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Roger Johnson, Mole End, 41 Sandford Road, Chelmsford CM2 6DE
You can receive the DM electronically free of charge, as a PDF hundred years apart from each other’. [*I enjoyed the Kolchak films and attachment or as plain text. Please contact me by e-mail. For a postal TV series, much more so than The X Files. These new stories sound
subscription, send 12 stamped, self-addressed envelopes or (overseas) send 12 International Reply Coupons or £6.00 or US$15.00 for 12 The File on Colonel Moran – Vol. I: The Lure of Moriarty by our issues (dollar checks payable to Jean Upton, sterling cheques to me). member V A (Vernon) Mealor will be published at the end of August by Dollar prices quoted without qualification refer to US dollars. The Clyvedon Press (95 Maes-y-Sarn, Pentyrch, Cardiff CF15 9QR; no Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine no. 1 (Wildside Press, 9710 price yet). This collection of three stories will be followed next year by Traville Gateway Drive #234, Rockville, MD 20850, USA) is not a The File on Colonel Moran – Vol. II: Sherlock Holmes Takes a Hand. pictorial like the much-missed Sherlock, but, as the name suggests, a The hardback edition of Bertram Fletcher Robinson: A Footnote to The digest-sized volume in the tradition of the similarly-titled publications Hound of the Baskervilles by Brian W Pugh and Paul R Spiring, priced that bear the names of Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock. The editor is at £18.99/$28.95, is due on 1 September, and the paperback, priced at Marvin Kaye, whose work I’ve enjoyed since reading his chapbook The £12.99/$19.95, on 17 October (MX Publishing, 10 Kingfisher Close, Histrionic Holmes in 1971 (though he and I differ in our assessment of Stanstead Abbotts, Herts. SG12 8LQ; Ellery Queen’s novel A Study in Terror). The non-fiction in this first The book is dedicated to the memory of Richard Lancelyn Green, issue understandably focuses mainly on Holmes. Kim Newman reviews and I’m pleased to say that I’ve contributed a foreword. The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Les Klinger’s work in editing and annotating the Holmesian Canon is Years: Lenny Picker explains why there has yet to be a satisfactory film justly appreciated. Since completing The New Annotated Sherlock of The Hound of the Baskervilles; there’s a jokey ‘answers to Holmes he’s been hard at work on The New Annotated Dracula, which correspondents’ column called ‘Ask Mrs Hudson’. But there’s also an is due from W W Norton & Co. (500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY interview with the prolific Ron Goulart, who contributes a new tale 10110-0017, USA) in October, with an introduction by fellow-BSI Neil about his series character Harry Challenge. The six new stories include just one Holmes adventure – a good one, ‘The Strange Case of the Haunted Freighter’ by Carole Buggé. The other stories, also good, are Debbie Haynes has some Holmes books, old and new, available to the
by Marc Bilgrey, Hal Charles, the late Jean Paiva and the late Edward D first claimants for the cost of postage. Various editions of the Canon, Hoch. And the issue concludes appropriately with a reprint of Sherlock plus Michael Hardwick’s Complete Guide to Sherlock Holmes, Charles Holmes’s first case, ‘The Gloria Scott’. Wildside’s website is at Viney’s The Authentic World of Sherlock Holmes, a BBC Radio two-, but I don’t see any mention of the magazine cassette set, a programme and some flyers for The Secret of Sherlock there yet. It is available, though, from and Holmes (Brett & Hardwicke) and Charles Merriman’s Tourist Guide to the London of Sherlock Holmes. You can contact Debbie at Next Monday Harper Perennial (HarperCollinsPublishers, 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, London W6 8JB) will publish the Ray Pinfold is obliged to sell his Holmesian library, which is much
paperback edition of Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters, edited by more extensive and varied. I shan’t attempt to list the items here. Please Jon Lellenberg, Daniel Stashower & Charles Foley. It’s a satisfyingly contact him at 47 St Margarets Road, Ward End, Birmingham B8 2BB solid book of 710 pages, not-unreasonably priced at £12.99, and it’s essential reading for everyone who wants to understand the man who The most expensive of many items at the 2008 Antiquarian Book Fair,
held at Olympia last month, was probably the manuscript of ‘The At you’ll find information about the new Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax’, brought from Los Angeles by Goode Press chapbook, The Final Problem, and a link to Lulu, where Mark Hime of Biblioctopus. The price asked was £250,000, but there you can buy a copy. L M Goode has coloured Sidney Paget’s illustrations (and one of Arthur Twidle’s) with delicacy and taste – as Lot 21 at Sotheby’s auction on 17 July at Bond Street will interest those Leslie Klinger said of the first chapbook, ‘It certainly demonstrates the who heard E J Wagner’s talk to our Society or who have read her book world’s loss because the Strand Magazine only appeared in black-and- The Science of Sherlock Holmes. It’s the autopsy case notes of the white! The illustrations have never looked better.’ Extras include a new famous criminal pathologist Sir Bernard Spilsbury, comprising nearly
