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The new Hunter XC presents handy water
permits retrieval of the original program entered into the management control in a compact, user-friendly controller. Extra flexibility…with three programs (each controller that is capable of meeting the irrigation with four start times), multiple scheduling formats, and requirements for a wide range of residential landscapes. the ability to select sensor input by station. And extra Simply put, the XC brings a whole lot extra to a small memory…with a non-volatile on-board program backup controller. Like extra power…the XC offers a choice of 2-, and a high-energy lithium battery for timekeeping to 4-, 6-, and 8-station models, each with plenty of might assure you’ll never have to reprogram the controller due to operate one or two valves per station plus a pump to power outages. The choice for those who demand start relay or master valve. Extra features…including outstanding reliability, the XC is where to turn for extra global seasonal adjustment and a 365-day calendar to make water savings easier, plus a default system that Easy dial programming
Enhanced dial and push button programming makes the XC
Global seasonal adjustment (0% to 150%)
Easy on-screen adjustment alters the amount of watering to accommodate
3 independent programs with 4 start times each
Accommodates a wide range of watering requirements
Non-volatile memory
Excellent insurance against unreliable power; retains current time, day, and
Choice of independent day scheduling
For maximum watering flexibility (select days of the week, true odd/even,
Weather sensor compatible
Incorporates hook-up capability to rain, temperature, or wind sensors
Easy-retrieve memory
Ability to retrieve your preferred program, stored in backup memory
Replaceable lithium battery (included)
For backup timekeeping and to enable remote programming of
XC-200i/201i – 2-station indoor controller features a sturdy locking cabinet. XC-400i/401i – 4-station indoor controllerXC-400/401 – 4-station outdoor controllerXC-600i/601i – 6-station indoor controllerXC-600/601 – 6-station outdoor controllerXC-800i/801i – 8-station indoor controllerXC-800/801 – 8-station outdoor controller Dimensions
• Indoor Model: 6½" H x 5¾" W x 2" D
• Outdoor Model: 85⁄8" H x 7" W x 3¾" D Specifi cations and Features
• Outdoor models, transformer with internal
• Indoor models, 120VAC plug-in transformer• 3 programs, A, B, C Reliability and Dependability are Built-in
• Start times: 4 per day, per program for up to The XC controller brings peace of mind to installers and homeowners with a non- volatile memory that maintains the current program, plus correct day and time • Station run time: 0 minutes to 4 hours in in the event of a power outage. The “Easy-Retrieve” memory holds the installers preferred program as a permanent backup that can easily be reinstalled over • Day schedule: 7-day calendar or true odd/even any temporary program changes made by end-users. In addition, the XC comes complete with a factory installed lithium back-up battery that can easily be • Automated chronological ordering of start times/ replaced if needed. These features ensure that the correct irrigation program is always available and your valuable landscape stays in perfect condition. • One-button manual start and advance• Seasonal adjust: 0% to 150%• Transformer input: 110VAC, 60 Hz• Transformer output: 24VAC, 1.0 amps (capable of operating equivalent of 3 solenoids simultaneously) • Station output: .56 amps • Electronic short circuit detection• Battery: 3V lithium (included) for remote programming and timekeeping, not required for program backup • Programmable delay between stations • Rain sensor bypass switch compatible with micro- switch based sensors, displays when sensor is active • Programmable sensor input by station• Original program can be saved in non-volatile • Programmable rain delay from 1 to 7 days• Programmable event day off allows specifi c day(s) • Hunter Quick Check™ helps troubleshoot fi eld • Test program feature allows for quick system checks• UL/CE listed EXAMPLE: XC - 601i - E
XC-2 = 2 stations
E = Europe
XC-4 = 4 stations
01 = 230/240V
XC-6 = 6 stations
XC-8 = 8 stations
i = Indoor Model
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