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Past Winners of the Prestigious Genée International Ballet Competition

Many past winners of the Genée International Ballet Competition have become professional dancers with companies all over the world. For many, their careers have been long and varied as directors, artistic directors, ballet masters, teachers, administrators, dance critics,
and TV producers/directors.


Dame Adeline Genée proposes the institution of a prize medal Felicity Andreae, now Gray (gold) Joan Burnett (silver) Joan Negus (gold) Peggy Rainbird (silver) Pattie Sharo (gold) Joan Phillips, now Sheldon (silver) Valerie Entwistle, now Joan Valerie Entwistle (gold) Marcelle Espinosa (silver) Anne Surén (gold) Ivy Cammish, now Herida May (silver) Betty Coomes (gold) Audrey Carter (silver) Audrey Carter (silver) John Gilpin (gold) Margaret Roseby, now Margaret Crews (gold) Gwen Carter (silver) Keith Beckett (silver) Rowena Jackson (gold) Gwen Carter (silver) Bryan Ashbridge (gold) Royal Academy of Dance® is a Charity Registered in England and Wales No. 312826 Judith Sinclair (gold) Patricia Sander (silver) Valerie Reece (gold) Elaine Thomas (silver) Doreen Wells (gold) Anne Muggeridge (silver) David Drew (gold) David Brenda Last (gold) Cynthia Boyd (silver) Teddy Green (silver) Sally Judd (silver) Janet Kedge (bronze) John Stevens (gold) Gaye Fulton (silver) Vivienne Karras (bronze) Diana Fox, now Diana Vere (gold) Vergie Derman (silver) Noriko Kobayashi (gold) Gwendoline Looker (silver) Alain Dubreuil (silver) Jane Leach (gold) Gail Thomas (silver) Wendy Goldstein (bronze) Kathryn Brown (gold) Elizabeth Pal (silver) Laura Connor (bronze) Georgina Sibley (gold) Heather Hems (silver) Barbara Rhodes (bronze) Jill Coke (silver) Annette Renee (bronze) Maria Guerrero Romero (gold) Julie Wood (silver) Carmen Olivera (bronze) Jennifer Russell (gold) Susan Wood, now Susan Darwood (silver) Linda Papworth (bronze) Graham Stewart (silver) Christine Keith (silver) Colleen Finneran (bronze) Jane Devine (gold) Angailika MacArthur (silver) Sheila Styles (bronze) Nicola Katrak (gold) Amanda Wilkinson (silver) Catherine Weguelin (bronze) Nigel Jones (gold) Kenneth Burke (silver) Summer Rhatigan (gold) Flora Cheong-Leen (silver) Jill Taylor (gold) Deborah Kinsey (silver) Sharon Hamilton (bronze) Sharon Elizabeth McGorian (gold) Samira Miriam Saide (silver) Royal Academy of Dance® is a Charity Registered in England and Wales No. 312826 Ravenna Tucker (gold) Alison Townsend (silver) Kim Miller (bronze) Roland Madonna Marie Benjamin (gold) Madeleine Naomi Sheehan (silver) Karen Ann Donovan (bronze) Craig Robert (silver) Janet Helen Lindup (silver) Karen Hendrikz (bronze) Leanne Benjamin (gold) Julie Francis (bronze) Simone James (silver) Timothy Rushton (bronze) Amanda Jane Davies (gold) Fiona Gillian Marshall (silver) Julie Ann Francis (silver) Muriel Yvonne Marianne Valtat (bronze) Yuri Ng (gold) Tristan Borrer (silver) Bryan Hewison (bronze) Yurie Shimoura (gold) Kathryn Dunn (bronze) Muriel Valtat (bronze) Errol Pickford (silver) Tristan Borrer (bronze) Kathryn Dunn (silver) Maria Roselli (bronze) Hinh Nhu Phuoc (bronze) Dana Fouras (silver) Ann Little (bronze) Nadia