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390 Victoria Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia CARDIAC CT
T + 61 2 8382 1111
F + 61 2 9332 4142
Information for referring physicians, January 2010 SERVICES OFFERED:
CT Coronary Angiogram (includes Calcium Score)
Coronary Calcium Score Only (excludes CT Coronary Angiogram)
Workup for left atrial ablation procedures

The final price may be variable, and the examination performed wil depend on factors such as the clinical history and the
referral letter. As a guide, the price range is $250-800 depending on what type of cardiac scan needs to be performed.

Services wil be offered:
On an outpatient basis, with limited numbers of bookings available per day Al outpatient cases wil require an up-front fee payment, which is presently non-rebateable
A Medicare rebate has been approved, rebate indications will be listed when it is available.
Additional urgent cases wil be considered upon direct consultation with the referring physician
Provisional results wil be available on the day and final reports wil be made available the next day.
RELATIVE CONTRAINDICATIONS: Assessed on case by case basis.
Usual as per IV contrast, and additional y: known high calcium score, arrhythmias with uncontrol ed ventricular rate,
intolerance to beta blockers eg Asthmatics.
These may be temporarily adjusted for the duration of the scan (eg. rate = 50)
Please have manufacturer’s or technician’s contact details handy, or organise in advance for them to attend the scan, to minimize delays. BETA BLOCKER
Please supply a script for oral METOPROLOL 50mg (25mg if weight <60kg or BP<110):
Instructions: take one dose evening before study and one dose on the morning of study. Patients already on Beta Blocker medication only need further Metoprolol if HR > 60. Please cal the department if you have any further concerns about premedication. No caffeinated drinks, energy or diet pil s, and no Viagra
Take evening Metoprolol. If diabetic on METFORMIN, withhold METFORMIN
Fast for 4 hours. Take morning Metoprolol. Continue taking regular medicines as
, except METFORMIN. Attend 1 hour before appointment time.
Proceed to Day Procedure Centre Level 5 and fol ow the signs to Medical Imaging CT
Level 5, cubicle 3.
If diabetic on METFORMIN, withhold METFORMIN
Medical Imaging Department, St Vincents Public Hospital
Phone: 02 8382 3495 Fax: 02 8382 2142

Prof Michael Feneley (Director, Cardiology) A/Prof Lourens Bester (Director, Medical Imaging) Continuing the Mission of the Sisters of Charity



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