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Environmental Action Scheme for Individuals
It is not necessary for us to leave the health of our natural environment to politicians and in ouropinion, doing so wil only pro-long the problems as the solutions can only be created andimplemented by those who truly care.
EASI is a list of simple and effortless actions that you can take immediately as an individual withno relevant knowledge and, without interaction with others.
However, if done with children, some wil encourage their innate interest and enthusiasm innature and so as wel as being much fun for both you and them, the activities wil alsoencourage children’s awareness and support for the natural environment in the long-term.
1. Wild flower areas
Wild flowers reproduce and spread with the help of a massive variety of insects and so buying
and planting seeds is not necessary and, maintenance is optional.
They provide nutrients, general habitat and breeding grounds for hundreds of species of wildanimal life including caterpil ars, snails, slugs, moths, butterflies, ladybirds, bees, beetles, spiders,flies, birds and frogs al year around.
Next time you weed or concrete your garden, simply leave an area of weeds and wild flowers.
The size, shape and location is up to you. It can be a bed or it can line a wal or fence. Simplycut-back any bushes or shrubs [such as Blackberry bushes] as and when they out-grow theiral ocated area.
Blackberry bushes are bril iant as they invite much life into our gardens and are a great form ofsupport for diminishing moth and butterfly populations as these insects consume fruit juice andnectar. As a bonus, they also bear edible fruit that you can eat straight from the bush or turninto jam, fruit juice, wine and many other edible goodies! • Blackberries are among the top ten foods containing antioxidants.
• Antioxidants fight the process of aging by neutralizing free radicals which damage the DNAmolecules and lead to cancer.
• Antioxidants counteract environmental carcinogens.
• Blackberries are high in anthocyanin pigments and el agic acid, the potent antioxidants whichprovide protection against cancer and chronic disease.
• Blackberries contain high concentration of phytoestrogens ( "plant estrogens"), a compoundbelieved to play a vital rol in the prevention of both breast and cervical cancer.
• The high tannin content of blackberries helps to tighten tissue, al eviate hemorrhoids, relieveintestinal inflammation and diarrhea.
• Blackberries aid in the strengthening of blood vessels, fighting heart disease and protecting • Blackberries contain salicylate, the substance found in aspirin as wel as pectin which aids inthe reduction of cholesterol 2. Baking Tray Ponds
Garden ponds also provide vital habitat for much wild life - particularly for frogs, which have
been in decline massively over the last 30 years in the UK. According to ecologists,
environmentalists and zoologists, the main reason for this is due to a lack of garden pond
building simply due to a lack of interest. When frogs leave their spawning ground, they need to
reach water within a 50-meter radius or they wil die.
If you don’t want to build a pond, a baking tray lined with a tin foil baking tray with a lip in onecorner [for overflow] sunk into the ground would be a great alternative. Again, the size, depth,shape and location is up to you but if wind and sunlight can hit the surface, you wil attract morewildlife faster. At the same time, making sure that there are no deep containers col ecting rainwater [such as bowls or buckets] wil also help because many frogs drown simply by gettingstuck inside as the sides are often too steep.
3. Japanese Knot Weed removal
Japanese Knot Weed was accidental y imported into the UK in recent years. The main stem
grows to approximately 8 feet tal with creeper shoots sprawling at ground level and roots of
up to 50 feet deep. The plant itself and the government’s solution [implemented without our
approval] are both currently out of balance with the natural UK environment and is therefore
having damaging effects upon it
Simply snapping any new shoots as and when you see them wil over time eventual y kil theplant at root level. New shoots becoming exposed to sunlight causes photosynthesis [theprocess which enables plants to go green and grow]. Photosynthesis in-turn then sustains theroots. If the shoots can’t photosynthesise after several attempts, the root undergroundeventual y runs out of energy and dies – even if 50 feet deep! The added bonus is that the dead root breaks down into bril iant underground organic fertiliser! 4. Natural weeding technique
Al chemical weeding solutions have negative direct effects upon the natural surrounding
environment and they also create many indirect negative effects also. They are also ALL
unnecessary! In our opinion, the best solutions for natural y occurring problems are held within
nature itself.
Simply snapping any new shoots as and when you see them wil over time eventual y kil theplant at root level. New shoots becoming exposed to sunlight causes photosynthesis [theprocess which enables plants to go green and grow]. Photosynthesis in-turn then sustains theroots. If the shoots can’t photosynthesise after several attempts, the root undergroundeventual y runs out of energy and dies.
Al weeds in lawns [including Knot Weed] wil die if the lawn is regularly mowed – no need forcorporate chemicals! The added bonus is that the dead root breaks down into bril iant underground organic fertiliser! 5. Rat infestation
To reduce the chances of rat infestation, simply keep your area clear of food and of litter [of
which some wil break down into food]. As rats are ‘social’ animals, [now believed by the
scientific community to hold the ability to communicate relevant information to others], they
wil learn and inform others of not to bother wasting time and energy in your area, especial ywhen there is so much on offer elsewhere.
6. Reducing vehicle emissions
Where possible, simply drive one gear higher than you normal y would. Your vehicle wil often
never need the revolutions that you give it for the speed that you’re doing and so your engine
wil not stal . You wil also save money as you wil be getting a higher miles-per-gal on ratio out
of your engine.
7. Tea Bag recycling
Tea bags make bril iant fertiliser. Col ect them in a separate bag and empty them at the base of
your outdoor plants or mix them into the topsoil. As they breakdown, they release nutrients
that become food for plant roots.
Al synthetic materials initial y derive from natural materials. This means that over time, evensynthetic materials wil decompose but, the amount of time that this wil take is proportionateto how synthetic the material is. The more synthetic – the longer the required time.
Eventual y, al materials wil break down into nutrients but, the more natural the material, thefaster it wil beak down. Meat, bones and paper al break down into bril iant fertilisers and thelonger these materials take to break down – the longer the release of nutrients.
8. Bee Keeping
If you’re feeling adventurous and want to add more life to your garden, why not consider
having a beehive? Bees are in a state of rapid decline in the UK due to ever decreasing flora and
nesting areas and as bees are so fundamental to our ecosystem, if we lose them, we wil
eventual y lose everything – including our topsoil. When this happens, we wil not have the
ability to even grow our own food. We could even become completely dependent upon food
9. Driveway Beds
If you're paving your garden into a driveway, simply leave a 10" wide gap running along the
length of at least one side.
Without any seed planting, an unattended 10" wide soil bed running along the length of just oneside wil provide much support to a variety of insects - including bees and, it wil also indirectlybenefit other creatures such as birds and beatles.
10. Washing Line Bird Feeding
Simply peg a slice of bread to the middle of your washing line. If done at the same time every
morning or evening, you wil encourage a wider variety of bird life into your garen. Make sure
that the attacments to the line are not close to any structures [trees, shrubs, fences etc] other
than upright metal poles because rats wil climb them and wil actual y walk the line to get to the
bread. Simply give the line a quick wipe before you hang your laundry.
Become a People's Administration e-Campaigner and help to spread awareness of the
potential for Direct Democracy via the web in the next UK General Election!



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