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1910 Blanding Street, Columbia, SC 29201 STEROID INJECTION INFORMATION SHEET
You are scheduled to undergo a Steroid Injection. It is advisable to touch base with one of our financial counselors prior to the procedure to determine your out of pocket cost. Please notify our office at least 24 hours prior to the procedure to avoid a no-show charge (803-256-4107). Before you arrive for your appointment: • You are allowed to have a normal breakfast or a light lunch prior to this procedure.
You do not need to reduce your intake of liquids. • You must make arrangements to have someone accompany you who is capable of
driving you home. The procedure may not be done if you do not have a ride. The
numbing medication you will be injected with may temporarily affect the nerves in your
legs, making it unsafe for you to drive.
You must discontinue anti-coagulant drugs as instructed (Please reference list).
Prior to discontinuing these medications you will need to speak to your
cardiologist or prescribing physician to ensure it is safe to do so.
You may take all
other regular medications. Be prepared to inform us of your drug allergies when you
• If you are taking antibiotics or running a fever (greater than 101F), the injection will need
to be postponed until you have finished the antibiotics and no longer running a fever. Please call us ahead of time if at all possible.
This procedure is being performed to decrease the amount of discomfort you have related to the
problem in your spine, hip or leg. It is an x-ray guided injection to calm inflammation. In some
cases, it will take more than one injection to have complete relief of your symptoms, while in
other cases, you will notice complete relief for the first 4 to 6 hours followed by a possible
increase in your symptoms for another 2 days to a week. This is due to the volume of steroid
preparation being injected and the amount of time it takes to be absorbed by surrounding tissue.
To ease the discomfort you may experience, apply cold therapy to the area the first 48 hours,
thereafter you may apply heat if needed or if this provides more relief. You will be given post
injection instructions after the procedure that contains greater detail and instructions.
If you are having an epidural steroid injection, on rare occasions, the epidural will penetrate the
sack around the spinal cord called the dura, and this may result in a headache. If this should
occur, it is easily treated; however, you should let our office know. Within 1 to 3 weeks after the
epidural, you should be able to determine the level of relief obtained from the injection. This
injection may be repeated if partial, but not complete, relief is obtained.
If you have any questions prior to this procedure, please contact our office the day before your
scheduled injection (803-256-4107).
M. David Redmond, MD Ryan A. Wetzel, M.D. Thomas D. Armsey, MD
1910 Blanding Street, Columbia, SC 29201 Anti-Coagulant List for Steroid Injections
Must be stopped prior to injection
Amount of time to stop
Restart after:
All other NSAIDS such as: Advil,Celebrex,Mobic, Ibuprofen,Naprosyn,Relafen,Voltaren, Lodine,


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