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Seventh Annual SC Upstate Research Symposium
April 15, 2011 – held at Milliken & Company Registration, Poster Set-up
Opening Remarks: Sebastian van Delden
Keynote Address: Dr. Nancy Trun, Duquesne University
Breakout Sessions 1,2,3,4,5
Education and Pedagogy
Breakout Session 1, 9:30-10:15
Session Chair: Monika Shehi, Lander University
Improving Locus of Control in Recovering Addicts Receiving Art Therapy
Amanda Cheek and Geri Hurlburt
New Dance Moves: Perspectives on Integrating the Arts into Pre-Service
Teacher Training
Lee Vartanian and Amber Scates
Teaching Movements in Literature in a Proper Timeline
Jillian Wenberg and Celena Kusch
Rationale for Teaching Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn Word-for-Word
Jena Rowland and Celena Kusch
How Do You Want Me To Write This Paper?: How First Year Writers
Negotiate Their Entry in Academia
Monika Shehi
Wars of the Twentieth Century
Breakout Session 2, 9:30-11:05
Session Chair: Gary C. Cheek, Spartanburg Methodist College Tiger Tanks used during “the Battle of the Bulge”
Andrew King and Gary C. Cheek
M-16 and AK-47: Performance in Vietnam
Stokes Smith and Gary C. Cheek
Nuclear Weapons and Socio-political Perceptions about Warfare in the 20th
Joshua Holmes and Gary C. Cheek
“Civilized Chaos:” The Seduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Robert Gillian and Gary C. Cheek
The Second Coming of Wrath: President Truman’s Decision to Drop the
Atomic Bomb
Jeffery Cook
African American Studies
Breakout Session 3, 9:30-11:05
Session Chair: John Hart, Sherman College Racial Disparities in the Risks for Cardiovascular Disease in the HIV
Calvin Odhiambo
Breast Cancer Fear, Fatalism and Spirituality in African-America Women
Danielle Harris and Lynette Gibson
Blood Pressure Changes in African American Patients Receiving
Chiropractic Care from Chiropractic Interns: A Pilot Study

Rochelle Delain and John Hart
Metaphors of “Hearts Blood” and “Home:” Black Bourgeois Selfhood and
the Transformation of the Laboring Body
Colleen O’Brien
Renee Stout: Connecting Reality and Ritual
Sierra D’Amato and Rachel Snow
Faith and Society
Breakout Session 4, 9:30-11:05
Session Chair: Lee Kizer, Southern Wesleyan University Christian & Muslim Mystics: Points of Contact & Difference
Craig Kubias
Becoming like God through God’s Commandments: Plural Marriage as a
Religious Principle
Elizabeth Anthony
Making Life and Death Decisions
Richard Barnett and Lee Kizer
Faith and Change Management
Jeff Moffett and Lee Kizer
Your Faith has Made You Well: An Examination of the Conflict between the
State and Faith Healing
Jan Enabore and Calvin Odhiambo
“Authentic Pedagogy”
Breakout Session 5, 9:30-11:05
Session Chair: Carmen Harris, USC Upstate Promoting Student Research through Authentic Historical Pedagogy
From Africa’s ‘Happy Seat’: Phyllis Wheatley, Poet
Jenny Moore-Snipes and Carmen Harris
The Mother of Freedom: Elizabeth Freeman
William Neely and Carmen Harris
1855 Massachusetts State Law Ends Racially Segregated Public Education
Danny Lee Willard and Carmen Harris
“You have libeled my state, and slandered my relation, … and I feel it to be
my duty to punish you for it”: The Summer-Brooks Affair of 1856
Melissa Louzri and Carmen Harris
Poster Session, Coffee-Break
The Changing Face of Hyla in the Piedmont
Chelsea Kross, Joel Price, Carl Alexander, and Melissa Pilgrim Morphological Variation in Floral Traits between Co-occurring Interfertile
Silene Species in Yunnan, China
Morphological Variation in Leaf Traits between Co-occurring Interfertile
Silene Species in Yunnan, China
Southern Field Crickets (Gryllus rubens) do not Respond to the Chemical
Cues of Wolf Spiders
Small Mammal Community Structure in Urban Greenways
Joshua Johnson, Rebecca Lever, and Jonathan Storm
Cytotoxicity Studies of Carbon Nanoparticles
Pengju Luo, Ya-Ping Sun, June Luo, and Jia-Hui Liu Acid Production in the Oral Cavity after Swirling Corn Oil
Jan Patton, Bryan Splawn, and David Pittman
Mathematics and A Robust Decision Support Model for Generating Clinical Knowledge of
Patients Diagnosed with Chronic Diseases
Analytical Solutions of Some Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Finite Difference Solutions of Reaction Diffusion Equations
The Study of Peristaltic Transport in a Non-Uniform Channel using
Perturbation Technique
Visual Detection of Objects in a Robotic Word-Area using Hand Gestures
Resurrecting the Dead: The Decline of the Dead Sea as an Environmental
A Comparison of Forgetting Curves in Humans and Rats
Spartanburg Day School, Converse College Buspirone’s Effect on Licking Behavior to Tastants in Rats
Caroline Liddy, David Pittman, and Hunter Rackett The Effect of Experimenter Attire and Perceived Personality on
Katherine Howells, Kim Purdy, Stefanie Keen, Leigh Lehman, and Jan Griffin BrailleSC: The Possibilities are Endless
Cory Bohon, Tina Herzberg, and George Williams Help-Seeking Behavior by College Students: Effects of Type of Instructions
and Difficulty of Task

