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Thursday, April 22, 2004

This Week In the Dems:





Upcoming Events:

The next general meeting will take place this coming Tuesday, April 27, at 6:00 PM in SAC 154. This meeting will coincide with the DePaul Democrats Movie Night, featuring Michael Moore’s first film, “Roger & Me.” The meeting will address the exciting development initiatives the DePaul Democrats are planning, as well as upcoming activities such as our fundraising efforts, political campaigns, Vincentian Service Day, voter registration drives, debates, baseball games, parties, and donkey rides in the quad. Yes, that’s right. Donkey rides in the quad. (And Anthony Martinez might dress up as Uncle Sam to ride the donkey, but that hasn’t been confirmed.) Thinking of getting involved in the Vincentian Service Day? Come join the DePaul University College Democrats
Service Team! As Democrats, we seek to build a world based on cooperation, inclusion, and the common good.
We do this though politics, advocacy, activism, and service. The Dems Service team will work together at the same
service site to improve the community that we are serving, and to build community among our organization. We are
going to be planting community gardens in Humboldt Park. If you have never been involved with the DePaul
Democrats before, this is a great opportunity to meet people and see what the organization is all about.

The 2004 Vincentian Service Day is dedicated to Fr. Minogue, recognizing his 11 years of service to DePaul students and the community. This year 1,000 volunteers will engage in service with community partners citywide. The goal of the day is to follow the Vincentian mission of the university by building relationships with one another and the greater community through acts of service. The date for this year’s event is Saturday May 1st. Check-in begins at 8:45 at the Athletic Center( 2323 N. Sheffield). The celebration picnic will begin at 2:30 for all volunteers
at the Quad (weather permitting).
To join the DePaul Democrats Vincentian Service Day Team
and return it by Tuesday April 27. If you have already registered for the service day, but want to join the
DePaul Dems Team, just contact Devin Novgorodoff at
thyour name and phone
number, and it will be taken care of.

Interested in giving Bush a one-way bus ticket to Crawford Texas? Would you like to see Democrats take back the
control of congress? It can happen, but you’ll have to work for it! Get involved in a campaign through the DePaul
Dems. Come to a Dems meeting to get more information about what needs to be done. For those interested in
volunteering for the John Kerry Campaign, email Anna Folgers r those interested in
getting involved in the Barack Obama Campaign, email Devin Novgorodoff
The Barack Obama for Senate 2004 campaign is looking for bright, enthusiastic individuals who want to gain a real political experience on the hottest campaign in Illinois! Our summer internship program is a great opportunity for anybody who is interested in government, politics, or simply making a difference. Interns will play a vital role in all aspects of our campaign. The areas in which people can intern include fundraising, office management, issues research, grassroots organizing, press, volunteer management, and event planning/coordination. Interns will work closely with top-level campaign staff members and local Democratic Party organizations. An internship in the Obama campaign requires a positive attitude, hard work, and the ability to adapt to changing situations. An Obama campaign internship is a great starting point for students who are considering a career in law, government, public policy, journalism, international affairs, politics, or issue advocacy. Students should contact their academic advisors about the possibility of earning college credit for the internship. To apply for the Obama for Senate 2004 Internship Program, please send a cover letter and resume to our office. Email is preferred:u can also submit your application by fax: 312-427-6401 or by mail to Obama for Illinois, PO Box 802799, Chicago, IL 60680. Feel free to contact me with any questions about interning with the campaign. Adam Stolorow Statewide Volunteer Coordi (312) 427-6300
Intern position description for 2003-2004: External relations department.
Primary responsibilities include researching international topics; assisting with creating and managing membership
and speaker databases; preparing and distributing occasional mailings (mail, fax or e-mail); and providing assistance
with other external relations department duties and activities. This position also offers the opportunity to attend and
provide support at Council events.
Candidates will have an interest in international affairs, and also have organizational abilities, word processing,
written communication skills and data management skills. Ability to relate well to external relations staff and
diverse Council constituencies and enthusiasm for the educational goals of a nonprofit, nonpartisan international
organization is necessary. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software is essential.
This is an unpaid internship available to undergraduate students only. Interested candidates should e-mail a current resume and cover letter to the attention of Bryan Grissman: Bryan Grissman The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations 116 South Michigan Avenue, 10th Floor Chicago, IL 60603 Phone: (312) 812-7537 Fax: (312) 821-7551 E-mai For additional information about The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations and our activities, please visit the web It’s about time we took the Student Government Association back! Don’t let all those power-hungry Republicans
control your student government. Run for office!
SGA Election Campaigning:

Information Session (LPC—Student Center “Brownstones”)
Information Session (LPC—Munroe Hall Lobby) Information Session (Loop—DePaul Center SGA Office) Information Session (LPC—Student Center “Brownstones”) Deadline for Candidate Applications, Platforms, Petitions, & Bios Deadline for Write-in Candidates Letters of Intent
SGA Election Week:

Public Debate (LPC—Location TBA)

"The Cohen For New Hampshire Campaign (Democrat for U.S. Senate) is currently hiring field and summer
organizers. The duties for these positions include managing regional offices, implementing voter outreach programs,
coordinating candidate events, recruiting volunteers, and leading canvasses and phone banks. All positions will
receive full-time pay and housing will be provided. Interested parties should call 603-433-2224, or send a resume to

