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Đề thi tuyển dụng FPT – ENGLISH TEST A - đề số 3
50 questions
Look at the table below and match the opposites. An example is given.
0. Married _____C_____
A. Female
1. Neat __________
2. Bright __________
C. Single
3. Important __________
D. Trivial
4. Male __________
E. Untidy
5. Natural __________
6. Public __________
G. Artificial
7. Strong __________
8. Tall __________
I. Private
9. Close __________
10. Wrong __________
K. Far away
11. Fat __________
12. Hungry __________
Questions 13-22: Circle the odd one out. An example is given.
0. A car B motorbike C bicycle D paper __D__
13. A wine B beer C lemonade D whisky
14. A dog B horse C cat D sandwich
15. A job B vegetable C fruit D meat
16. A bananas B rice C oranges D apples
17. A peas B mushrooms C eggs D beans
18. A bread B tea C salad D tomato
19. A sausages B rugby C tennis D basketbal
20. A pasta B piano C tomato D potato
21. A uncle B aunt C nephew D father
22. A eyes B hair C fish D beard
Read the fol owing text and choose the best answers (A,
C, or D) for questions 23-27.
There are many causes of headaches, and most people suffer them at some time or other. Although doctors have come a long way from the old days, when headaches were ascribed to evil spirits and treatments ranged from cutting our part of the skul to concoctions of cow brain and goat dung, they are stil not sure what sets off headaches. The most significant advance has been the acceptance that they are not the result of emotional stress. Until recently, many doctors thought that imbalances in the body’s systems were to blame, but experts now believe it is the brain itself. They point to malfunctioning chemicals, such as serotonin, whose job it is to send messages to regulate the contraction and dilation of blood vessels in the brain. Monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer used in Chinese cooking, can cause headaches in some people, as do many other common foods. Red wine, aged cheese, coffee, chocolate, nuts, and preserved meats contain nitrates, caffeine, and tyramine, chemicals that may produce pounding headaches. Even though the exact culprit has yet to be found, there are plenty of treatments for prevention or cure. Over-the-counter preparations such as aspirin are fine for treating the occasional headache, but often exacerbate severe cases. Beta blockers, usual y used for lowering blood pressure, seem to head off migraines. Antidepressants are effective, too. But doctors also recommend non-drug treatments such as relaxation techniques, which can be used in combination with medication, and diet modification, to cut out foods that cause attacks. 23. According to the passage, many years ago, one way doctors tried to cure
headaches was by …
A praying to spirits.
B sacrificing cows and goats.
C operating on the patient’s head.
D writing prescriptions.
24. It is no longer believed that headaches are caused by …
A emotional stress.
B malfunctioning chemicals in the brain.
C certain kinds of foods.
D contraction and dilation of blood vessels.
25. According to the passage, doctors now believe that headaches are related to …
A imbalance in the body’s systems.
B chemicals in the brain.
C emotional stress.
D high blood pressure.
26. According to the passage, beta blockers can be used to .
A treat migraines.
B cause migraines.
C contract blood vessels.
D treat depression.
27. According to the passage, severe headaches cannot be successful y treated by

A beta blockers.
B aspirin.
C relaxation techniques.
D serotonin.
Match the statements (28-34) and replies (A-H). An example is given.
0. Carol real y liked the film.
A She can’t either.
28. She’l love the party.
B I would too.
29. I won’t eat there again.
C Neither do we.
30. We can’t stand discos.
D So did Julian.
31. I’d rather go to the cinema.
E They didn’t either.
32. She doesn’t mind opera.
33. We didn’t enjoy the play.
G Daisy wil too.
34. Anita is fond of Chinese food.
H Neither shal I.
Most of the lines in this text contain an unnecessary word. A few of the lines are correct. Read text careful y, find the extra words and mark them. Tick (ü) any lines that are correct. Two examples are given. 0 I wanted to go abroad for two reasons: to prove I could ___ü___
00 live on my own and to give myself lot more time to think ___lot___
35 about what I had wanted to do with my life. In the end, I
36 decided to go to Germany as an au pair because of my
37 German was quite good and because it wasn’t too much
38 far away if I did got homesick. I stayed for a year. Some
39 days it was fun but others I wished for I was at home
40 with my mother looking after me. It was quite a boring
41 most of the time. I had to look after a three-year-old
42 boy and do some of housework. I also had to babysit
43 three times a week and work al day Saturday as wel as.
44 My only day off was Sunday, which it is not the best
45 day of the week to be free. Some au pairs’ families who
46 help pay for their classes and travel but mine didn’t and
47 I found that it impossible to live on the pocket money
48 what I got and I had to ask my parents for help. But it
49 wasn’t al bad. I made new friends and my German
50 improved a little.



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