portrait of Paget himself by Pablo Carreño, and one of Paget and Conan 4,000 3" x 5" index cards, each with autograph notes detailing cause of Doyle by Philip Cornell. There are only 222 copies, and, though it death, sex, date of birth and name of subject, date and place of autopsy, would be exaggerating to call this edition of The Final Problem details of external and internal examination, and case history. The essential, it is a delightful thing to have! catalogue is on-line at Peter Blau recommends There’s No Place Holmes: Exploring Sense of Tomoyuki Tanaka, author of the stimulating ‘Holmes is Box; Watson
Place Through Crime Fiction by Derham Groves, BSI (Black Jack is “James” Cox’ in the Winter 2007 SHJ, takes his investigation further Press, Michael Jorgensen, 392 Station Street, Carlton North, Victoria in an even more remarkable paper, ‘Box and Cox, the Homeric Sherlock 3054, Australia;; $41.00 postpaid by airmail For over a century writers have imagined encounters between Holmes After the Summer School at Marlborough College on 15 July, Roger
and other famous people, real and fictional. Moonstone Books Llewellyn will take a break before resuming his tour with the retitled
( are publishing a series of graphic novels, Sherlock Holmes… The Death and Life in the autumn. His website is written by Joe Gentile and illustrated by Carlos Magno & Andy Bennett, now up and running at featuring Holmes and Kolchak the Night Stalker. Rather refreshingly, (not an obvious address to remember but easy to add to one’s the two don’t meet. Rather they ‘try to untangle the same mystery… one favourites), where you’ll find the touring schedule. 4 Sept: Brewery
Arts Centre, Kendal (; 01539 725 133); 6 Sept:
these still-unsolved atrocities, like the chronicles of Sherlock Holmes, Theatre Royal, Dumfries (; 01387
can serve to open our eyes to aspects of late Victorian life that we might 267894); 11 Sept: Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan, (;
not otherwise have considered. Jack the Ripper and the East End can be 01239 621 200); 20 Sept: Underground Theatre, Eastbourne
seen until 2 November at the Museum in Docklands, West India Quay, (; 01323 737677); 24 Sept: Arts
Centre, Southport (; 01704 540011); 26 Sept: Library Theatre, Darwen (; 01254 706
Dr Jeanne Youngson, founder and President of The Vampire Empire, 006); 3 Oct: Torch Theatre, Milford Haven (;
the world’s oldest Dracula society, informs me that there’s now a branch 01646 695 267); 21 Oct: Off the Shelf Literature Festival, Sheffield
for Sherlockian members, called The Sherlock Holmes Auxiliary. The
(; 23 Oct: Theatre at Headington, Oxford
Empire’s website is at (; 01865 759138); 13 Nov: Arts Centre,
07-23_The_Vampire_Empire (e-mail Bridport (; 01308 424 204); 14 Nov: The
A reminder that Charles Hall (12 Paisley Terrace, Edinburgh EH8
Exchange, Sturminster Newton (; 01258 475
7JW) has a variety of distinctive Sherlock Holmes collectibles for sale: 137); 21 Nov:, Old Town Hall Arts Centre, Hemel Hempstead;
caricature bookmarks, postcards, greeting cards, international postage (; 01442 228091); 25 – 29 Nov: The Tabard
stamps, play scripts and flyers, and, perhaps most importantly, the two Theatre, London (; 08448 472 264); 5 Dec:
books that Charles wrote with Peter Blythe: On Stage Sherlock Holmes The Hall for Cornwall, Truro (; 01872
(reviews of plays and musicals around the world) and Sherlock Holmes 262466); 13 Dec: Norden Farm Arts Centre, Maidenhead,
and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Edinburgh. [*Edinburgh City Council should consider a new edition for ACD’s 150th anniversary next year.*] Peter Blau reports that Faeries, a new musical about the Cottingley Scott Monty passes on news of the death of Bruce Montgomery on 21
fairies by Stephen Langston & Wendy McPike, will be produced at the June, the day after his eighty-first birthday. ‘He was, for many years, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. There’s information at voice and spirit of the Baker Street Irregulars annual dinner in New York, where he would invariably sing the BSI's unofficial anthem, Shortly after the last DM it was announced that Guy Ritchie, director of
