The sensitivity of body growth in epiphyseal growth plate, liver and muscle of SD rats were significantly enhanced by treatment with fermented soybean products (chungkookjang) through stimulation of A Silkworm Pupa Peptide-Containing Preparation for Obesity Control Rapha diet®, a Combinational Preparation for the Improvement of The effect of Korean traditional Jeotgal (anchovy, shrimp, squid, changnan) on MPTP(1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydro-pyridine)- induced neurotoxicity in miceKorean traditional Jeotgal (anchovy, shrimp, squid, changnan) improves learning and memory impairments induced by scopolamine in rats.
Anti-inflammatory effect of Porphyra tenera extract on LPS-induced inflammation in Raw 264.7 macrophages and LPS-injected mice Anti-hyperlipidemic effect of an extract of fermented aged red ginseng in Mathematical Distinction in Action Potential between Primo-vessels and Effects of Ponciri Fructus and Aurantii Fructus Immaturus on the Gastric Regulation of TGF-beta signaling by atypical MAPK ERK5: therapeutic application of ERK5 inhibitor for the lung fibrosis Effects of different concentrations of dietary fat on neuronal damage in experimentally induced transient cerebral ischemia Neuronal damage and gliosis in the somatosensory cortex induced by various durations of transient cerebral ischemia in gerbils Change pattern of PSD-95 immunoreactivity in the gerbil hippocampus Tanshinone I treatment protect against ischemic neuronal damage induced by transient cerebral ischemia via appropriate balance maintenance between pro-oxidants and antioxidantsIn situ location of Human Wharton’s Jelly-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cytokine treatment reduce radiation-induced damage to salivary glands The effects of h9MSCs transplantation in MI nude mouse model Comparison among GGEx16, GGEx18 and gambitongseong powder for GGH(4) modulates the expression of lipid oxidative genes C2C12 in Effects of Sauaeda asparagoides MIQ Extracts on the Gastric Antrum are different according to parts, solvent and extraction method Effects of Selenium on the Adipocyte Hypertrophy and Abdominal Fat Accumulation in OLETF Rats via Induction of Fatty Acid β-Oxidation Effects of Melamine in Combination with Cyanuric Acid on Embryo-Fetal Silver Nanoparticles Induce Apoptotic Cell Death in Cultured Rat Cerebral Davallialactone Protects Against Acetaminophen Overdose-Induced Liver EFFECT OF ODOR EXPOSURE ON THE EXPRESSION OF NITRIC OXIDE The efficacy of a novel G-protein coupled receptor 119 agonist, HD0471042, on obesity induced type 2 diabetic animal models Effects of bisphosphonates on rat cardiac monophasic action potential Toxicological Study of Freeze-dried Allomyrina dichotoma Larvae by Oral Gavage to Sprague-Dawley Rats for 4 weeks A novel G-protein coupled receptor 119 agonist, HD0472020, contributes to glycemic control in obesity and type 2 diabetic animal models Quantitative determination and pharmacokinetic study of novel G-protein coupled receptor 119 agonist by high performance liquid Comparison of the mitigating effects between intra-venous and intra- bone marrow injection of mesenchymal stem cells for radiation-induced TOXICOMETABOLOMICS APPROACH TO INVESTIGATION OF BLACK GINSENG ON PREVENTION OF ACUTE HEPATITIS IN SPRAGUE DAWLEY Single- and repeated-dose toxicities of Acanthopanax Senticosus Radiation-induced hematopoietic damage model in ICR mice Toxicometabolomics Study for Prediction og Hepatotoxicity by Korean red ginseng ameliorate spermatogenesis impairment by The Intra-lab Validation Study of the Reconstructed Human Corneal Epithelium Model as an Alternative Method to Eye Irritation Test Establishment of hepatocyte differentiation in pig stem cells Twenty-eight-days Repeated Oral Toxicity Study of Golden Gelatinous Sorghum Bran Extract and Its Reduction Effect of Body Fat in Rats Fabrication of a biodegradable xenoantigen-free rat liver scaffold for Osteocalcin and Parathyroid Hormone Receptor as Osteogenic Specific Transcripts Expressed during Osteogenesis of Mouse Adipose Tissue- Derived Adult Stem CellsThe histological study about the burn caused by moxibustion using the Gentamicin-induced Bilateral Vestibulopathy in Rabbits: Vestibular Effect of SOCS-1/3 Overexpression on Radioresponse and MMP-2, p21, and COX-2 Expression in Cervical Cancer Cells Effects of Calcium on Formation of Preneoplastic Lesions in the Colon of The effects of Eleutherococcus senticosus extracts on the acute kidney injury induced by hepatic ischemia-reperfusion in rats.
