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Nissan teams up with LeasePlan to take electric Nissan LEAF to the road
LeasePlan first leasing company of ering Nissan LEAF in Europe
On 20 September 2010, LeasePlan and Nissan signed an agreement to cooperate in a European-

wide project to launch the 100% electric Nissan LEAF in 2011. LeasePlan is the first leasing
company to offer the Nissan LEAF in Europe. The car will be mass-marketed globally from 2012

LeasePlan will purchase more than 100 Nissan LEAF electric vehicles from Nissan and will offer them to
its customers in thirteen countries in Europe starting in early 2011 in line with Nissan’s launch plans in those markets. The project will focus on driver behaviour and the operational side of running a fleet of The thirteen countries involved in the agreement are Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. LeasePlan operates a fleet of more than 1.3 million vehicles globally and is therefore the ideal partner in innovative car solutions. LeasePlan’s expertise on the fleet management value chain will provide Nissan “We have done a great deal of research into potential usage patterns for Nissan LEAF, but there is nothing to beat the real-world experience. By exchanging data with industry leader LeasePlan, we will be better able to understand just how eV customers will use their cars,” said Colin Dodge, Executive Vice President,
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Commenting on the announcement, LeasePlan’s CEO Vahid Daemi said: “This agreement with Nissan
is a reflection of our drive for innovation in a changing car landscape and further proof of our corporate responsibility towards the environment. With Nissan LEAF, we will be able to meet our customers’ growing demand for more environmentally friendly modes of transportation.” Concerning LeasePlan Luxembourg, the pre-order was signed today in Brussels, in presence of Bob Walté, Managing Director of LeasePlan Luxembourg, and Leon Dorssers, Managing Director of Nissan Belgium. Last February, LeasePlan Luxembourg launched the first battery charging point for electric vehicles in Luxembourg. As Bob Walté, Managing Director of LeasePlan Luxembourg says: “We delivered
proof of our sense of responsibility in terms of sustainable policy and mobility for the benefit of the whole country. In our true innovative tradition, we are also now the first leasing company that can offer the electric Nissan LEAF in Luxembourg”.
With its compact, highly efficient lithium-ion batteries and powerful electric motor, the five-seater Nissan
LEAF has a range of about 160 km (100 miles – LA4 mode) while a suitable quick charge system can
restore up to 80 per cent of its battery power in just under 30 minutes. Instantly responsive acceleration is matched by a top speed of more than 140 km/h. Best of all, there are no tailpipe emissions, making the compact zero-emission family car the ideal mode of transport for crowded inner cities. Deliveries of Nissan LEAF begin in Europe in the first quarter of 2011.

For more information, please contact:

Nissan Europe SAS:
Mia Nielsen, Manager Design & Technology Communications +33 1 30 13 66 44
LeasePlan Luxembourg:
Cathy Klein, Marketing Coordinator +352 40 44 11 271 Laurent Gouverneur, Sales and Business Development Manager
About LeasePlan
LeasePlan is a Dutch financial institution specialized in fleet management. Since its establishment in 1963, the company has experienced steady growth and now operates in 30 countries, managing around 1.3 million cars. As such, the company is the world leading provider of fleet management services. LeasePlan in total employs over 6,000 people. LeasePlan is owned by Volkswagen Bank GmbH (50%) and Fleet Investments B.V. (50%), an investment company owned by the German banker Friedrich von Metzler. LeasePlan Luxembourg was founded in 1989 and has since developed into the reference on the Luxembourg market, achieving a market share of over 20% within 20 years of existence. With 61 employees, LeasePlan Luxembourg today manages a fleet of some 7,000 vehicles.
About Nissan in Europe
Nissan employs around 12,500 people in its European design, research and development, manufacturing, logistics, and sales and marketing operations. In calendar year 2009, the company sold 498,027 vehicles across 40 markets in Western and Eastern Europe including Russia. Furthermore, the company produced a total of 390,727 vehicles in its Spanish and British plants.
About LeasePlan’ s GreenPlan
GreenPlan is a specific, step-by-step plan by LeasePlan to make fleets environmental y friendly in the long
run. The aim is clear: choose for a better environment and at the same time save on your fleet costs. GreenPlan features the following dimensions: advice (green car-policy, choice of vehicles), reporting (ecological audit, follow up of real CO2 emissions), eco-driving sessions (practical and\or theoretical sessions) or also compensation activities. In addition, this program helps to realize important costs savings since these initiatives have considerable impacts at the level of the fuel consumption, which represents henceforth a huge cost - more than 30 % - for the car fleets management. The implementation of eco- driving sessions allows also reducing other costs factors (accidents, stress by driving). Certified by TÜV Rheinland Group and supported by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), GreenPlan reflects LeasePlan’s belief that companies can play a vital role in the reduction of CO2 emissions, and provides them with the tools that make doing so, easier and more effective than ever.


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