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Common Ailments in Pregnancy and Their Treatments
1. Morning sickness
Eat small frequent meals that include complex carbohydrates such as dry cereal and crackers Stay hydrated with gatorade, popsicles, ginger ale or warm jello OTC Dramamine of like non-brand Peppermint lozenges Raspberry or chamomile tea Vitamin B6 50mg three times a day – OTC Motion sickness bracelet (Radiance) Call the office if these measures do not work and you are not able to keep liquids down for greater than 24 hours. 2. Headaches
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) as directed Lay down in dark, quiet room Cold, moist compress on forehead You have been told your blood pressure is high or borderline high The headache is severe The above measures do not work Rapid increase in swelling of hands, feet, face etc 3. Diarrhea
Avoid dairy products until resolved for 24 hours Keep hydrated, preferably with gatorade Take kaopectate or Imodium There is blood in your stool The diarrhea persists for over 24 hours using the above measures 4. The Flu or Viral Syndrome
Take acetaminophen for fever over 101 F. or muscle aches Stay hydrated Warm baths sometimes help Your fever is over 102 You have a productive cough or chest pain You have nasal drainage that is yellow or green You have burning with urination Your symptoms persist over 48 hours 5. Common cold
Sudafed, Tylenol Sinus (or like non brand names) as directed for nasal congestion Robitussin or Hold cough drops as directed for non-productive cough Acetaminophen for temp over 101 F Ocean Mist nasal spray Your nasal drainage is yellow or green You have a productive cough or chest pain Your fever is over 102 F. Your symptoms do not improve at all after 48 hours using the medications recommended 6. Yeast infections
OTC Monistat (or similar non brand) 3 or 7 day – only insert applicator ½ way Increase yogurt intake Decrease free sugar intake Call the office if symptoms persist after treatment 7. Heartburn
Maalox (choose with simethicone if gas a problem also) Tums OTC Zantac, Tagamet, Pepcid or equivalent non brand 8. Low Back Pain (Aching)
Heating Pad Warm bath Massage Stretching exercises or pelvic rock Do not recommend chiropractic adjustment Call office if low back pain associated with increase vaginal pressure, increase in discharge or bloody discharge, or uterine cramping. 9. Insomnia
This is not an unnatural occurrence in pregnancy for many reasons. The usual course of insomnia is waking up after a few hours sleep and being unable to fall back to sleep. Do not lie awake in bed for over ½ hour trying to get back to sleep. Get up, draw a warm bath and read a book for ½ to 1 hour, then attempt to go back to sleep. Having a cup of chamomile tea can sometimes help this process. More conservative measures are preferred but if these fail, the medications listed below are acceptable except in the 1st trimester. 10. Constipation
Colace or like non-brand Increase fiber in diet or with brands such as Metamucil, Konsyl or FiberconDrink plenty of water 11. Leg Cramps (especially at night)
Stay hydrated Take Calcium (Two Calcet or equivalent) at bedtime Make sure potassium intake adequate (eat bananas)


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