“Aunt Clara.” Monty … picked up where his father, James lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and husband of Madonna, will Montgomery, BSI (“The Red Circle”) left off. The elder Montgomery direct an as-yet untitled Sherlock Holmes film, for release by Warner in was also a gifted tenor and provided musical entertainment during the 2010. The screenplay, based on an as-yet unpublished graphic novel by BSI's early years.’ Unlike his father, Bruce did not, I think, contribute to Lionel Wigram, will emphasise Holmes’s skills as a swordsman and the literature of Holmes, but he became a national authority on Gilbert boxer. Neil Marshall was to have directed, from a script by Michael & Sullivan, director of the Gilbert & Sullivan Players of Philadelphia Johnson. Ritchie is apparently rewriting Johnson’s script. Current and director of musical studies at the University of Pennsylvania. In favourite to play Holmes is Robert Downey, Jr. 1994 he too received the BSI investiture ‘The Red Circle’. And today comes news of another film, this one a comedy, written by Steve Duke informs me that The Elementary Victorians, one of two
Etan Cohen and starring Sacha Baron Cohen as Holmes with Will
Holmesian Societies in the Australian state of Victoria, will celebrate its Ferrell as Watson. Best known for Borat and Ali G, Sacha Baron Cohen (their?) twentieth anniversary on 5 August. Congratulations! You can recently played Pirelli in Tim Burton’s film Sweeney Todd. He could contact the Victorians at, or write to: The make a good Holmes. The film, also untitled, will be released by Elementary Victorians, Steve Duke (President), P.O. Box 340, The Hollywood Reporter notes that Central Partnership, Russia’s top
Periodicals received. The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection Lancelyn
independent film producer, plans ‘the country’s largest-ever TV series Green Bequest, Spring/Summer 2008 (The Conan Doyle Collection,
production, a $16 million, 32-episode series based on Arthur Conan Arts & Cultural Development Service, 2nd Floor, The Guildhall, Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. The shooting will begin in summer Portsmouth PO1 2AJ;; 2009 and continue through 2010. Half of the episodes will be based on the website is at The Camden
Holmes stories not yet adapted for the screen in Russia.’ If the result is House Journal, June 2008 (The Occupants of the Empty House,
as good as the Lenfilms series with Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin, Communication, no. 281 (The Pleasant Places of Florida, Wanda &
Richard Taylor reports that the December 2007 issue of the popular Jeff Dow, 1737 Santa Anna Drive, Dunedin, FL 34698, USA). The
railway history magazine Backtrack features a six-page article by Nigel Illustrious Clients News, June 2008 (The Illustrious Clients, Steven T
Digby, ‘The Railway Journeys of Sherlock Holmes’. Despite some Doyle, 9 Calumet Court, Zionsville, IN 46077, USA). The Pipe
niggles, Richard says that the piece is well written and well illustrated, Smoker’s Thing, Spring 2008 (Albert Mendez, 142-35 38th Avenue,
with appropriate photographs and with Paget drawings. Back issues of Flushing, NY 11354, USA) [*includes an account of The Holmesian Backtrack are available from Pendragon Publishing (PO Box 3, Society, founded in 1966 and now down to one member!*]. Practice
Easingwold, York YO61 3YS) for £4.40, postpaid within the UK. Notes, June 2008 (The Friends of Dr Watson, Nino Cirone, Highcroft
There’s a website at Cottage, 14 Totteridge Common, London N20 8NL). Prescott’s Press,
According to an article in today’s Independent scientists have finally June 2008 (The Three Garridebs, Warren Randall, 15 Fawn Lane
discovered why Stradivarius and Guarnerius violins are superior to any West, South Setauket, NY 11720-1346, USA). The School Report,
made since. ‘A study has found that the secret may be explained by the Summer 2008 (The Priory Scholars, Horace L Coates, 21 Butcombe
consistent density of the two wooden panels used to make its body, Road, Leicester LE4 0FY). The Serpentine Muse, Summer 2008 (The
rather than anything to do with the instrument's overall contours, Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes, Evelyn Herzog, 301 Warren Ave,
varnish, angle of the neck, fingerboard or strings.’ #203, Baltimore, MD 21203, USA). Tonga Times, Spring 2008 (The
Mini-Tonga Scion Society
, Jay Pearlman, 1656 E 19th Street, #2-E,
The Museum in Docklands, a branch of the Museum of London,
Brooklyn, NY 11229, USA; [*Welcome currently hosts an exhibition on Jack the Ripper and the East End. Naturally, Holmes gets a mention among the innumerable fictional treatments of the Whitechapel murders, but the real interest is in the And Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press, May 2008 (Peter E Blau,
dual emphasis on life in the slums of 1888 and on the criminology – in the widest sense. The brochure says, ‘Like the Whitechapel murders, recent “Ripper” murders have forced us to acknowledge the vulnerability of women who work as prostitutes. The endless obsession with Jack the Ripper glamorises serial murderers and trivialises violence against women.’ The statements seem to contradict each other, but they’re both true. People have always been fascinated by murder, and



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