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Zabair Rasul
The Chair welcomed everyone present and introductions were made. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING HELD 21 NOVEMBER 2012
Page 1 – The Chair advised that some conversions at Farish House had now been carried out and as a result, two properties with shower conversions had been let. A review of all sheltered schemes is currently taking place for painting and decorating, together with a review of communal furniture. Page 2 – St Peter’s Court: unfortunately customers have been overcharged on the grounds maintenance service charge. This has now been rectified and residents and Bradford Council will share a scheme repayment of approximately £4,000. Members suggested this could be a good case study item for @home newsletter. Farish House replacement washer will hopefully be resolved soon. Item 5.5: grit bins have been ordered, and existing bins are being refilled by estate services. A working group is trying to map where all the grit bins are in the area irrespective of ownership ie Bradford Council, Town Council, Incommunities, other RSLs – it was suggested there were some bins where Councillors have keys for the locks. The LMT will be updated as the meetings progress. Item 5.11: an up-date at the next meeting will be given concerning the
replacement sink at Ashfield Court.
Proposed: Darren Baines
Seconded: Craig Shucksmith
All members present at the meeting agreed to the minutes being a
true record.

It was asked if assistance could be given at Crossflatts as parking tickets
were being issued to residents, workers, Incommunities employees as
they are parking on double yellows; more disabled spaces were needed,
and the yellow lines removed. It was stressed this was a Bradford Council
Highways issues and Incommunities had no control over it. Assistance
should be sought from the Ward Councillors.
Helen Gibson provided a detailed presentation on the Active Citizen’s Project which is currently being undertaken in the Keighley and Bingley area, and Jed Din and Yasmin Ali presented example cases. The aim of the Project is to harness the potential of local residents and young people through greater participation in the local economy and community; to invigorate, support, develop and encourage community organisations to enhance access to local people. It was acknowledged that residents of Craven and Wharfedale have to attend at Keighley. Housing Officers have information to advertise the programme, and adverts are placed in the Keighley News and @home magazine. Current focus is in the Hainworth Wood Road area, and it is hoped in the future that the Addingham/Ilkley areas could be targeted, as it is important to capture the Ilkley kids who have the potential to become homeless. BCCP can provide outreach services but are looking to set out the case for the surrounding areas for the next year. Currently working with schools and to improving engagement through social media outlets. It was suggested that information is provided specifically to foster parents (share contact details between Jed, Jan and Yasmin). Suggested contact was made with Airedale Hospital. GET BRADFORD WORKING – INTERMEDIATE LABOUR MARKET
A verbal presentation by Helen Gibson was provided, giving an expenditure break-down, and a walk-through of the scheme from the customer and employers point of view. The scheme runs from November 2012 to May 2015, so far 102 employers are willing to offer jobs. After care support for a further 12 months from employment brokers to seek further employment will be provided. LOCAL BUGET UPDATE
An update on all the bids was provided. In relation to the Royd House Walk application, the Chair is not happy the project is continuing outside of the application process. In relation to the application for an arbour at Southcliffe House, it was stressed one should be bought which should last, and that local garden centres should be visited, along with Keighley Timber if that was what residents actually wanted. The Director hoped the 2013/14 budget would be presented soon, and there would be better terms of reference for bids. It was suggested no bids should be presented for work which Incommunities should be already doing ie fencing or estate services core business. DATES OF FUTURE MEETINGS AND INTERIM MEETINGS
A proposal was suggested that interim meetings be held during the day within neighbourhoods. The day could start with a walkabout, then meet residents and hold an open forum session, then agree with residents an Action Plan, and ending with an expressions of interest from new LMT members, with a final event of the year being an annual ‘you said, we did’ event. The LMT wished to continue with the format of current agenda, to be held on an evening; however, felt presentations should be reduced and possibly even limiting them to seven minutes, but ensure the presentation is relevant to the agenda. It was suggested that customers are surveyed to find out what they want and what their issues are, then have an open forum in areas where the surveys suggest there is a problem if necessary. It was agreed to offer an incentive for completion and return of surveys ANY OTHER BUSINESS
The residents at Kennedy House would like to know when they are getting refurbished. Information would be provided by the Housing Tracy Tough to email Andrew Mallinson a copy a blank Tracy Tough to feed the neighbourhood information from the February tenants meeting back to the next LMT


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