Significant events

Significant events
Image resources
Ned Kelly paintings, Sidney Nolan • View of East Side of Sydney Cove, Port Subject matter: people, objects, places and
Jackson, George Raper (consider also Forms: drawing, painting, printmaking
Duration: 5 to 8 weeks
Edge of the Trees, Janet Laurence and Beyond the frame
View upon the Nepean River at the Cow Pastures, NSW, Joseph Lycett, imageno.22 • The Meat Queue, Max Dupain, image no.8 • Manly Beach – Summer is here, Ethel • Manly Beach - Five Girls on Longboards, • McMahon’s Point Ferry, Streeton, image Outcomes and Indicators

VAS3.1 Investigates subject matter in an attempt to
VAS3.3 Acknowledges that audiences respond in
represent likenesses of things in the world.
different ways to artworks and that there are
• explores subject matter from particular viewpoints different opinions about the value of artworks.
• identifies some reasons why artworks are made, e.g.
• uses symbols suited to the interpretation of different the artist’s personal interest, a work commissioned for a site, a work made to commemorate an event ina community VAS3.2 Makes artworks for different audiences
• recognises that an artist may have a different view assembling materials in a variety of ways.
to an audience about the meaning of a work.
• makes artworks for a certain purpose, site or event.
VAS3.4 Communicates about the ways in which
subject matter is represented in artworks.

• recognises how concepts and the forms of artworks shape the way in which subject matter isrepresented • discusses the artist’s intention and the use of Unit overview:
Students look at artworks that record and interpret Australian history. They discuss how artists
create points of view in the way subject matter is organised and how colour and texture has
been used. The students make drawings, prints and paintings that represent historical events
and Australian icons.
Learning experiences
Teaching notes
Learning experience 1
Appreciating artworks

Image resources
Edge of the Trees by Janet Laurence and • View of East Side of Sydney Cove, Port Jackson, George Raper (consider alsoimages of Sydney Cove by John Eyre,Jacob Janssen, Conrad Martens andThomas Watling) Beyond the frame
View upon the Nepean River at the Cow Pastures, NSW, Joseph Lycett, imageno.22 • McMahons Point Ferry, Arthur Streeton, • Manly Beach – Summer is Here, Ethel • The Meat Queue, Max Dupain, image no.8 • Manly Beach – Five Girls on Longboards,View upon the Nepean River at the CowMcMahon’s Point Ferry, Streeton • Manly Beach – Summer is Here, Carrick • Manly Beach – Five Girls on Longboards, What is the form of each work (e.g. painting,photograph, etc)?What do you think is the function of eachwork? Why did the artist create or record thatparticular scene?What is the artist saying about the people, thetime and/or the place? Discuss how artworks can be a record ofplaces, people and events and also reflect aparticular point of view.
What particular view of history does each work Artists can represent a specific view of history, representing places, people and events in away to give the audience a particular image and order them chronologically.
Look closely at The Meat Queue and Five Girls Discuss clothing, hairstyles etc.
on Longboards:What images or objects in the photographsindicate the period? Extension
Look at View of East Side of Sydney Cove,
Give details of date, media and dimensions.
Port Jackson by George Raper.
reflected in the way the scene is represented.
Look at Edge of the Trees by Janet Laurence Give details of date, media and dimensions.
Edge of the Trees is an installation on the This work is referred to as an installation.
forecourt of the Museum of Sydney. It consists of 29 wood, sandstone and steel pillars and What images, symbols, objects, etc inform the oxide, hair, shells, bones, ash, seeds, spinifex and honey. There is also the recorded sound Which groups of people are referred to in this of Koori voices and cut-out receptacles in the poles containing archaeological fragments What information are we given about their For more information about Edge of the Trees How do View of East Side of Sydney Cove, by Janet Laurence and Fiona Foley, refer to Port Jackson and Edge of the Trees differ in their interpretation of early settlement? and the book Edge of the Trees by DinahDysart (Historic Houses Trust Publication 2000ISBN: 0 949753 71 8).
Learning experience 2
Making collages representing viewpoints of Image resources
Australian identity

• images of First Government House and the Resources
Look at images of First Government Houseand the Union Jack (British flag) which aresymbols of early European settlement inAustralia.
Discuss other objects which could be symbolsof early European settlement (1788-1820).
Select a number of symbols to depict the idea of the period.
Draw, paint or cut from newspapers andmagazines, examples of the symbols.
Arrange and attach these onto a surface(cardboard, paper, etc).
Images photocopied onto transparencies can photocopied images of early settlement into be incorporated into layering of the artwork.
Appreciating: reflecting
Arrange works on a display board and discuss
the different interpretations of the history
provided by each artwork.
Learning experience 3
Designing a new Australian flag

Image resources
• pictures of flags representing different Resources
• screens for printing, printing inks and Refer to different examples of flag designs.
Discuss the different symbols and colours thatrepresent different countries.
Discuss symbols for an Australian flag, e.g.
objects, things, colours, shapes.
In groups of 3–4 students, plan a design for thenew flag. Keep the shapes simple and limit thecolours.
The design can be drawn, collaged (using cut- If screen printing, cut a separate stencil for out shapes of paper and/or fabric) or screen- produce a third colour if the ink is transparentenough.
Appreciating: reflecting
Display the designs. Discuss the effectiveness
of designs in relation to the intentions of each
Learning experience 4
Appreciating artworks

Image resource
Refer to one of Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly Refer to different interpretations of Kelly andhis actions (hero or villain).
How has the artist used his imagination inrepresenting the Ned Kelly story? Refer to distorted figures, use of colour, How has the artist presented Kelly? changed scale and unexpected groupings.
What ideas is the artist expressing about theevent?Is the artist sympathetic?What type of feeling or atmosphere do thecolours give the artwork? Making paintings about historic figures
Identify other historic (Australian) figures.
Create a painting about Ned Kelly or anotherhistoric figure, placing him or her in anenvironment.
Use a variety of textures and layering to createthe landscape, e.g. make rubbings withcrayons on the paper surface then paint overwith watery paint.
Appreciating: reflecting
Write a poem about the figures depicted in
each of the artworks.


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