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ARVADA Campus Faculty RESOURCES – Spring 2013
Please Notify The Front Desk (303-914-6010) If:
You Are Going To Be Late, Your Class Will Not Be Meeting On Campus, Or In Case Of An Emergency. This Helps Better
Serve Our Students. THANKS!
In Case of Class Cancellation, Call 303-914-6314. When You Call, Please Provide Your Name, Today’s Date, Course Number,
Room Number and that you teach at the Arvada Campus.
Campus Hours
Full-Time Staff
Front Desk 303-914-6010
Jane Banzhaf – Program Assistant I (x6069) Staffed Monday-Thursday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Bobby Asher – Facility Services staff (x 6055) Friday 8:00 am – 6:30 pm (unless Weekend College is in session) Colleen Morris – Administrative Support Services (x6015) Valerie Montoya – Administrative Support Services (x6018) Dan Macy – Academic Advisor & Career Counselor (x6016) For a complete listing of assessment and weekend campus hours Gina Jimenez – Academic Services Coordinator (x6030) Cindy Vadeboncoeur – Assistant Director of Financial Aid (x6021) Musette Sieminski – Arvada Staff George Roerig – IT Technician (x6025) AV Requests
All part-time instructors have a mail box located in our faculty office For AV requests please contact: room 7106. The room is equipped with a computer, printer, scanner, and phone. You can also receive and send interoffice mail. The door Computer Use in the Learning Commons
code is 5420*. Please note that this office space is shared with Financial Aid. The first computer station is for instructor use. If you are teaching All students, faculty and staff please login and logout with our new in the lower building (5400 Miller) there is a copier in that building for Login Computer at the front of the Learning Commons for any service faculty use. Please fill out the attached contact card EACH semester so we have accurate information. Arvada has interoffice mail courier service to the Lakewood Monday through Friday. Academic/Assessment Testing
The Arvada campus staff is happy to administer exams for your Students can order their textbooks and have them sent to the Arvada students during specific times. Instructors MUST check-in with full- Campus free of charge. The staff at Arvada will call the student when time staff to complete Testing Sign-in Sheet in order for the test to be the books arrive. Please let students know if they choose this option to
administered. For questions, contact Gina Jimenez at x6030 or allow at least one week for books to arrive at Arvada. The bookstore phone number is 303-914-6232 or 303-914-6520, website Printing
Please see front desk for instructions on how to order. Please note that Tutoring is available in the Learning Commons. Tutoring hours for the Arvada campus uses Allegra and the Lakewood campus uses Math and the Writing Center will be posted at the entrances of the Learning Commons. Contact Gina Jimenez for further tutoring inquiries at 303-914-6030 or


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Early Boy Scout Camps Garvies Point, Glen Cove, NY (1915-1920) Two Boy Scout camps operated at “Appleby’s Grove” (aka “Appleby’s Woods,”now the Garvies Point Museum and Preserve, in Glen Cove, New York) in theearly 20 Century. The earliest, started in 1915, was known as “Camp Coogan,”and served boys from New York City. The second, called “Camp Gra-Mor,”was constructed

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