Immunization and Coumadin Nurse. Salina Family Healthcare Center has an opening for a
full-time Immunization and Coumadin Nurse. This position reports to the Nursing Supervisor
and requires employees to work collaboratively with all of our healthcare providers and other
staff on the assigned team.
Job duties include, but are not limited to:

 Facilitates all coumadin clinics (performs PT/INR testing and adjusts medication as  Facilitates all immunizations (uses Webz frequently)  Screens patients’ phone messages to physician in order to advise and/or determine if and when an appointment should be made. All calls will generate a message through EMR to the physician.  Assists with inventory and ordering of vaccines and other injectables.  Assists providers in examination of patients.  Attentive to patient and physician needs. Must be flexible and willing to learn. Actively participates in keeping physician on schedule.  Escorts patients to exam room and obtains vital signs.  Prepares patient, elicits complete and accurate patient history and insures that all the appropriate instructions and equipment are arranges and ready.  Assists with medication samples. Calls patients on the telephone to relay advice and  Performs patient teaching and/or nursing checks in accordance with established  Assists medical assistants with maintaining supplies/equipment as per department guidelines (sterilizing instruments, disposal of waste, stocking of rooms, etc.). Adds any needed supplies to order list when supplies are low.  Maintains Nursing Home lists and updates on a monthly basis for all staff.  Manages Coumadin and pediatric populations – actively calling patients overdue for INR  Performs other duties as directed to facilitate patient care.  Attends meetings as required (Joint Staff, Department, TransforMED, etc.);
 Other duties as assigned.

Skill Set:

 Ability to prioritize tasks to provide appropriate efficient and quality patient care;  Ability to anticipate and react calmly in emergency situations;
 Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with patients,
 Ability to evaluate statistics and data, and make appropriate recommendations.  Knowledge of laboratory equipment and the ability to perform quality control checks and troubleshoot instrumentation with help of supervisor.  Knowledge of medical terminology to interact with medical staff regarding laboratory  Skill in documentation, preparing and writing reports. Must be able to document in a neat, legible manner and be able to spell medical, surgical and pharmaceutical words correctly. Minimum Requirements:
 LPN License;  Knowledge of patient education principles;  Ability to work independently;
 Ability to follow written protocols and procedures.
Please email your resume and cover letter to Audrey Lee, Director of Human Resources and Compliance at by Friday, August 9, 2013. Salina Family Healthcare Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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