Thompson (bronze) Juichi Dana Fouras (silver) Natasha Noble (bronze) Andrea Tredinick (bronze) Lisa-Marie Cullum (gold) Chan Hon Goh (silver) Dana Just (bronze) June Finnie (gold) Angela Gendall (silver) Eleanor O’Connell (bronze) Dione Ware (bronze) Hubert Essakow (silver) Damian Palmer (bronze) Gabrielle Davidson (silver) Helen Tardent (bronze) Nicola Wheatley (bronze) Claire Thomas (gold) Rachel Reed (bronze) Pamela Smith (bronze) Justin Holly Smart (gold) Alison Smith (silver) Rachel Rawlins (bronze) Sally Crockett Simone Goldsmith (gold) Caroline Small (silver) Sacha Wakelin (silver) Shimon Kalichman (silver) Melissa Carroll (bronze) Natalie Hammond (bronze) Darren Olivia Bell (silver) Nicolina Campbell (silver) Emma Sandall (silver) Felicia Pelanca (bronze) Marc Cassidy (gold) Matthew Donnelly (bronze) Stella Abrera (gold) Kirsty Martin (silver) Lei Zhao (bronze) Leslie Millard (gold) Elisha Willis (silver) Alison Beeby (bronze) Gaylene Cummerfield (bronze) Madeline Eastoe (bronze) Matthew Donnelly (silver) Veronica Mahon (gold) Sally Brown (silver) Natalie Decorte (silver) Sara-Marie Barton (bronze) Yoshiko Kondo (bronze) Pantelis Zikas (silver) James Grundy (bronze) Cameron McMillan (bronze) Royal Academy of Dance® is a Charity Registered in England and Wales No. 312826 Catherine Eddy (silver) Kristie-Ann Ferguson (silver) Yasmin Isaacs (silver) Amber Hunt (bronze) Andrea Parkyn (bronze) Milos Mutavdic (gold) Alexis Oliveira (bronze) Andre Portasio (bronze) Kate Cornish (gold) Lana Jones (silver) Elisha Willis (silver) Nicolle Moffitt (bronze) Amber Scott (bronze) Andr. Portasio (silver) Iain Mackay (bronze) Frances Chung (silver) Anita Hutchins (silver) Natasha Oughtred (silver) Nutnaree Pipithsuksunt (gold) Lauren Cuthbertson (silver) Emma-Jane Maguire (bronze) Hikota Taira (silver) James Wilkie (bronze) Jonathan Barton (bronze) Alison McWhinney (silver) Nathalie Harrison (silver) Jacinta Christos (bronze) Steven McRae (gold) Philip Brock-Atkinson (silver) Martyn Garside (silver) Paul Kay (bronze) Romany Pajdak (silver) Pattra Sarikaputra (bronze) Carrie Johnson (bronze) Alexander Campbell (silver) Joseph Caley (silver) Alex Wong (bronze) Ayako Ono (gold) Callie Roberts (silver) Kristen McGarrity (bronze) Annabel Fawcett (bronze) Alexander Jones (gold) Xander Parish (silver) William Moore (silver) Shevelle Dynott (bronze) Céline Gittens (gold) Nicki Moffatt (silver) Annie Carroll (silver) Jade Hale- Christofi (silver) Julia Davies (bronze) Nathan Young (bronze) Ye Fei Fei (silver) Gemma Graves (silver) Kostantyn Keshyshev (silver) Jessica Morgan (bronze) Valentino Zucchetti (gold) David Moore (bronze) Jia Yong Sun (bronze) Chelsea Andrejic (silver) Nicole Ciapponi (silver) Yuma Kozuki (silver) Hong Tao Lin (silver) Alexandra Bertram (bronze) Aaron Smyth (gold) Ya Xuan Xu Claudia Dean (gold) Nicola Wills-Jones (silver) Daniela Oddi (bronze) Takeaki Muira (bronze) Paul Russell (gold) Daniel Roberge (silver) Francesca Hayward (silver) Sean Bates (silver) Tierney Heap (bronze) Lachlan Monoghan (bronze) Orazio Di Bella (bronze) Royal Academy of Dance® is a Charity Registered in England and Wales No. 312826


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