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Dear Sir or Madam! Good morning/afternoon and welcome to our hotel. We are pleased that you decided to stay with us. If you have spent at least one night in our hotel we kindly ask you to participate in a survey which will help us make your future stay here even more pleasant. The interview will take about 10-15 minutes and is conducted anonymously. 1. How did you arrive to Slovenia? (mark the appropriate answer) 1. By car. 2. By bus. 3. With low-cost airline. 4. With major airline. 5. By train. 6. Other, what: _____________________________________ 2. Where did you hear about this hotel (mark the appropriate answer, more answers possible)? 1. I already knew of it. 2. The Internet. 3. Friends and relatives. 4. Media. 5. Books and guides. 6. Travel agency. 7. Fairs and/or exhibitions. 8. It was part of the travel package. 9. Other, what: ____________________________________ 3. Is this your first visit to this hotel (mark the appropriate answer)? 1. No. → How many times have you visited this hotel in the past? ___________________________ 2. Yes. 4. How many nights are you planning to stay at this hotel: __________ 5. What were the main reasons for your visit to this hotel? (mark the appropriate answer) 1. Rest and relaxation. 2. Visiting relatives and friends. 3. Business reasons. 4. Attending a conference, congress, seminar, other forms of educations. 5. Culture. 6. Fun. 7. Sports and recreation. 8. Health. 9. Religious reasons. 10. Others, what : ___________________________________ 6. Below are listed some statements which refer to the general image of this hotel. For each statement please indicate to what extent you agree with it. »1« means you completely disagree with it, and »5« means you agree with it completely. 1. I think most people have a positive opinion about this 2. The staff in this hotel is friendly towards the guests. 5. The staff in this hotel always put their guests first. 7-8. Below are listed some elements that you might consider when you chose a hotel. We ask you to evaluate them twice. First, please indicate HOW IMPORTANT is each of these elements to you when you chose any hotel (in general) (rate them on a scale »1« - completely unimportant to »5« - very important). Then we ask you to indicate on a scale 1 – 5 to what extent do you agree with the statement that these elements are EXCEPTIONAL or are at the EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH LEVEL in this hotel (where »1« means – I completely disagree, »5« - I completely agree). 1. Clean and tidy hotel (reception area, restaurant, …) 10. Staff understands specific needs of the guests. 11. Additional activities offered by the hotel (sports facilities, 12. Additional activities offered in the local area (possibilities 9. Next, we ask you to rate the general quality of our hotel on a scale 1 -5, where »1« means the quality is very low and »5« - the quality is very high. 10. Was your trip to this hotel organized by a travel agency / another organizer? (mark the appropriate answer) 1. Yes. → Please continue with question 12. 2. No. 11. The next two questions refer to expenses connected with your stay in this hotel. For each of the following statements, please tell us to what extent do you agree with it. »1« means you completely disagree and »5« that you completely agree with the statement. 1. The price of B&B/half board/full board in this hotel is 2. The prices of additional activities offered at this hotel (i.e. prices of food and drink, prices of souvenirs, prices of handcrafted products, prices of excursions, prices of beauty and relaxing programs,.) are favorable. 12. This part of the questionnaire refers to your feelings and comprehension of the value of your stay at this hotel. For each of the following statements, please tell us to what extent you agree wit it. »1« means you completely disagree and »5« that you completely agree with the statement. 1. Overall, staying at this hotel has been very valuable to 2. I have gained a lot of new knowledge and experience. 3. Staying at this hotel is worth every Euro paid. 5. It gives me sense of joy that I have decided to come to 13. In this part of the questionnaire we ask you first to rate your overall satisfaction with your visit to our hotel on a scale 1 - 5. Here »1« means you are completely dissatisfied and »5« that you are completely satisfied. What is your overall satisfaction with your visit to our hotel? 14. Now we would like to ask you to tell us to what extent you agree with the following statements (»1« means you completely disagree and »5« that you completely agree with it). 1. I am pleased that I decided to visit this hotel. 2. Visiting this hotel exceeded my expectations. 3. I will speak highly of this hotel to my friends and 15. Have you had any reason to complain since you have been staying at this hotel? (mark the appropriate answer) 1. Yes.→ Have you filed a complaint? (mark the appropriate answer) 16. On the other hand, have you had any reason to praise this hotel since the beginning of your stay? (mark the appropriate answer) 1. Yes. → Have you expressed your compliments? (mark the appropriate answer) 17. We would like to ask you again to indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements and to what extent on a scale »1« (I completely disagree) to »5« (I completely agree). 1. If I had to decide, I would choose this hotel again. 2. I will recommend this hotel to my friends and relatives. Now a few questions about your holiday or travel: 18. Who is accompanying you on your current visit to this hotel? (mark the appropriate answer) 1. No one. 2. Partner. 3. Family and /or relatives. → How many children under the age of 15 are accompanying you? _____ 4. Friends. 5. Co-workers. 6. Business partners. 7. Other, what: __________________________________________________ 19. When did you decide to stay at this hotel? (mark the appropriate answer) 1. Less than a month ago. 2. 1 to 3 months ago. 3. More than 3 months ago. → Please continue with question 20. 19a. Was it a last minute offer? (mark the appropriate answer) 20. How often do you go on holidays lasting at least 5 days? (mark the appropriate answer) 1. Every few years. 2. Once a year. 3. Several times (2-4 times) a year. 4. More than 4 times a year. 21. How much do you plan to spend per person during your visit to this hotel on the following items? 1. Transportation (plane ticket, bus ticket, taxi, etc.). 7. Entertainment, entrance fees (theatre, cinema, exhibitions, museum). 9. TOTAL expenditure (only if undividable). 22. Do you expect your expenses whilst staying at this hotel to be (mark the appropriate answer): 1. Within what was planned. 2. Higher than planned. 3. Lower than planned. 23. Please name your country of residence: ___________________________ 24. What is your employment status? (mark the appropriate answer) 1. Employed. 2. Self-employed. 3. Unemployed. 4. Retired / renter. 5. Student / pupil. 6. Other, what: ______________________________ 25. Year of birth: _________________________ 26. Gender (mark the appropriate answer): Thank you very much for your time and answers!


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