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Laura Jean Healey
+44 (0) 796 775 6621
Camera Assistant /Digital Technician
London Based


All You Need Is Kill
Phantom Assistant / Download Technician
Phantom Gold
Snow White & The Huntsman
Arri 435 (35mm)
World War Z
Arri Alexa & Codex Onboard Arriraw Recorder
Arri Alexa & Codex Studio Arriraw Recorder Codex Portable HD Recorder
Your Highness
Muldiss Darton Productions Ltd. Main Unit Director: David Gordon Green Camera Trainee
Arri 435 (35mm)
Gulliver’s Travels
2nd Unit Director & DOP: Shaun O’Dell SSR Solid State Recorders

Harvey Nichols Christmas Viral ~
Same Dress
Arri Alexa & SxS ProRes Cards
Eram Shoes

Arri Alexa & Sony F3
Lucozade Sport ~ 2012 Idents
Phantom Flex
Tesco ~ Eggs / Call of Duty III
Morrisons ~ Christmas of Dreams
& Wrap
Arri Alexa & SxS ProRes Cards
Kingsmill ~ Maybe, Possibly,
Lettuce & Ham & What Time Do
You Call This?
Arri Alexa & SxS ProRes Cards
Kenco Millicanco ~ Keeley
Arri Alexa & SxS ProRes Cards
Green Peace ~ Hot Wheels (Viral)
Red MX
Benadryl ~ Liquid Capsules
Weisscam HS-2
Burger King ~ Can’t Dismantle
Sony HDW-F900R
Betty Crocker’s ~ Chocolate
Arri SR3 (Super 16mm)
Dow (Viral)
Arri SR3 (Super 16mm)
Toyota ~ SUV
Arri 435 (35mm)
Sony HDW-F900R & Sony HDW-F900
Ministry of Culture ~ Dhow
Arri 435 & Arri 235 (35mm)

Night at the Museum ~ 3D
Red Epic
Fast Freddie, The Widow & Me
Arri D21 & Panasonic P2 Recorder
Holby Blue ~ Series Two
Moving Wallpaper ~ Series One

Burberry ~ Body Campaign

Panavision Genesis & HDCAM-SR
Will-I-Am ~ Three Words
British Fashion Awards 2009
Sony HDW-F900R

Streetwise Opera ~ The Answer to
Arri Alexa & ProRes SxS Cards
Arri SR3 (Super 16mm)
Panavision Genesis & HDCAM-SR

The Checks ~ Hunting Whales
Sony HDW-F900R & 35mm Pro Adaptor
Damien Rice ~ 9 Crimes
Block Party ~ The Prayer

October 2002 – July 2006, Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, London, UK
BA (Hons) Fine Art ~ Pass with First Class Honours
Specialising in 16mm & Digital Film Installation Art Work September 2001 – July 2002, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK
Diploma in Foundation Studies of Art & Design ~ Pass with Merit


April 2007 – July 2007, Technical Change Scheme, Women in Film & Television, London, UK
Mentorship programme with Seamus McGarvey B.S.C.


Metabolic differences between asian and caucasian patients on clozapine treatment

Hum. Psychopharmacol Clin Exp 2007; 22: 217–222. Published online 13 April 2007 in Wiley InterScience( DOI: 10.1002/hup.842Metabolic differences between Asian and Caucasian patientson clozapine treatmentMythily Subramaniam1*, Chee Ng2, Siow-Ann Chong1, Rathi Mahendran1, Tim Lambert2,Elaine Pek1 and Chan Yiong Huak31Institute of Mental Health and Woodbridge Hospital,

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