America Coming Together (ACT) is hiring organizers through Election Day in November. The positions available are part of the statewide Project that grassroots solutionsndertaken on behalf of its client, America Coming Together. ACT is a massive, nationwide effort to engage, educate, and mobilize a record number of voters on Election Day 2004 by expanding the base of progressive voters and engaging new voters through issue based organizing. ACT-Minnesota is accepting resumes for two organizing positions for its Statewide Volunteer Operation. The Volunteer Operation intends to build and sustain a strong base of volunteers to identify, educate, and mobilize the progressive community in Minnesota. Organizer Responsibilities: Recruit and retain a statewide volunteer base for the overall Volunteer Operation. Implement neighborhood organizing strategies. Support volunteer canvass and phone banking activities. Coordinate event planning. Administrative duties will include volunteer database management and material preparation. Timeline: Starts immediately and runs through Election Day. Salary Range: $2,000 - $2,500/month plus benefits. To Apply: Email your resume to Michelle Vidovic at As of Wednesday, March 31st at Noon, Air America Radio has been on the air with the O’Franken Factor on Chicago’s WNTD 950 AM. The O’Franken Factor airs every weekday at Noon. Other hosts include Marc Maron, Chuck D, Laura Flanders, Randi Rhodes, Janeane Garofalo, and others. Listen to the Janeane Garofalo show at 10 pm. Anyone can listen to the streaming Webcast atWe’ll finally have a voice on talk radio! Checkout out the awesome work our webmaster, Bill Mangat has done with our webs He has setup a discussion board, which is now up and running smoothly. This will be an excellent way for you to exchange your views on the issues with the other members. He has also posted news headlines at the bottom and a host of Democratic links you can visit under links. You will soon be able to view the weekly newsletter on the site as well! If you need any help, have any questions, problems signing on to the discussion board, suggestions or ideas for the website email Bill Feel free to signup and establish a screen name to interact with the discussion board.
Also, our site is now on the DNC Illinois link. Now everyone throughout the state can view our site!


Please join the AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition and Citizen Action for a RALLY FOR AFFORDABLE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS AND MEDICAL CARE at Abbott Laboratories. Abbott increased the price of AIDS drug NORVIR by 400%. Abbott increased the price of SYNTHROID, a synthetic thyroid drug commonly used by seniors, 10 times in a 5-year period. Abbott reported $5.22 billion in revenue for the period January to March 2004 -- a 14% increase over the company’s revenue for the same period last year. JOIN Chicago area activists for a demonstration at the annual Abbott Laboratories shareholders meeting.
FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 8:00 am: 100 Abbott Park Road - Abbott Park, Illinois

*Directions to Abbott: Take I-94 West (approx. 40 miles) to the IL-137/Buckley Road exit; turn right onto IL-
137/Buckley Road; turn right onto IL-43/N. Waukegan Road.
Free transportation and coffee/doughnuts provided.
Bus #1: Departs 6:00am from 5500 N. Broadway (Red Line-Bryn Mawr)
Bus #2: Departs 6:00am from 1224 S. Wabash, Jewel Parking Lot (Green/Red/Orange Line-Roosevelt)
Both busses will arrive back in Chicago no later than 11:00 am.
* Call Brent Adams @ 312-427-2114 ext. 114 to reserve a seat or to let us know you’ll be getting there on your
April 27, 6:00 PM- 9:00 PM in SAC 154
Feature Presentation: “Roger and Me,” A Film by Michael Moore
Refreshments will be served
A general meeting will begin at 6:00 PM. It is an exciting time for the organization! Come hear what we have in
store for the rest of the year and the summer. We need your ideas and input, so be sure make it for the meeting!
The movie will begin promptly at 7:00 PM.
A short discussion about the current relevance of this movie will take place afterward.
“Roger and Me” is a loose, smart-alecky documentary directed and narrated by Michael Moore, an everyman host
with a devastating wit and a working-class pose. When his hometown is devastated by the plant closure of an
American corporate giant (making record profits, one should note), the hell-raising political commentator with a
prankster streak tries to turn his camera on General Motors Chairman Roger B. Smith, the elusive Roger of the title,
and the film is loosely structured around Moore's odyssey to track down the corporate giant for an interview. This
film is a devastating look at the victims of downsizing in the midst of the 1980s economic boom. This portrait of
Reagan's America and the tarnish on the American dream comes down to a simple question: what is corporate
America's responsibility to the country's citizens? That's a question no one at GM (or the current Bush
Administration) wants to answer.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's 3rd Annual Ultimate Women's Power Lunch
Friday, April 30, 2004, 11:00-2:00PM
Chicago Hilton
International Ballroom
720 South Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL
Featuring guest of honor: Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan
Ultimate Power Woman: $4000 Power Lunch Sponsor: $2500 Power Lunch Host: $1000 Power Lunch Guest: $100 Power Young Woman: $50 11-12PM- Private Reception for Host Committee, Continental Ballroom A 12-1PM- Luncheon, International Ballroom 1-2PM- Desert & Networking Power Hour, International Ballroom Parking Available. Please RSVP to Sarah Gersten at (847) 424 1998 or MR. RUSSERT: But what can you do now, Senator? SEN. KERRY: I'll tell you exactly, but it's important to understand why so many countries are unwilling to come to the table now. It may well be that we need a new president, a breath of fresh air, to re-establish credibility with the rest of the world so that we can have a believable administration as to how we proceed.” --Sen. John Kerry responding to how we can re-establish credibility in American foreign policy NBC NEWS' MEET THE PRESS. Sunday
*** The DePaul Democrats always welcome ideas, input, and feedback about our activities and operation.
Feel free to let us know what is on your mind. Regarding any newsworthy announcements or events that can
be included in our weekly newsletter, please contact Devin Novgorodoff

If you do not wish to continue receiving email from the DePaul Democrats and would like to be taken off the
list, please let us know. Thank you.


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