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Praxis export

This document contains information regarding data format for the above interface. If you need any in-depth information
about any of the fields within MicroMD PM, please refer to the most recent version of the MicroMD PM User’s Reference
This interface requires a key code, and you must instal the MicroMD PM Exports/Imports module from the MicroMD
Installation and Tools disc. For detailed information about installing the MicroMD PM Exports/Imports module, please
refer to your MicroMD PM Software Instal ation Manual under MicroMD PM Add-on Modules. You can find the manual
on the instal ation disc or on the resel er web site. VERSION AND BUILD
The client must have at least the following version and build/release date of MicroMD PM and the interfacing
Version: 6.5 Build/Release Date: 10/22/2009 CONFIGURATION
This section details the specifics used for configuring MicroMD PM for this particular interface. All instructions for this
are in the most current version of your MicroMD PM Software Installation Manual.
On the Additional Modules tab in MicroMD PM, you need to choose the fol owing:
 From the Add-On drop-down, select Praxis import.  Location and file name entered in the Export Path field are mutual y agreed upon between you and Praxis  Place a check mark in the Auto checkbox. Within MicroMD PM, you also need to make sure that you have the Pending Charges List turned on. CONFIGURING THE INTERFACE OUTSIDE OF MICROMD PM
No information required for setup outside of MicroMD PM.
MicroMD PM Setup Specifications for Praxis – Import (HL7) DATA CONTENTS
This interface imports charge information from an HL7 file format.
Sample file: MSH|^~\&|Praxis^Praxis^GUID||MIK^MIK^GUID||20090502203559||DFT^P03|20090502203559-0001-
1108|P|2.3|| |NE
EVN|P03|20090502203559|| |
PID|1|M1001.0|M1001.0||SMITH^ANTHONY^J| 5/12/1971|F| |2843A DELA RUA WAY| (818) 878-6937|(818) 998-
0635|| | 537-82-4412|||||||||||
PV1|1|O|Office^^^Office| | ^PROVIDER^JOE^^^^^^|JOE^PROVIDER^^^^^^^|| | | | | 20090502203559-0001-
FT1|0001|0001||20090502|20090502203559|CG| | 1| | | Office^^^Office| | | | |99213^EST LC 99213 PROB FOC^CPT|
FT1|0002|0002||20090502|20090502203559|CG| | 1| | | Office^^^Office| |466.0^Bronchitis^ICD9~487.1^influenza^I
CD9||||||80100^injection decadron and kenalog^CPT||
FT1|0003|0003||20090502|20090502203559|CG| | 1| | | Office^^^Office| |466.0^Bronchitis^ICD9|| | |17340^injection
decadron and kenalog^CPT||
FT1|0004|0004||20090502|20090502203559|CG| | 1| | | Office^^^Office| |466.0^Bronchitis^ICD9|| | |80003^injection
decadron and kenalog^CPT||

PV1 Patient Visit
Provider Name(Last, First and Middle Initial) PID Patient Identification
FT1 Financial Transaction
Diagnosis Description (can have multiple diagnoses per line, separated by ~) ADDITIONAL NOTES
The patient ID, diagnosis and procedure codes must be valid entries in MicroMD PM. If an invalid patient ID is imported,
the Export/Import icon flashes red in the system tray and does not write the record in Pending Charges table.
MicroMD PM Setup Specifications for Praxis – Import (HL7)


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