Specification Sheet
The XTS® 4000 is the ideal solution to help maintain order and ensure secure communications in surveillance covert type operations. Designed to resemble the appearance of today’s consumer communication devices, the XTS 4000 allows agents to blend right into the crowd. Our digital, Project 25 portable radio delivers high quality communication in a light and discrete package for those critical undercover applications.
features and Benefits:
– Channel & Zone Selection – Talk & Listen Talk group calls • Supports 9600cc Trunking, 3600cc Trunking, • Includes multikey and OTAR (Over the Air ReKey) • Utilizes Windows-Based Customer Programming – Supports USB and RS-232 communications – Built in FLASHport support • Supports vibrate mode and silent mode Specification Sheet
tranSmitter – typical performance SpecificationS
Operating Frequency Accuracy** (-30°C to +60°C; +25°C Ref.) receiVer – typical performance SpecificationS
Frequency Stability** (-30°C to +60°C; 25°C Ref.) antennaS for aStro Digital XtS4000
frequency range
part number
* Refer to XTS4000 ANTENNA List** Measured in DIGITAL mode per TIA/EIA IS 102.CAAA Specification Sheet
raDio moDelS
(136-174 mhz)
(380-470 mhz)
• 1 line of icons • 1 line of text • 14 characters per line Main Display: • RGB Color • 2 lines of icons • 4 lines of text (including menu line) • 14 characters per line with dynamic resizing • Dim & Auto-Light Timer – Controls brightness for Caller ID & Main Displays – Available settings: High, Low, and Off encryption
ADP, AES, DES, DES-XL and DES-OFB, DVP-XL 48 common Key Reference (CKR) Encryption Keys 16 Physical Identifier (PID) Encryption Keys CFB – Cipher Feedback XL – Counter Addressing OFB – Output Feedback National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved random number generator Tamper protected volatile or non volatile memory *** Does not include Antenna height. Note that the depth with a battery assembled is 1.36” (not 1.17” + 0.43” = 1.60”, although this difference may be considered insignificant and certainly errors on the conservative side). Specification Sheet
BatterieS for aStro Digital XtS4000
Battery part
Battery capacity / type
Dimensions (hxWxD)
enVironmental SpecificationS
portaBle military StanDarDS 810 c, D, e & f
mil-StD 810c
mil-StD 810D
mil-StD 810e
mil-StD 810f
method proc./cat.
method proc./cat.
method proc./cat.
method proc./cat.
* Military Standards specify a single procedure for this test.
** Storage temperature range of radio without battery is -40°C to +85°CSpecifications subject to change without notice.
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Source: http://www.otc.kz/uploads/posts/XTS4000.pdf


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