top) Refreshing, mood lifting, decongestive
Tea Tree (Australian) (top) Antiseptic, refreshing, anti-fungal
Thyme (top to middle) Antiseptic, anti-fungal, decongestant, stimulating
Ylang Ylang (base) Relaxing, mood lifting, good for oily skin
Consultant Medical Herbalist
Sara Hamer is a qualified and experienced medical Aromatic waters are made during the distillation of essential oils and are herbalist. After completing a four-year course in the UK, essential oils infused in water. As some essential oils are extremely expensive, she worked as a private practitioner and taught on two aromatic waters good alternative to get these beautiful aromas at a reasonable herbal medicine degree courses in London. She is cost. Aromatic waters available at QSH include: available for consultations at the Queen Street Herbalist. Jasmine (base) Good for sensitive skins, uplifting, aphrodisiac
Orange Blossom (base) Good for dry skins, calming, reduces stress
Please call or drop in for an appointment. Rose (base) Antidepressant, calming, uplifting, good for mature skins
Initial consultations cost $50.00; subsequent appointments are $35.00. Herbal remedies are charged additionally.


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Attracting bumblebees and making artificial bumblebee nest sites in the garden Seven species you might meet in the garden Workers hatched early in the year are much smaller than later siblings. White-tailed Red-tailed Bombus terrestris Buff-tailed bumblebee. Bombus lapidarius Red-tailed bumblebee. Bombus lapidarius Bombus terrestris Bombus horortum '

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Alcohol & Alcoholism Vol. 42, No. 5, p. 506, 2007 doi:10.1093/alcalc/agm058 Advance Access publication 1 August 2007 GAMMA-HYDROXYBUTYRATE (GHB)-DEFICIENCY IN ALCOHOL-DEPENDENCE? 23 rue du Depart—BP 37—7 5014 Paris, France (Received 10 January 2007; first review notified 17 January 2007; in revised form 3 March 2007; accepted 28 March 2007; advance access publication 1 August 2007) J

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