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Abbreviated Crisis Plan
Response to Advertisement Campaign (Mother’s Day 2011)

Crisis Team
In the case of a crisis, contact immediately in the order they appear below:
• Caroline Early, email:, phone: 315.596.0380 • John Magee, email:, phone: 585.905.5638 • Karla Santiago,, phone: 787.374.6793 • Yu Su,, phone: 315.323.1277
Crisis Analysis
On Mother’s Day 2011, Motrin launched an ad campaign regarding baby slings and how our
product could help moms relieve the pain they cause. The ad was not received well and moms
started to bash the company on Twitter under the hashtag #MotrinMoms and Facebook through a
group called “Boycott Motrin”.
Motrin’s Position
“We aim to please our consumers and treat them with the respect they deserve.”
Motrin will stand behind the principle that the customer is always right. The company will apologize for the misunderstanding and will explain that their message was not communicated well through the advertisements. It is of outmost importance that the general public knows the family initiatives that Motrin is involved with, especially the ones related to children and parents. Step 1: • Remove advertisement from the website and write a statement for the website • Email employees updating them on the situation • Publicly apologize through a press briefing • Respond to customers’ comments through company’s Twitter, Facebook and blog • Develop a conversation with audiences through social media and website
Audiences and Messages
- Customers who are moms (this can also appeal to women in general)
- Mothers that use baby holders
- They may also have other children (of different ages) and they may/can use the variety of Motrin products - Single dads as well, because they can also use Motrin and the baby holders o Recognize the usefulness of hands-free baby holders ◦ Recognize that Motrin knows that using those and doing many other things around the house, and in the day-to-day, are all factors of multiple pains. o Sorry for the misunderstanding message ◦ The interpretation of the advertising campaign was not the original message that Motrin wanted to communicate ◦ “Babies bring joy and make life chaotic yet beautiful” ◦ Beautiful chaos also brings intense muscle pains ◦ (Idea: An advertorial piece can be written to address this message) o We are committed to families everywhere across the nation ◦ Trust and respect ◦ Developing the relationship between the brand and the members of the - General Consumer Audience - Parents, single parents, grandparents and other family members - Caregivers – babysitters, nannies and others that care for children • Motrin supports many new family initiatives that are part of Johnson & Johnson • They have a special commitment with “new moms workshops” o (Idea for a program) “New Mommys” program ◦ They help provide items that ease new mothers; especially single moms. ◦ Have an alliance with other Johnson & Johnson brands to provide all sorts • Motrin is there for every member of the family through their products and initiatives • Providing useful information and products to families everywhere
Possible Questions for Press Briefing
• Why did Motrin say in the commercial that baby holders are useless and not in style?
• Were there surveys that stated that these items are not in style?
• Were there medical experts involved to say that these ‘holders’ give moms (and dads)


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