Technical Bulletin
Delvotest® SP
Test Sensitivity or Detection levels
Delvotest® SP broad-spectrum antibiotic residue test system offers the possibility to verify the presence in milk of a
multitude of different antimicrobial substances. Delvotest® SP may be used in milk quality payment programs. An
indication of the sensitivity of the Delvotest® SP has been given in the Specification sheet of this product. However,
apart from the specified sensitivities for Penicillin-G and Sulfadiazine, a substantial number of other antibiotics,
sulfonamides and inhibitory substances can be detected at or close to the levels such as defined by the Maximum
Residue Level (MRL). The table below shows an overview of the indicative detection levels of Delvotest® SP for
different antibiotic residues.
Delvotest® SP indicative data on detection levels Delvotest® SP in ppb (parts per billion or ng/ml) in commingled rawcow’s milk.
Control time
Fixed reading time
Time of negative control
Between 2 hours, 45 minutes
Colouring yellow
and 3 hours
Technical Bulletin
Delvotest® SP
Test Sensitivity or Detection levels
The data indicated in the table are based upon readings judged as being yellow/purple to purple and are to beregarded as an indication. It is recommended to always confirm positive test results. Variations in incubation times andtemperatures, operators and storage conditions may have an influence on the reading result found. Data in the tablemay be used for validation purposes.
Active ingredient of cattle medication such as antibiotics and sulfonamides.
An indication of the number of different active ingredients that can be detected by agiven method at or below the required detection level.
The lowest concentration at which a drug is still detected by the test, especially atcontrol time and reading time.
Time at which the test agar containing the negative control sample has justchanged to yellow. At this time the best sensitivity for the test system is obtained.
For use without the requirement of running a negative control sample a fixedreading time between 2 hours 45 minutes and 3 hours can be used. This maydecrease the sensitivity for bacteriostatic drugs.
Not sensitive, detection limit above 10000 ppb (ng/ml) (10 For more information please contact:
or our local representative:
DSM Food Specialties B.V.
P.O. Box 1, 2600 MA Delft
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 15 279 4001

Although diligent care has been used to ensure that the information provided herein is accurate, nothing contained herein can be construed to imply any
representation or warranty as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of this inform ation. The content of this document is subject to change without further
notice. This document is non-controlled and will not be automatically replaced when changed. Please contact us for the latest version of this document or
further information.

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