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For those wool products for which an insect resist treatment is mandatory, This Specification details, for various Insect Resist Agents (IRA), the quantity that must be present on a wool product (as active on the weight of wool) in order for that wool product to bear the Woolmark/Woolmark Blend label. Measurement of the IR agent is done after cleaning and light fastness testing as specified in WOOLMARK TWC-TM28 Insect resist agent – Fastness testing. For those wool products for which an insect resist treatment is not mandatory, Where the product carries an “Insect Resistant” claim, the amount Insect Resist Agent on the wool must be measured and must also meet the limits detailed in this Specification. For bedding and apparel, measurement of the concentration of the IR agent shall be made after the fastness test defined in TWC-TM28 for the appropriate care claim (washable or dry clean only). A product shall be accepted as complying with this Specification CP-4 if the product fulfils the conditions described in the Table below Minimum Concentration after Fastness
as active (ppm or mg/kg)
The methods used to measure the insecticide on the wool are described in WOOLMARK TWC-TM27 - Chemical Assay of Insect Resist (IR) Agent content. Products treated with a combination of the above insect resist agents must be referred to the Woolmark Management Group. New active materials or insect resist products must undergo biological and fastness testing and will be reviewed by the Woolmark Management Group before acceptance.
See appropriate product specification sheet for mandatory or advisory status of requirement. Signifies resistant to Tineola bisselliella (Hummel). Advisory for most products sold in moist, temperate climates. Signifies resistant to Tineola Mandatory for products sold in South Africa. Advisory for products sold in warmer, drier climates such as Central and Southern Europe, USA and Japan. Signifies resistant to Tineola bisselliella (Hummel) and Anthrenus flavipes (Le Conte). Mandatory for products sold in Australia. Signifies resistant to Tineola bisselliella (Hummel), Tinea pellionella (L.), Tinea translucens (Meyrick), Anthrenocerus australis (Hope) and Anthrenus flavipes (Le Conte). Mandatory for products sold in New Zealand. Advisory for products sold in a variety of climates. Signifies resistant to Tineola bisselliella (Hummel), Tinea pellionella (L.), Tinea translucens (Meyrick), Anthrenocerus australis (Hope), Anthrenus flavipes (Le Conte), Attagenus pellio (L.), Attagenus piceus (Oliv.) and Hofmannophila pseudospretella (Stainton). TECHNICAL NOTES:
Level 1 is the basic requirement by MANDATORY or ADVISORY status, however, due consideration should be given to applying IR agents to higher levels where this is advised for regions with specific climatic conditions. In specified countries, the application of IR agent to higher levels is MANDATORY. For rugs and squares, insect resist treatment is an ADVISORY requirement (LEVEL 1) unless there are national MANDATORY requirements. For products sold in Australia (LEVEL 4), South Africa (LEVEL 3), New Zealand (LEVEL 5) must be applied. The rates given in the Table 2 are the minimum effective rate and higher levels are required on Products may also be tested by bioassay according to Woolmark TWC-TM25 after fastness testing according to Woolmark TWC-TM28. NOTES TO TABLE:
It is the responsibility of the user of any insect-resist agent to ensure that the IRA (and its active material) is registered for use in the country in which the wool product is sold. The Woolmark Company is not liable for the use of one or more of the listed products if they are not registered for use in a particular jurisdiction. The Woolmark Company's inclusion of an IR agent on to CP-4 in no way implies that use of these formulations industrially will meet the requirements of various local and national authorities in terms of effluent consents etc. These are local issues that must be resolved from trials carried out by the manufacturer of the agent and the mills using the product. Application levels of IRAs and the initial concentration required on wool products PRIOR to Fastness Testing to meet Woolmark limits are determined by the nature of the product and the method of application. It is the responsibility of the wool processor to ascertain, from the supplier of the IRA, the application levels required to meet Woolmark requirements. Advisory information is also available from the regional office of The Woolmark Company. The Woolmark Company reserves the right to test listed products by bioassay to confirm their effectiveness. The Woolmark Company reserves the right to reject IRAs for ecological or environmental reasons.
ADVISORY Levels of Insect resist products on the wool after fastness testing that correspond to the specified concentration of active material % w/w.
The following Table indicates the minimum concentration of commercial insect resist formulations that must be present on the wool to comply with this Specification (CP-4). These are advisory and are based on the information received from the manufacturers about the % active material in the formulation. The Woolmark Company is not responsible for quality assurance of these formulations or changes in their concentration of active material. Insect Resist Agent
MINIMUM PRODUCT CONCENTRATION: Required Minimum Percentage (Weight/weight) of Insect Resist Agent (AS % PRODUCT) on the Wool following Fastness testing according to WOOLMARK TM 28


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