Effects of Calcium on Formation of Aberrant Crypt Foci in Experimental Studies on the effects of ethyl pyruvate on liver and kidney injury induced by hepatic ischemia/reperfusion in the rat Repeated dose 90-day oral toxicity of 20nm, negative charged Zinc Oxide Repeated dose 90-day oral toxicity of 20nm, positive charged Zinc Oxide Effects of Baicalin on the acute liver and kidney injury induced by hepatic 저선량률 방사선의 면역 싸이토카인 활성 효과 : 정맥 투여된 림프종세포의 신체내 암 발병과정에 미치는 영향 C57BL/6J 마우스 골수세포 염색체 선량-반응도 TGF-β inducible early gene 1 knockout mice exhibit resistance to Immunomodulatory effect of mixture intake of Gigantic angelica and Transmission characteristics of Korean avian influenza virus subtype H9N2 Essential role of Toll-like receptor 4 in Acinetobacter baumannii-induced Development of novel vaccine candidates for Mycobacterium tuberculosis involved in Phagosome Maturation Arrest (PMA) The prevalence of Cryptosporidium muris in captured wild rodent in Antioxidant effect of shell extracts from Styela clava Tunics on the HepG2 Suppression of Infectious bronchitis transmission in nucleic-acid hydrolyzing antibody producing genetically modified chicken Anti-inflammatory effects of PDE4 inhibitor in respiratory bacterial Supplementation of M2e antigen to AIV H9N2 inactivated vaccine and its Avian influenza A virus replication is inhibited in chicken Y-lectin Intradermal injection of inactivated avian influenza vaccine elicits antibody The prevalence and characterization of Murine Norovirus in captured Effect of bee venom on the growth of Trichomonas vaginalis Hair cells of circling mouse do not uptake of gentamicin and FM1-43.
Rgs19 regulates mouse palatal fusion by regulation of cell proliferation Effects of Jazf1 overexpression on diet-induced obesity and lipid Gestational Loss and Growth restriction by angiogenic defect in PlGF Protective role of NAD(P)H:quinine oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1) in cisplatin- Enforced expression of Roquin in T cell Exacerbates The Incidence and Regulation of inflammatory responses and fibroblast-like synoviocyte apoptosis by calcineurin-binding protein 1 in mice with collagen-induced arthritisIn vivo efficacy of HD-047703: a novel GPR119 agonist for the treatment Over-expression of Cathepsin S in Mice Reduces Body Weight Gain and Insulin-signaling related gene expression in the brain of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease monkey model induced by intracerebroventricular injection of streptozotocinEstablishment of Parkinson’s Disease Model with MPTP in the A novel small molecule gluocokinase activator HD061140 improves glycemic control in animal models of type 2 diabetes Aged black garlic extract inhibits the expression of adipogenic regulators and reduces adiposity in 3T3-L1 adipocyte cells A novel Gli2 mRNA transcript variant in human bladder cancer cell line Production of transgenic cloned pigs and analysis of transgene integration chromosomal sites in transgenic cloned pigs by fluorescence in situ hybridizationReproductive performance and transgene transmission ability of EPO Essential role for Aminopeptidase P1-mediated metabolism in body and Behavioral phenotyping of chronic non-social stress models in mice.
High animal-fat intake enhances prostate cancer progression in early stage of TRAMP mice by reducing GPx3 expression Alteration of gamma-secretase expression in the APPsw/TMP21 double Phenotypic analysis for utilization of hIDE(human Insulin Degrading Mice hypomorphic for RalBP1 display reduced seizure threshold and Platelet-rich plasma limits the nerve injury caused by 10% dextrose in the The Effects of Platelet-rich Plasma in Chondroitinase-induced Genotoxicity assessment of freeze-dried Tenebrio molitor Introduction of IVIS spectrum CT and photogenic Tg rat in DGMIF-Lac The Possibility of Applying Moribund in the “Korean Standards and Specifications for Veterinary Biologics” The Effect of Acanthopanax Senticosus fermentation products on Liver Function in Carbon Tetrachloride and D-galactosamine Induced Hepatitis ModelSynthesis and Application of Radiolabeled Gold Nanoparticles for In Vitro Genetic Toxicology Studies with Diammonium hexanitratocerate (CAS No. 16774-21-3) and 1,3-Propanesultone (CAS No. 1120-71-4) Genotoxicity Tests on 3-Methoxypropanoic acid methyl ester, Introduction of laboratory animal facility of Gyeonggi Natural Products Receptor interacting protein 2 (RIP2) is not essential for OVA-induced Anti-Obesity Effect of ethanol extract of Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Establishment of physiological and microbiological status for animal

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SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION/504 PLAN & MEDICATION ORDERS Birthdate: Allergy History: Skin testing indicates allergy Date of Last Reaction : Other Allergies: Student has Asthma (increased risk factor for severe reaction) Anaphylaxis (Severe allergic reaction) is an excessive reaction by the body to combat a foreign substance that has been eaten, injected, inhaled or

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