Toni Puleo, Stefanie Keen, Leigh Lehman, Jan Griffin Family Ties: The Mediating Role of Hostility in the Relationship Between
Parental Attachment and Depression
Demetria White, Kayla Duncan, Teresa Herzog, and Crystal Hill-Chapman Effects of Advertising Icons on Visual Memory
Julie Tjhung, Crystal Hill-Chapman, Ronald Murphy, Brad Talbert, and Chancellar
World Psychiatry
The Benefits of Prior Exposure to Persons with Physical Disabilities
Sydney Brown, Stefanie M. Keen, Leigh A. Lehman, and Jan Griffin Spartanburg in 1911: Crime and Punishment in the Community
Creative Performances, Converse Dance
Breakout Sessions 6,7,8,9,10
Breakout Session 6, 1:15-2:30
Session Chair: Ruth Morris, Greenville Technical College Henry Ossawa Tanner
Kaysha Richardson and Rachel Snow
The Outsider Art Project
Gena Robinson, Jessie Stanion, Lorraine Urbina, Ashley Dunbar, Andrew Motter,
Clinton Keels, Joshua Riley, C. Dakotah Osborn, and Ruth Morris Portrait as Process: Andy Warhol’s Polaroid to Silkscreen Method
Visual Literacy in Graphic Design: Distilling the Visual Chaos
Justin Ryon, Erin West, and Lisa Anderson USC Upstate Faith in History
Breakout Session 7, 1:15-2:30
Session Chair: Mark Gibbs, Spartanburg Methodist College Clement of Rome’s Concept of “Canon”
Mark Gibbs
Perpetual Ascent and Universal Salvation: Presenting the Ideas of
Epektasis and Apokatastasis in Gregory of Nyssa
“Pre-existence:” Origin on the Manifestation of the Human Soul
Ignatius’ View of the Role of the Bishop
Women’s Studies
Breakout Session 8, 1:15-2:30
Session Chair: Esther Godfrey, USC Upstate A Content Analysis of Sexual and Relational Health Messages for Women
Who have Sex with Women
Andrea Davis and Sandra Faulkner
The Woman in White and Nineteenth-Century Asylum Reform
Narrative Correction of the Atypical Female Role in The Woman in White
The Married Women’s Property Act and The Woman in White
Natural and Health Sciences
Breakout Session 9, 1:15-2:30
Session Chair: Jonathan Storm, USC Upstate
Subcellular Localization of Ryanodine Receptor 3 in the Skeletal Muscle of

the Mouse
Guangming Wu
Temperature Readings of the Upper Neck and Health Perception
What Stimulus Factors Influence Guided Skill Learning in Rats
Hannah Rapport, Thien-An Le, and Alliston K. Reid Investigating the Effectiveness of Wormseed Oil in the Treatment and
Suppression of Hymenolupis diminuta Infections in Rats
Kala Downey, Sarah Jones, and Edna Steele Business and Technology
Breakout Session 10, 1:15-2:30
Session Chair: Muhammad Hameed, USC Upstate Measuring Brand Development Effectiveness
Lynn McGee
Entrepreneurship Education: Attitudes, Workshops, and
Adding Innovation to the Spiral Software Development Model
Quantifying the Tower of Hanoi Graphs


Coffee Break
Breakout Sessions 11, 12, 13, 14
Breakout Session 11, 2:45-3:45
Session Chair: Susan Hodge, USC Upstate
“Dinner with the Big Bad Wolf:” M.F.K. Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf
Gillian Gurish and Erin Templeton
“Living Literature” and the Little Magazine of the Twentieth Century
Anatomy is Not Identity: Food, Eating, and Margaret Atwood’s The
Handmaid’s Tale

Truth and Fiction: Two Short Stories and a Memoir
Breakout Session 12, 2:45-3:45
Session Chair: Marilyn Knight, USC Upstate On a Thursday
Joe Bodie and Marilyn Knight
Moments in Time
Melting Pot
Breakout Session 13, 2:45-3:45
Session Chair: Monika Shehi, Lander University
Grits and Rice: Challenges & Experiences of Chinese Students in Upstate

South Carolina
Shunwen Cheng, Jiaxin Li, Yueshu Wu, Deryle Hope, and David Marlow
South Carolina with a Spanish Accent: Hispanic Immigrants in Walhalla,
South Carolina
Hispanic Literature for Children and Young Adults: Don’t Think of
Teaching Hispanic Culture without It

Social and Domestic Issues
Breakout Session 14, 2:45-3:45
Session Chair: Crystal Hill-Chapman, Francis Marion University Braille and the Brain
David Pruitt, Tina Herzberg, and George Williams
The Strength of Silence: Actualization within Depictions of Deafness in 19th
Century Literature
The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence
Bobbi Jo Wilson, Stefanie Keen and Jennifer Parker 3:45-4:15
Student Awards, Closing


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