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Attempt all 50 questions, each question carries 02 marks. There is no negative marking. Please mark the correct answer as A/B/C/D at appropriate place, on the right hand side of the question, in blue or black ink. Q.1 Genetically modified species of papaver namely papaver braceatum and papaver oriental Q.2. A β- lactamase inhibitor which contain an 1- Oxopenam structure is (A) Tazobactam Sodium Q.3 As per drug and cosmetic Act and Rules, the GMP is included under schedule :- Q.5 Predominantly IR Spectroscopy is studied in the region of (A) 1.5 to 15µ Q.6 In multistation punching machine the upper as well as lower punches are connected by Q.7 Cyclohexane can used as a solvent in UV spectrophotometric analysis because- (B) Energy requirement for σ – σ * is in the range of 120 -200 nm Q.8 A natural product derivative developed as an antimalerial is Q.9 Number of peaks shown by diethyl ether in an NMR spectrum are Q.10 The ratio of void volume to the bulk volume of the packaging of the powder is called as Q.11 A drug which has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet activity is Q.12 Derivitisation technique in HPLC are involved to enhance (A) Measure the pharmacological activity of drug (C) Detect the impurity in a given drug (D) Screen for pharmacogenetic influences of new drug Q.14. Safranin is used as reagent to detect Q.15 A water soluble substance used as coating material in microencapsulation process is- Q.16 The breakdown of fibrin is catalyzed by Q.17 Risk of digitalis toxicity is significantly increased by concomitant administration of Q.18 A NDDS which is compose of phospholipids that spontaneously form a multilamellar concentric bilayer vesicles with layer of aqueous media separating the lipid layer is Q.19 Rotation of electrons about the proton generates a secondary magnetic field. The proton is said Q.20 Dragendroff’s reagent does not give positive test with Q.21 Chemical shift is expressed in one of the following Q.23. Browne’s tubes are most commonly used chemical indicators for Q.24. Precursor for biosynthesis of tropane alkaloids is Q.25. Commonly used antioxidant for oil systems is Q.26. Staphylococcus aureus is used for IP assay of Q.27. Bulking agent used for parenteral preparation is Q.28. Mechanism of action of digitalis is (A) Decrease intracellular sodium concentration (C) Decrease release of calcium from sacroplasmic reticulum (D ) Activate adenylcydase which produce C-AMP Q.29. One of the drug when co-administered with terfenadine may lead to life threatening cardiac Q.30. One of the substance listed is used as muco adhesive Q.32. The diameter of mesh aperture in IP disintegration test apparatus is (C ) An active metabolite of another drug. Q.34. Aziridine heterocyclic system is present in - (D ) A coenzyme for amino acid decarboxylation (A) Ratio of median lethal dose to the median effective dose. (C ) Elimination of the drug to 50% of its original concentration (A) Living attenuated Mycobacterium tuberculosis (B) Experimentally killed and freeze dried polio virus (C) Antibodies obtained from sera of TB patient Q.38. Titrant used in assay of Paracetamol is - Q.39. γ-radiation sterilization is done for - (A) Rooms Q.40. Which of the following is not a prodrug - Q.41. Disposable syringes are made up of- Q.42. Which of the following is orally administered - Q.43. Riboflavin is associated with coenzyme - Q.44. Solubility limit in gm/ml corresponding to term sparingly soluble is - Q.47. The Cardiovascular centre is present in Q.48. Glycyrrhizin is a Calcium and Sodium salt of Q.49. Following test is useful in the identification of quinine Q.50. The process of extraction of vegetable drug with cold or boiling water for short time is called



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Read entire protocol before use. E2-EASIA I. INTENDED USE The BioSource E2-EASIA is a competitive binding immunoassay for the quantitative determination of estradiol in serum and plasma. II. GENERAL INFORMATION Proprietary name : Catalogue number : Manufactured by : BioSource Europe S.A. Rue de l'Industrie, 8, B-1400 Nivelles, Belgium. For technical assistance or

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