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Extracts of the Federation Circular letter No. 31/2013
dated 04.03.2013
Sub: Our W/P 184/2011--Hearing held on 27-2-2013 We wish to advise that at the above hearing, the Hon'ble Judges asked the Asstt. Solicitor General the response of the Central Government on granting of our pension as per the prayers made in our above Writ Petition. The ASG responded that the Government is against granting any increase in the payment of pension by State Bank of India. He also brought to the notice of the Supreme Court some of its decisions rejecting petitions filed under Article 32 on service matters. Although our Counsel pleaded that the notices were issued taking these objections into consideration after bringing to the notice of the Judges on the death of a large number of pensioners without receiving their legitimate pension, the Judges did not accept these contentions, but decided to transfer our Writ Petition to a High Court. Accordingly, as the pleadings in our above W.P are complete, the Supreme Court ordered for the transfer of the completed pleadings to
the Delhi High Court with directions to decide our case within 4
months by a bench. We shall forward to you a copy of the order of the
Supreme Court immediately on receipt from our advocate. We have received notice from the Supreme Court Legal Services
Committee dated 16.02.2013 soliciting our consent for considering
our case by the 7th Lok Adalat to be held in April this year.
We have also advised the other individual petitioners to give their consent as per draft enclosed. We also enclose a copy of our letter addressed to our Advocate in this regard. In case , our case is taken up for consideration by the 7th Lok Adalat, even after the transfer our Writ Petition to Delhi High Court, we shall ascertain the views of our Governing Body at its next meeting to be held shortly before presenting our case at All of us feel quite disappointed that a judgment could not be secured despite our Writ Petition was posted for final disposal. Our expectation that justice would be rendered to us removing the various discriminations caused to us since 1-11- 1987, did not get materialized. We could do whatever is possible within our control and reach. We could however observe from the initial observations of the Judges of the Supreme Court that we have made out a strong case for considering our Writ Petition under Article No.32. The stiff opposition from the Government is responsible for the Supreme Court diverting our case to Delhi High Court. No doubt the Government will oppose our Writ Petition in the Delhi High Court with all its might and force. We are determined to pursue our case more vigorously encouraged by the decision of the Supreme Court Legal Services Committee to consider our case by the 7th Lok Adalat, perhaps realizing the merits of our case and the need for finding an early just solution for the redressal of our We are thankful to all our Affiliates for their support extended to us. With these developments we wish to reiterate that our resolve in fighting for securing justice is only getting further strengthened. We shall continue our efforts with more force and with all our strength. We look to you for



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