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Research &
MDP Courses
 B.E. (ECE; College of Engineering, Osmania University)  Academic Experience: around six years at IIM Indore and XLRI  Industry Experience: over a decade - largely spanning stints in consulting and business development in India, Middle East, Europe and USA. Held leadership positions in India and the UK.  Firm growth, evolution, and Internationalization  Applications of Cybernetics & Complexity in firm growth and decisions under uncertainty  Founding and Sheltering of new ventures  Born Global firms – internationalization paths and processes Publications/ Articles/ Cases:

Journal Papers

 Chandrashekhar, G.R., 2009, Unraveling firm competitiveness: a life cycle perspective; Competition Forum 7(1): 39 – 47 (this article shall also appear in a future issue of Advances in Competitiveness Research)  Chandrashekhar, G.R., 2006, Examining the Impact of Internationalization on Competitive Dynamics; Asian Business & Management 5 (3): 399 – 417  Chandrashekhar, G.R., & Srinivasan, R., 2005, Founding Time and growth of firms; New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, Special issue on Measurements, Fall 8 (2): 21-30  G R Chandrashekhar, 2011, Influence of Founding conditions on Growth of Firms; Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. Saarbrucken, Germany; ISBN 978-3-8433-7949-6
Conference Papers
 Chandrashekhar, G.R., 2011, Research intensity and new venture growth; annual ICSB Global Entrepreneurship Conference, George Washington University, Washington DC, USA  Chandrashekhar, G.R., & Srinivasan, R., 2010, Conceptualizing sheltering for new ventures research; Strategic Management Society research workshop and conference, IIM Bangalore  Chandrashekhar, G.R., & Srinivasan, R., 2009, Conceptualizing sheltering for new ventures research; Society for Entrepreneurship Scholars (SES) annual conference and manuscript boot camp, Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC, USA  Chandrashekhar, G.R., 2004, Reverse Internationalization as a strategic response to Internationalization – an examination of IT Firms; accepted for presentation at the 2004 international conference of the Global Business and Technology Association, Cape Town, South Africa  Chandrashekhar, G.R. & Jain, A.K., 2004, Developing a conceptual foundation for the internationalization process of the firm; Academy of International Business annual conference, Stockholm, Sweden  Chandrashekhar, G.R. & Jain, A.K., 2004, Developing a holistic foundation of growth of the firm; published in the Regional Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research - CD ROM, AGSE – BABSON, Melbourne, Australia  Chandrashekhar, G.R. & Akbar, M., 2003, Theory of growth of the firm: Innovative influences; proceedings of 3rd international conference on entrepreneurship and innovation, University of Central England & IIM Bangalore  Chandrashekhar, G.R. & Akbar, M., 2002, Theory of growth of the firm: Competitive influences; conference volume of 5th biennial conference on entrepreneurship, EDI Ahmedabad
Field Cases

 Darling Pumps Pvt Ltd ------- ECCH – 810-042-1; 2010  Morepen Laboratories – betting on Loratadine ------- ECCH -- 810-043-1; 2010  Ranbaxy Laboratories – a venture turned multinational (2008)  Infosys Technologies – growing with opportunities (2005)  Prologix – a passionate venture (2005)  Trigent – testing waters carefully (2005)
Invited Articles and Book Reviews

 Chandrashekhar, G.R., 2006, A perspective on Viable Systems Model, Power People, 1 (1): 8-9  Chandrashekhar, G.R., 2011, Book Review of ‘Female Entrepreneurship in East and South East Asia: Opportunities and Challenges’ by Philippe Debroux, Asian Business and Management 10(3): 461-462 Homepage/Curriculum Vitae/Downloads: Under construction


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Slutförslag Politisk viljeinriktning för tillämpning av sjukdomsförebyggande metoder i Uppsala- Örebroregionen, baserad på Socialstyrelsens Nationella riktlinjer Antagen av Samverkansnämnden 2012-02-17 Samverkansnämndens rekommendationer och beslut i sammanfattning Samverkansnämnden rekommenderar landstingen att • utveckla hälso- och sjukvårdens sjukdomsfö

The Effects of Low-Carbohydrate versus Conventional Weight Loss Diets in Severely Obese Adults: One-Year Follow-up of a Randomized Trial Linda Stern, MD; Nayyar Iqbal, MD; Prakash Seshadri, MD; Kathryn L. Chicano, CRNP; Denise A. Daily, RD; Joyce McGrory, CRNP; Monica Williams, BS; Edward J. Gracely, PhD; and Frederick F. Samaha, MD Background: A previous paper reported the 6-month compari-

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