35mm [135] Format
SLR Camera FM3A

■ Aperture-Priority Auto exposure control possi- ■ TTL flash-compensation button for balanced ble with AI-type Nikkor and AF Nikkor lenses ■ Hybrid shutter speed control system — ■ Compatible with DX-coded film cartridges When shutter speed is selected manually, theFM3 ■ Three bright clear matte interchangeable ■ Top shutter speed of 1/4000 s and peak ■ Sequential shooting of up to 3.2 frames * You can release the shutter without batteries, but the camera’s built-in exposure meter will not operate.
35mm [135] Format
SLR Camera FM3A /
35mm [135] Format
SLR Camera FM3A /

Type of camera 35mm single-lens reflex with electronically and mechanically
Sync terminal JIS sync terminal provided as standard, with lock screws
Accessory shoe Hot-shoe contact (sync contact, ready-light contact, monitor
Applicable film 35mm film in a cartridge
contact, stop-signal contact for TTL flash) with a lock hole toprevent accidental dropping Frame size 24 x 36mm
Ready light Lights when the flash is fully charged with SB-800, etc.;
Lens mount Nikon F mount
blinks for full-output warning or shutter-speed settings from Shutter Vertical-travel, metal focal-plane shutter
Shutter-speed settings A (aperture-priority auto): 8 to 1/4000 s, electronic stepless
Camera back Detachable hinged back; MF-16 Data Back can be
Manual: Bulb, 1 to 1/4000 s, mechanical control Camera-back opening Achieved with the film-rewind lever
Viewfinder Eye-level pentaprism
Power source One 3V CR1/3N lithium battery, two 1.55V SR44 silver-
Eyepoint 14mm (at –1.0m–1)
oxide batteries, or two 1.5V LR44 alkaline batteries Focusing screen K3 type (splitprism-image microprism type, Clear Matte
Meter-on timer To turn the camera on when the shutter-release button is
Screen II) standard, B3 type and E3 type optional pressed lightly, turning it off 16 seconds after your fingerleaves the button. With the MD-12 Motor Drive, the camera Viewfinder frame coverage Approx. 93% (objective screen)
is turned on when the shutter release button of the MD-12is pressed lightly, and it turns off approx. 66 seconds after Viewfinder magnification Approx. 0.80 x with 50mm lens set to infinity
Viewfinder information Shutter speed, exposure meter indication, shutter indication,
Battery power check Displayed for 16 seconds with the meter-on timer. The
direct aperture value, exposure compensation mark, ready exposure meter does not work if the batteries are exhausted Number of film rolls When repeating the procedure of holding the shutter-release
Reflex mirror Quick-return type
that can be shot button in the lightly pressed position for 10 seconds,
Exposure meter sync AI type (automatic compensation at full-aperture f-stop)
pressing it all the way, and waiting until the timer activates,with 36-frame film rolls, a shutter speed of 1/250 s in Metering system TTL center-weighted, full-aperture exposure metering
system, approx. 60% of the meter’s sensitivity concentrated Metering range EV 1 to 20 at ISO100 (with a 50mm f/1.4 lens)
Film-sensitivity settings DX system or manual. With DX: ISO 25 to 5000 Manual:
Exposure compensation Exposure compensated to ±2 EV in units of 1/3 EV
Optional exclusive or MD-12 Motor Drive
(compensation to the + side not possible with ISO 12, and common accessories SB-800/600 Speedlight and equivalents
that to the – side not possible with ISO 6400) Auto Exposure Lock Enabled by pressing the AE lock button
Film advance Lever provided, 30-degree standoff angle and 135-degree
Tripod socket 1/4 (ISO 1222)
winding angle, automatic film advance enabled with MD-12 Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 142.5 x 90 x 58 mm (5.6 x 3.5 x 2.3 in.)
Frame counter Additive type (S, 1 to 36), automatic reset
Weight Approx. 570 g (20.1 oz.) (camera body only, including
Film rewinding Film reset button and rewind crank provided
Self-timer Mechanically controlled, countdown time of approx. 4 to 10
Lens aperture Instant-return system, with aperture lever
Multiple exposure Activated with multiple exposure lever
Sync contact X-contact only; synchronised with the flash at a low speed
Flash control TTL flash: Enabled by using SB-800, etc. in combination TTL
flash compensation: Compensation to –1 EV activated withthe TTL flash compensation button on the camera Film speedsynchronization in TTL flash: ISO 12 to 1000 All specifications apply when fresh batteries are used at normal temperature (20°C/68°F).
Specifications and designs are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. December 2005 Fuji Bldg., 2-3, Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-8331, Japan


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