Microsoft powerpoint - mel_con eradicating racism

1. Annotate the reading passage.
Put a BOX around the MAIN IDEA.
Underline or circle details to support the main
idea ( names, dates, important events…)
Define words or people you do not know in the
2. Write down the MAIN IDEA and 3 DETAILS
20 points
3. You will write a MEL-Con paragraph based
on the following prompt:
Can a president eradicate racism? 100 points
„ Assuage – to lessen or alleviate
„ (Aleve Aspirin Lessens/ reduces headaches)
„ Mobile gas station automobile
„ Write down the Main Idea and 3 details in the article, “Eradicating Racism Will Take More „ How can we eradicate racism?
„ Why should racism be eradicated?
„ What has been done in the past to
eradicate racism?
„ Assuage the fears of white voters
„ Limit struggles
All of these „ Do not challenge white privilege (laws,
„ Organize and mobilize social power of
VERBS/ oppressed people
ACTIONS„ Alter actions/ become activists
„ Empower the forces
„ Build a new independent Civil Rights
In Evidence
Detail #1
Use A.W.E
A 2 sentence explanation
of detail #1
Detail #2
A 2 sentence explanation
of detail #2
Detail #3
A 2 sentence explanation
of detail #3


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